Free Book Excerpt: Keep On Keeping On

A selected encounter from Spiritual Orgasms…vivid encounters in the Now,  the book that wrote me.

How many times I have opened a new door
Not knowing if I should go through it or not

Thinking and thinking “. . . what if outdoors the weather is better?”
So I decide to go through it not

Then I get busy with another bright thought

And yet another white door is in front of my face
Inviting me to try that new path that is not tough
So, motivated and inspired I decide to take pace

As I in that new room everything curiously research
I sense that more and more I feel comfortable to search
And as I freely in that room I quietly move

All of a sudden I realize that there is yet another new door

Ah!! I exclaim in deep transformation

Here there is yet another new door!

And wanting to get even more information
I decide to go too, through that new door

And as I realize how comfortably I am moving

From one room to another I realize that while moving

The “where to and how to” paths appear as I walk

As long as I in faith keep the next step rhythmically coming

So it is clear to me now that it is not what idea I have
Nor how many projects in my fertile mind I can manage to store
The most important thing is to just walk along

Get started, implement your thoughts, the road is not long

Keep on keeping on!

Do you remember the last time that you felt you wanted to give up? What did you do? Did you give in?

What about chunking it down?
A marathon is forty-two kilometers long. Can you go forty-two kilometers in one step?
It can effortlessly be achieved step by step, while enjoying the journey.
Step by step.

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