Choose Not to Be a Passive Terrorist

Eid 2June 12, 2016. Orlando blast. A young American of Afghan descent, a confused man fed by intense hatred for who knows what reason chooses to spray bullets in a gay bar In Orlando, Florida, ending the life of dozens of innocent people gathered by music to celebrate life.


June 28, 2016. Istanbul airport, early morning twin bomb attacks take the life of almost 50 persons, bringing to a halt the traveling journey of thousands of people and sending many into panic and hatred. Suicide bombers, so filled with hatred against who knows what, impose their truth at whatever cost…even death. Hundreds of thousands of people feel the natural disgust for these atrocious acts of violence, planting the seed of hatred and fear in their hearts.


July 4, 2016. Saudi Arabia.


Jeddah, neighborhood of USA Consulate. A 34 year old Pakistani suicide bomber blows himself up injuring several policemen.


Medina, near the holy Mosque where prophet Mohammed is buried, a suicide bomber blasted himself killing four other persons with him during Iftar, the time of breaking the fast.


Qatif. Eastern province. An angry suicide bomber bombs himself near a Shia Mosque producing no further casualties.


July 4. Night. My peaceful home in Dubai. I get a phone call from a worried friend of mine asking me if my family is safe.


-“Safe? Safe from what?”


And the news come as fluid as a river reaches the Sea: there have been several bomb attacks in Saudi Arabia!


-“Thank you for your concern. I know they are all fine, or else I would have felt it.”


Knowing that Love is the only way, I sent love to the confused perpetrators from the deepest depth of my heart and called home in Saudi. My husband had not told me anything about it, and his voice was calm.


We didn’t say much, murmuring “May God give them peace.”


“Give them Peace?!!!” You might ask. “Give them peace??? After they have killed so many innocent people and sent so many families into tragedy and hatred?”


Yes. Give them peace.


You see? When you apply compassion and realize that these people are a far cry away from love…most probably they are the children of a tragedy in which a relative died in such a blast…and they allowed to harbor feelings of revenge and hatred…killing themselves slowly slowly each time they felt that revenge feeling…


Now, if you choose to harbor that same kind of feeling, you are intoxicating yourself!! You are, without realizing, becoming terrified which actually puts you on the path of becoming a terrorist…


Yes. I know it is very hard to feel


Compassion for such lost people. However, if you look at it closely, compassion is the means by which you avoid poisoning yourself! Now you will tell your children and friends: “I can’t imagine what kind of lonely and fearful life they lived that they chose to kill in this manner.”


Your brain reacts to that compassionate way of reacting peacefully. No “alarm” is sent to the system so that no excessive gush of the stress hormone is released. Now you can still “see” clearly and realize that still we are safe. That not just because one bomber killed himself we have to fear that every man out there is going to do that.


Choose to free yourself from becoming a “passive terrorist”, damaging your health and the flow of clarity in your visualization GPS.


Choose Gratiude, no matter what.


Now you can say that you are an active pacifist, deciding to be happy and stay happy No Matter What.


Let us all celebrate the Eid even with more intensity and love than ever. Let us realize that this is only a test that is sent to us to strengthen either the Loving capability or the Hating capability.


And how do you “choose?”


By allowing gratitude, compassion and kindness to guide you.


I am so pleased to include herewith a happiness booklet expressing what keeps me eternally in a state of health, wealth and wellbeing.


It might, if you choose to, help you help yourself in these difficult times of aggression.


Please receive it with the same love that it wrote me.


Happy Eid!


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