While having breakfast at the hotel in Dubai, I noticed our table neighbors: three ladies proudly wearing a veil, one of them also covering her face. You could only see her beautiful eyes. To eat, she needed to lift her veil with great grace.


However, even if I could not see her, I could feel the happy, light waves coming from her friends and her. Without mentioning my self-conversation, I continued breakfasting with my very discrete husband Ibrahim, feeling the glow of the flow.


A couple of hours later, as I was walking alone in the lobby, I spotted my ‘neighbors’; the energy that had flowed earlier at the breakfast room, connecting us, became more and more evident.


The next few seconds were magical… As I continued to walk towards them, I felt so attracted by the lady whose face I could not see. It was her eyes that were ‘speaking’ to me. Ahhhh. I just let the flow glow, and surprised, felt how my arms started to open. Slowly, but surely, I kept on approaching the lady who was also opening her arms as she continued to walk towards me!!!


My heart started pounding. My skin started to breathe deeper… Our eyes were locked into one unit, and without even realizing how, we were hugging each other. Ahhhhh. A sisters hug … A deep true energy-joining hug…


What joy… I just let it be, without talking. I felt tears blurring my heart vision…exploding in an intense feeling of gratitude.


Allah maaki*” said my soul, not feeling the need to say anything…  Just being… and in the same way that we hugged, we parted, in a very intense silence…


… And now, whenever I see a covered face, Mrs. Beautiful comes to my mind, thanking her for having allowed me to Enter her world in such a magnificent manner, and for entering my world, in such an authentic way.


Thank you God. Thank you for making me understand that boundaries exist only in our minds. That when one lives Knowing that everything is perfect just the way it is, then it is this Knowledge that attracts the fact that every thing is perfect just the way it is!


Understanding and accepting that each one of us has the right to understand life according to the own values opens the door for us to be enriched by whoever is in front of us. The Flow of Universal energy will make us brothers and sisters, no matter what…bringing Heaven on Earth.


Wa alhamdullilah…


*May God be with you


How interesting it is to navigate into cultures which are completely different to your own…so inspiring!

How interesting it is to navigate into cultures which are completely different to your own…so inspiring!

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