Happiness, No Matter What?

I have been asked so many times how can it be possible to be happy in times of great challenge. "You can't just sit and laugh when your best friend is at hospital or you just lost your house in a tsunami!"   In order to be certain that we are speaking about the same thing, let us define what happiness is not:   Happiness isn't the ability of being always smiling, with no … [Read more...]

When Lending Money Can Be Harmful

  Have you ever been in a situation in which helping others has depleted your personal energy and bank funds? The question is: how to recognize when it is adequate to help others without putting yourself into a challenging situation I find it useful to take the following metaphor under consideration: if you want to offer a delicious cheese platter to someone, you need to put some cheese … [Read more...]

Money Can Save You or Drain You

"I never have enough money!"   "Everything is so expensive, how can we ever survive with this government?"   "I just don't want to pay them back yet. They are rich enough and could do without this money for a little longer; after all, it is essential for me to survive."   Do any of the above affirmations sound familiar to you?   And how do these statements make … [Read more...]

Love your Sickness. It Will Become your Health.

Are you depressed because of your lack of stamina? Are you frightened because you have no appetite? Is your cancer killing you? Are you finding strange symptoms that make you feel unhealthy? If we depart from the idea that "whatever our mind can conceive and believe, our mind can achieve", as Napoleon Hill stated in his famous and self-help pioneer book "Think and Grow Rich", we will know … [Read more...]

Gratitude Detoxifies your Existence

"It's so late!! I'm never going to get there on time! Come on you rubbish of a car! START!!!" "Oh... Why is it so that my nose is so big? Why can't I have a normal nose? I need to change this nose of mine! Nobody will love me if I stay like this!!! Mom! Why did you bring me like this to this nonsense world?" "This is not fair. She got the job when truly, I deserve that position. Come on. … [Read more...]

Fear is Your Good Friend!

Fear. Yes. The mere word makes one feel uneasy. Fear. The Unknown described by our own imagination as something harmful. As something dangerous. As something that will bring us to a place of disgust. But then, what fear is making us imagine, has it really happened? - I am afraid that I won't be accepted - I am afraid that she won't accept my proposal - I am afraid that my childhood … [Read more...]

Free Book Excerpt: Keep On Keeping On

A selected encounter from Spiritual Orgasms...vivid encounters in the Now,  the book that wrote me. … [Read more...]

Be Happy, and Stay Happy, No Matter What!

It seems to be that the word happiness, like all words really, has many different meanings, depending on the connotation each one gives to it.   So I am not going to say what is happiness. I will say what is happiness to me.   It is that feeling of completion. That feeling of not needing any proof that I am safe and thankful, no matter what. And the complete certitude that if … [Read more...]

Gloria interviewing Mr. Sami Naufal from Librairie Antoine

As I entered the main offices of Librairies Antoine in Sin el Fil, I felt the chills, just imagining how the founder, Mr. Antoine Nawfal, had to truly be persistent in order to have this book empire running as it is running today. Librairies Antoine, now employing families throughout Lebanon, with more than 15 branches around the Phoenician Soil is a true heritage. Lebanon is a country in which … [Read more...]

Connecting to your Mortality Sets you Free!

What IS mortality? Does it really exist? When you see the vastness of the sea, and the way it envelopes you like magic, you just know that whether you have the fabulous vehicle that our Creator gave us or not, we will be and always have been Alive. What is Life then? Life on Earth is an exquisite passage. A passage in which we have been given five fabulous senses to enjoy and appreciate a … [Read more...]