Botox or No Botox?

What is perfection? It is easy to get overwhelmed with all those commercials and the media focusing on what “perfection” is: a lovely, skinny, wrinkle-less body, hand in hand with the perfect soul mate living in some expensive paradise with lots and lots of branded things.


And…somehow this hammering gets into our subconscious minds…and there you are, botoxing your “very fixable” body.


It happened even to me, who is so convinced that our body is a divine gift, perfect just the way it is…


What happened? I allowed the very caring Lebanese doctor who lives in his clinic under the chains of his mostly female patients who want to feel good after they fix the in-clemency of time on their skins…although I was surprised to see also teenagers pumping up their lips!


So where is the limit?


I mean, just like you iron your clothes, put some makeup on, shave your face and wear beautiful things…one could think- like I was convincing myself- that “ironing out” those wrinkles through Botox would be part of grooming ourselves…


However, when the doctor applied that needle in my face, I felt I was betraying myself. “…My face is perfect just the way it is!” I kept on feeling, however I killed those thoughts by saying: “I am just grooming myself up!!!”




Indeed, after the process, I got what I knew I would get: the reaction from my body:


– now my body was betraying me…




Oh my God! Gloria, smile-less? …shock… shock… SHOCK!


Somehow the immobilized muscles didn’t allow for my natural smile to appear. Instead a whole block of cheeks would lift making my eyes appear as horizontal lines, no light to be seen in them…


After the shock I quietly went within me and asked my face for forgiveness…


These wrinkles were simply the witnesses of my passion-full life, showered with laughter and tears… Each one had its story.
And now that I had chosen to erase them, they erased me…


Humbly and patiently I accepted I would need to wait 2-3 months for my natural smile to be back…


And in the meantime, I share this with all of you! The more you realize that beauty is within, the more you will be free to accept that you are perfect just the way you are, and that everyone is essentially good…


And…you would be giving a break to my friend Dr. Ghasan, who would not need to stay in his clinic until 10 pm…


The biggest love of your life is YOU…


Honor Your body. Your body will honor you.


I smile in total gratitude
 As I my face with love caress
 Thanking each and every part of it
 For representing me daily without stress

I smile in total gratitude
As I my face with love caress
Thanking each and every part of it
… For representing me daily without stress


What do you plan to do in order to allow self love unconditionally?


Dare to just be… you and your body will be happy that you did.



  1. rosanna jennett says:

    So does this mean you will go grey now and stop putting harsh chemicals in your hair?

  2. I am sending FAST healing to your beautiful smile, may this prove good after all, and good job Gloria for learning the lesson :)

  3. Gloria Beléndez-Ramírez says:

    Lovely friend… I just saw this comment. thank you for sending me that light. All is fine now and am so happy with myself…

    Blessings my lovely friend.

  4. Gloria Beléndez-Ramírez says:

    Thank God I am not grey really… and you have a point here. However I feel that covering gray or adding color to your hair, using those harsh chemicals every now and then, could be considered as grooming… but invading the face with needles to FIX the natural process of aging, that made me feel like a traitor… for sure I wont do botox anymore…

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