Another Extraordinary Moment in Dubai



glow on beach


Another extraordinary moment in Dubai


“…Oh my God…how cute!!!…”

…I heard my Heart tell me as my feet got “stranded” in the sand of the each that daily witnesses my morning ritual to salute the New Day as Mr. Sun rises…

An Oriental father running with his 4-5 year old daughter were caught by my eyesight…as my whole interior Universe shook in a gush of inspiration.


She, let’s call her Kim, was wearing a Barcelona football team t-shirt that appeared more to be like a dress on her.

Her father, let’s call him Huang, was pacing his long legs with her short ones, galloping in a harmonic manner that made them seem to be just One…Father and Daughter.

Mesmerized by the scene, I pretended to take a picture of them as they kept on running. Huang smiled humbly as Kim reached for his Dad’s hand as they continued to run in the same pace.

Feeling her hidden smile, I waved at her, as her Dad summoned her to wave back while running. They passed me and continued running, without ever losing the same speed and rhythm.

I stood still. I could not move. My eyes and body fixed onto the Unity that they both were. My whole body started shivering as my hands chose to hold palm-to-palm at the level of my heart, who was beating at the tone of the Universe. Ahhhh. And my eyes followed them incessantly, feeling the Blessing from Source upon us all…


They reached the pier, some five minutes later almost disappearing from my eyesight but ever so present within me…and without even stopping they seemed to simply have made a u-turn to continue their conversation with God.


Ahhhh. My body still petrified from outside however in full swing inside continued to shiver, feeling the immense impact of this unconditional love in the universe.
“Wowwww. This little girl seems to have decided to become the world’s most grounded athlete in some Olympic Celebration.


In Dubai. At the beach… Yet another extraordinary moment from what seems ordinary…


Huang is most definitely one of the thousands of high level foreign executives who are attracted to Dubai to implement their knowledge in the making of this magnificent Emirate.


An executive with Heart and clarity. An executive that chooses his priorities Connected, listening within, and managing to have such a strong connection with his daughter in his early morning weekend.


Yes. Dubai attracts this kind of people: determined, self-loved, highly versed in all kinds of fields…dedicated to their dreams which are not negotiable…


…Proving and applying the words of our governor, our dear Sheikh Mo:


“Where there is persistence and faith the impossible doesn’t exist.”
As for me, by default I keep my soul open…ready to receive the encounter of magnificent beings who seem ordinary…however they are extraordinary.


The truth is that we are ALL extraordinary. We are all Unique…however TOGETHER we are better.


Our ruler constantly tweets us the residents summoning us to take the stage. To collaborate with our ideas of improvement.


The result? An ever growing respect for this country whose civil servants wear the power hat in all humbleness and faith.


Why? Because our “Father”, our governor chooses to gallop with us at our pace.


Dubai. You make me smile.


How do you allow the greatness of Dubai to make you smile?


Do contact me should you want to know more about how you can add your little grain of salt to this amazing, happy country:


Together we happinize better!

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