Have to? I choose to!


Choose freedom

Good morning from Mexico, my native country!


What a joy to be able to greet you from this colorful land to continue with our talk about the importance of how we speak … provoking our serene reality …


For those who have not been with us from the beginning, I would like to offer you the most cordial welcome, asking you to check in my blog on May 8th the beginning of this presentation: The Language of a Happy Life, the result of my own experience. I relate how the first fifteen years of my life I lived in fear and disease, and as I “woke up” to the reality that we  all are great, from the grasshopper, to the mosquito, the orchid to you and me, I entered a state of constant harmony and peace, living in an eternal state of gratitude.



I have just returned from the handicrafts market in San Miguel de Allende to decorate some new spaces at  Villas Xichu, a holistic center of happiness founded in 2001 through me…what a privilege…



Viva la Vida (Long live life!) tells us Frida Kahlo … and we join her passionately!



Color and Art. This is Mexico!

Well, before it’s dinner time, let me share my experience with the virus  have to and its antidote I choose!




The virus have to


This virus has taken root in the being of humanity in an impressive way. Moreover, no one realizes that this word can be the cause of so many frustrations and conflicts.


We are accustomed to express at every possible moment how much we have to do and how much that overwhelms us. We imagine that we do not have the time before we start our activity, and we are already in a state of anxiety just thinking about everything we have to do …


Unless…it’s not like that !!!


What do I mean by this?


Let’s see the following example:

Have to, the perfect way to manifest imperfection and stress...                        

  Have to, the perfect way to manifest imperfection and stress…




I have so much to do!


Go pick up the kids to school, cook, go to the bank to pay the bills, and I still have so much work to do!!!


What am I going to do!!!


How much I would like the earth to swallow me !!! I’m exhausted!



Does it sound familiar to you? And the truth is that there is no escape from this … unless …



What is going on in her brain?


When you imagine that you have too much to do, your brain detects that there is a state of alarm when you “see” those negative images that tell you that you can’t finish, which according to your un-clear point of view will cause serious problems…actually burying you in a mud of worries


The brain, feeling that you are in “danger”,  sends you the stress hormone, cortisol. Your cells contract, and the fear 😳 seizes you. So before you start what you intend to do you’re already exhausted.


Your bad mood is contagious … now, sure that nobody is willing to help you,  you start doubting others. While being in a state of contraction, you can not see the people around that do want to help you …but…


Aghhh…feeling choked?


It does not have to be like that!




The Antidote I choose


Let us return to our protagonist, only that instead of drowning in the endless things she intends to do, she appreciates her reality when choosing her actions without criticizing nor judging.



Choose to! The way to manifest your freedom!

Choose to! The way to manifest your freedom!


Glad I read Gloria’s book Spiritual Orgasms, vivid encounters in the Now! Now I know how I can free myself from pressure!


It is true that I did not have to go to school to pick up the children … I chose to send them with the school bus and my life has changed!


Nor is it true that I had to cook! They opened a homemade food restaurant that also delivers; now when I get home we enjoy hot food and there is no rush nor pots to wash. We are even enjoying some extra family time together!


And … the best of all is that now that I choose my actions I come up with solutions that are much more efficient and clear! I got it!


Bills to pay? I realize that I can pay them online!


In the office the change is notorious! With the peace I feel now I dare to ask my team for help! This not only results in a more efficient performance, but now I even have time to  pause and create new projects while enjoying a cup of my favorite infusion!



What is going on in her brain?


At the moment our protagonist stops betraying herself by forcing herself to do  what she does not want to do ( have to …) openly facing her challenge, she can see the options that exist, hence choose the one that convinces her the most. The brain captures that there is a state of serenity and produces  the happiness  hormone, endorphins … and voila! The cells expand allowing the Cosmic Wisdom to enter the physical body guaranteeing her  health, abundance and well-being while selecting the best action for her situation.


Remember that you have a very powerful weapon at the tip of your tongue. Feel how the power of the word is immense and take it seriously. Very seriously.




What to do to eradicate this harmful virus?


  • It is indispensable to stay in the Now, since  problems need time to breed. In the present moment there is no such possibility
  • Breathe. Breathe again by imagining how the lungs expand by letting in oxygen that, pumped through the heart, reaches our whole body through the veins and arteries
  • Feel how you begin to breathe more calmly, giving you the time to appreciate what surrounds you
  • Smile! Recognize and appreciate the constant work your internal organs do for you, no matter what…
  • Smile again, even more aware of how beautiful life is
  • Now you feel that there is nothing that you have to do… you are ready to choose your freedom…



What do you choose?


It might be now a habit for you to choose anxiety…so take it easy on yourself and be patient and kind as you observe the way you speak into serenity. One smile at a time.


Do this for one week. Just one week…and let us know how using the antidote changed your life…


I know it changed mine IMMENSELY…and oh… does that feel good… now I live in the Flow and Glow…being contagious, always filling my gratitude tank when I feel others choosing to smile…





Want to know how not to “what if” your life away?


Read me on August 15 for more!



The way you speak determines the perspective through which you see life

The way you speak determines the perspective through which you see life


Blessings…and please do share with us your changes…and be part of world peace.


Together we happinize better!



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