Coming to terms with past challenges


Coming to terms with past challenges

For about the first fifteen years of my life I lived in a gloomy world…what seemed to be a life full of only challenges…

Did anybody around me know it was gloomy?

Well, it didn’t seem so.

I remember seeing the other kids in school socialise from my lonely spot during recess, fearful that someone would make fun of my corrective boots or of my ugliness and stupidity..they didn’t seem to notice how gloomy “the world” was! Challenges, challenges, challenges…enough!

Neither when I saw my Mom feeding my Dad the peeled grapes with a smile, nor when my parents would dance until the little hours of the next day in the parties they used to host in my house did they manage to understand the gloomy world I was living in…so lonely.

I had grown afraid of the humiliating screaming I had been exposed to in my childhood:
“Piece of donkey! You never do anything right! You are a good-for-nothing!”

I would hear my Mom tell me whenever my actions didn’t meet her expectations (and here I say this with all due respect to my Mom, just with the intention to share my experience in order to help others that might have lived my loneliness).

And that was much too often for me.

Slowly but surely this brought me to believe what my mother was telling me!

So my world became a gloomy, full of anxiety one…

until one day…
I really believe it wasn’t what happened that woke me up, but that I was at that specific time in the Now…able to see and to feel beyond the situation…

Just like when the magnifying glass under the sunlight burns the paper ONLY in a specific point.

I was about 15 when my tonsils were extracted. I used to fear my parents greatly, very often feeling anxiety which caused me first, to have constant tummy aches; then the respiratory system got involved when I got sinusitis…to finally at age 11 have my first (of only three) epileptic attack.

I must have been just coming out of the anesthesias effect, feeling a great pain in my throat, when my Dad came into the hospital room with a very special imported juice I so much loved…

What? How does my Dad know that I like that juice?” I remember feeling when that “giant” I was so afraid of came smiling into the room.

His smile, the shock, the juice…
All of a sudden I JUST GOT IT: my Dad did love me… ohhhh what a feeling of intense gratitude took over me… my father loved me! I felt that now I did exist…and that grateful feeling elevated me at every breath…
For years I had believed I was an unloved child. And today, I was in the right place at the right time to recognise “the real truth“…

So what happened? What was it that put me in the right place to finally see life in a perspective that allowed me to change my thoughts…from being a victim to suspecting I was not really a victim…???

Was it the anesthesias paired with the throat pain and being in a hospital room that put me in a completely different environment?

I mean, I had been offered that same juice during our trips to the USA… why didn’t I then react in the same way?

I guess I will never have an answer to this question, and I don’t really care. However simply asking this question to myself is a motive for me to rejoice.

Why rejoice? Because now I know like I know like I know that it’s not knowledge what made me react. It’s just life-in-gratitude.

I do remember so vividly feeling extremely grateful for the smile of my Dad which was accompanied by a tear for his little girl… that would be ME.

It was like a magic thunder that seemed to have changed my life.
But what really happened is that I came back to opening the door to being who I really was: a perfect Creation of Source.

From that moment on my vision of life was not anymore from the perspective of “poor me“… my inner voice now said: “instead of blaming and criticising your parents, ask them how they were raised and listen with an open heart what they have to say!”

And that is what truly put me on the road of “back to great me…Great we!

Getting out of Poor Me back into Great Me

If you are living in fear and lack of self-love, please allow me to share with you what, in my experience, needs to happen for you to choose the greatness within you:

Hone your ability to be grateful.
The idea is to produce kind, gentle images that will trigger the brain to release endorphins, the happiness hormone; close your eyes and imagine an event in your life that your remember with gratitude and joy.
Can you, in this state of gratitude, feel upset or discontent?. Exactly, you can’t! So keep smiling harbouring that nice image.

  • Appreciate self and others instead of criticising
  • Listen to self and others instead of judging
  • Take action instead of creating excuses

I would love to share with you the great freedom one lives in when one chooses the truth:
We are all good and everything is perfect just the way it is…

The good news is that there is a technique that will get you, too, to that freedom: to live in gratitude. Especially in the most challenging times.

How are you speaking?
The way you speak reflects the way you think. And the actions you take are directly guided by those thoughts.

Choosing Fear

If the images in your head are based on fear, the thoughts propelled will be of contracting nature, and your brain will sense a state of alarm sending you the stress hormone so you can flee or fight.

If this worry is with you at all times, in your car, in your bed, in the shower, in your soup, then you will most definitely become physically sick, imagining you live in lack and surrounded by problems.

That is what constant fear does, sending you into an always-worried mode.

Choosing Gratitude

However, if you choose gratitude, your brain will detect a sense of “all Is ok” so there will be no need to gush the stress hormone.

Instead, endorphins will be produced and you will feel at ease and smile. Now you can in all calm see a way to solve any challenge that appears in your path. You can be sure that your health, wealth and well-being are guaranteed.

This is my life story. And it is my utter joy to share it with you, so that you, too, choose the way back into the greatness that we all are.

Now,  Just be patient! Take it one smile at a time. One appreciation at a time. One breath at a time.

I will start from May 15 to share with you, in seven episodes, a course entitled The Language of a Happy Life, depicting a language free of the viruses that attack a happy life, while becoming aware of the way you speak.

I will share with you what are the antidotes that will bring you back to balance.

I will be sharing with you also how I am able to architect my own happy, contagious life…in the hopes that you, too, choose words of kindness, gratitude, inclusivity, generosity, creativity, self love.

Is your language virus-infested? Don’t worry! You have the antidote by default within you!

Now from the space of Self-love you are healthy, wealthy and live in a contagious state of wellbeing. Challenges will become fun solving-experiences.

Action Call

See you on May 15 for more about how you can direct your image factory and how you can choose gratitude instead of fear. Now, under the effects of gratitude, you are ready to make those past challenges that anguished you simply a part of a stronger you, richer, wiser, and eager to embrace any new challenges coming your way.

The Language of a Happy Life

The Language of a Happy Life

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