Faith Saves Lives: Dubai Sets the Example


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When I arrived to Dubai the first time some 30 years ago, one could breathe safety and peace in the air; there was one hotel in Jebel Ali where one could go and enjoy fishing…and that was about it…


When I came in 2013 to talk about the importance of happiness at Dubai One TV and visit the Literary Festival as an author, it was truly a different story…


I was in absolute awe. The whole place was impressive…one could feel that coat of safety in the air and simply wear it.


Ahhhh…all the streets clean, all the buildings in full maintenance, all government services efficient…a dream come true.


Like magic, one could feel how Sheikh Zayed  united the Emirates with the intention to Serve, with a capital S by saying publicly: “If it is good for my people it is good for me!


And so the best consultants were hired to build the country.


In the meantime, the Ruler of Dubai and Vice-president of the UAE HH Sheikh Mohamed al Maktoum followed the same path hiring only the best to build the best…including the Address Hotel Downtown, “born” in 2008.
As you all know, fire engulfed the hotel which contains more than 600 apartments and almost 200 rooms just a couple of hours before the end of the year 2015.



And the order came:

We shall celebrate the arrival of the New Year with all pomp and color, fireworks and joy…no matter what!”


The adjacent Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, had been prepared months before to be one of the iconic buildings to display the high tech colorful celebration…


And precisely at the birth of 2016 the celebrations started while just some few hundred meters away the almost contained fire exposed the black carcass of a burnt building that once had been a beautiful architectonic jewel…



with all the guests and staff safe and sound, evacuated in total efficiency and service…


Hospitals were ready to take care of them while firefighters worked in perfect team spirit, harmony and excellence…


It has been reported that sandwiches, water and money were distributed amongst the evacuees, right on the spot, and that everyone was given suitable temporary accommodation. Deep service…how inspiring…


How is it possible that there were no casualties?


There can be only one answer: integrity


And what is integrity? The ability to think and walk in total congruency.


Our ruler HH Sheikh Mohamed al Maktoum is so Connected to Source that Source simply guides whatever he does: things are done Through him and not By him…


What a way to show the world that where there is perseverance and faith, there is no room for the impossible!!


And when you celebrate, especially in times of challenge, no matter what, the Universe will celebrate you!


As we start what we humans call year 2016, I  most humbly salute and deeply thank the government of Dubai  not only for having saved all those lives from perishing in fire, but for being a patent example that when you are true to your beliefs NO MATTER WHAT knowing that Source will guide you in your intense desire to serve, then the impossible is in your hands as an instrument in the Hands of Source. 




Sheikh Mohamed celebrating with the amazing protagonists of the “impossible”: zero casualties and fire under control while celebrating the birth of 2016.


Let us all take the lesson from this amazing example, and work in team spirit. Let us all ground ourselves and Connect with Source, realizing that we all are Created as magnificent Creatures, and that we are here on Mother Earth to celebrate, celebrate, celebrate…and in so doing create a beautiful environment in which we all wear that coat of safety.



This year let us continue our lives knowing that it is the kindest who is the fittest, where compassion, inclusion, innovation, love, fun, excellence, tolerance, service etc. reign.


Let us be aware that the old theory of evolution stating that the strongest is the fittest will only guide us into destroying our beautiful Mother Earth. And ourselves. 


What do you choose?


Choose kindness. Today.


It’s easy! Start in front of the mirror with a huge smile.


Realize just how miraculous your body is…


…realize with awe the perfection of your eyes, your ears, your nose, your mouth, your skin, which allow you to see, hear, smell, taste and feel…


…and feel enormous love for your earthly vehicle and be Kind  and loving to yourself. 


Now you can easily be kind to others, acquiring a strength that is supported by Source itself.  Unlimited.


You decide.


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