Are you Happy in Dubai? From Sand to Grand

If you ever wondered about the magnitude of the power of a human being (and you are one of those…), come to Dubai and feel, just feel how that power is in the air…inflicting an irreversible positive effect on the air one breathes while being here. You simply feel happy in Dubai…


Yes. If you allow it, it will empower you if you decided to visit Dubai where our ruler HH Sheikh Mohamed al Maktoum leads an “Are you happy in Dubai?” campaign in collaboration with the Dubai Police.

Happy Dubai Survey

How a dream beyond my wildest imagination is still manifesting as I write these lines.


I came in 2013, invited by Dubai One TV to speak about happiness and about the book that “wrote me”, Spiritual Orgasms, Vivid Encounters in the Now. While at the Literary Festival sponsored by Emirates Airlines and our Emir Sheikh Mo as we foreigners respectfully refer to him, I was struck by the power of Dubai in a very overwhelming way…yes, I was feeling happy in Dubai…


At the end of the literary event in which world known writers such as Anthony Horowitz, Jeffrey Archer and Tony Buzan amongst others had come to color our lives, my wonder and appreciation tank was full. Overflowing.


Glo DubaiOverwhelmed, I sat on the grass outside the event venue overlooking the sea and the skyline…and couldn’t help it but to feel transported to Magic-land as my whole body started to shiver. The words of Sheikh Mo started roaring within me as excerpts of his book Flashes of Thought started oozing from my being and back into each and every one of my fifty trillion cells:


  • Good governance is about nothing more or less than creating happiness. It really is that simple.
  • Change or you will be changed: leaders who neglect the good of their people will be forsaken. Leadership is a service, not a gateway to privilege.
  • It is necessary to ensure employees’ happiness in order that they in turn can bring happiness to others.
  • Our objective is to make our people happy and there is no delaying happiness. Multiply the days of delay by the number of people to calculate the years wasted in procrastination.


Inspired, gazing at the perfection of the constructions around me (just a few decades ago it was all sand!), my inner power started to wake up. I could feel how Dubai is the greatest monument to team work. Everywhere you go not only construction is impeccable, but it is superbly maintained…9V17rQe


“Together we are better …” is whispered by the air everywhere you go, if you dare to listen…


I could feel in the air a coat of integrity, excellence, service, innovation, excitement that is there for whoever chooses to wear it.


I wore it. I just went with the Flow wanting to give it my all to enticing others to be happy and stay happy No Matter What, totally in tune with our dear rulers’ vision: Dubai, the happiest city in the world. And so, Dubai became my home…on The Spot.


When you are here, you can feel it: diverse creative events, open minded visionaries, workshops and seminars, huge teamwork, regardless of religion or nationality…and and and…simply happy in Dubai…


Sand. Sand. More sand… is now progress, innovation, possibility, safety…all possible because of our Sheikh Mo’s Connection to Source and also because of the humbleness of our rulers who hire foreign know-how and appreciate it as it was and is being implemented…while also investing boldly on education of the younger.


From Sand to Grand. This is Dubai.


Dubai is not only a shopping place where you can go snow-skiing in desert-suffocating temperatures, but a place where the impossible does not exist.


Dubai, a place in which you thrive if you so choose to. And this is endorsed by Sheikh Mo himself:


  • “…To those who would like to leave their mark on this country I say: the stage is yours!”


Come to Dubai. And smile….


Villas XichuAs for me, I am now gratefully active as the Happiness Ambassador, founder of Villas Xichu Happiness Holistic Center, home of the Global Happiness Academy and member of the board of the CEO-Clubs Dubai, implementing business mogul Tony Hsieh’s idea that the best business strategy is Happiness.


Sheikh Mohammed, Our ruler of Dubai and Vice president of the UAE interviewed by BBC. 

Sheikh Mohammed is as well an author and a poet… check out his book Flashes of Thought…a wow wow wow book!!!


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