Are You a Terrorist in the Name of Peace?

Are you a terrorist


A gay Club…
A muslim Afghan sprays the party makers with bullets, killing 50 and injuring 50.
Chaos… Fear… Rage … Anger…
As I entered my Pilates class here in Dubai, I see one of our classmates pale with red eyes. She had been crying…
“Did you hear what is happening in America? WHY IS IT ALWAYS LIKE THIS??? Why did he have to be an Arab Muslim, making the situation even worse? WHY???”
So answered my friend to my good morning question.
We still had five minutes before our teacher would start the class… Seeing her so desperate with such hatred in her heart, I sensed that only kindness would calm her down.
“THE WORLD IS SUCH A HORRIBLE PLACE! I hate it! These Afghans are all bad!” said my friend in total distress.
I thought about the killer and what tragedy he must have gone through to hate life so much…
Feeling and understanding her pain, I hugged her as tears gushed through her cheeks.
“Yes, I do understand your rage. And I do feel for all those families that are suffering out there because of this man’s actions.
However my friend. If you truly want to see these terrorist acts stop, I believe you might consider not poisoning your self first with this rage you are allowing to feel. Like our dear Nelson Mandela said,

We have no clue what caused this man to do what he did…maybe he was raped in his childhood or his Mom was mistreated in front of him or…
What I would like to address now my friend is that you take care of yourself now. This rage is only causing your brain to produce excessive quantities of cortisol and adrenaline for you to be able to “escape this tragedy“. However, just realize that you are under the ceiling of this gym, and that whether you scream, curse or apply compassion, the situation in Orlando will not change. What will change will be your feelings, motored by terrible images of tragedy and disgust. Applying compassion will result in those horrible images to be replaced by images of understanding and tolerance, bringing you away from judging, blaming or criticising and so stop your brain from receiving an alarm sign that will provoke the harmful excessive gushing of the stress hormones.
…believing this is in the name of peace…
If you choose to continue hoarding images of damage and hatred, you will induce yourself to live in terror…and you will become a terrorist and give more power to the wrong-doers…”thinking it is in the name of peace
Please. Reconsider and take care of yourself first. Applying kindness and compassion will not bring to life all the victims, but it will allow you to stay healthy and not spread the sense of hatred. Now you are in a state of peace, and from that state of peace you can take a peace-provoking action.
So if you really want to do something about this situation, don’t be a terrorist in the name of peace.. Choose to remember that this man, too, is born originally good. Like all of us. It was his thoughts that culminated in creating a strong confusion in his mind that made him guide his life by hatred, judgement, criticism and fear.
What path do you choose to take? His? or …the one of peace and harmony that we all dream of?
My friend. The only way is kindness. And it starts by applying kindness to yourself first…and becoming an agent of peace…melting away any possibilities of becoming a terrorist yourself.”
I could feel her tears stop and her breath come back to normal.
And as we both hugged in our souls our teacher’s voice brought us back to the room…
“Good morning ladies! Another great day has begun!”

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