Feeling comfort in the chaos

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Lebanon. Mysticism, Magic, Marvel


With how much and great pleasure I greet you from this country of the three M’s! An ideal place to talk about happiness no matter what happens…


A country in which it is demonstrated how the inner technology has been applied, lived … a true example of resilience.


According to the human need to continue measuring in order to “be able to be more”, we are “beginning” a new year: 2018. I have the pleasure of having received it in Mexico, to continue the celebrations in London, followed by Paris and now finally in my adored Lebanon.


Technology means that we can enjoy the three meals of the day in three different countries … and thus be able to enjoy the globalisation that brings us so close.


For those who visit me for the first time on this happy platform, I welcome you most cordially.!
Here at happiestgloria.com we meet to share our happy experiences and not-so-happy experiences, intending to happinize each other with most joy, provoking the so peaceful feeling of “I feel good”, so important to help us keep Connected to Source.


I, having wanted not to live while living under the power of the “poor  me”,  experienced anxiety, illness, pain, loneliness, frustration, criticism and all the sisters of the fear in which I lived.


By “awakening” to the truth that we are all Divine creatures, I returned to my (our) natural state of being: expansion, finally feeling harmony and peace, hence the ability to feel gratitude …


And now I live passionately inciting others to decide to be happy and stay happy no matter what, flowing in the contagion of this happiness that we all are- if we so choose.


As a consequence the pages www.gloriafeliz.com and www.happiestgloria.com were born, in my two mother tongues, Spanish and English.


Likewise my book Spiritual Orgasms, vivid encounters in the now has the objective of sharing through short episodes how I live all as an extraordinary event, provoking my health, abundance and well-being to be completely restored.


Last May 1, 2017,  I started writing this bi-weekly blog with the theme Coming to terms with past challenges that talks about the tools I used to return to the “Great Me!” platform that I live on now.


It has been such a rewarding experience to witness people choosing to return to their natural state of being, re-living the joy of freedom through sheer gratitude. Ahhh…


Welcome everyone to this blog in which I share and implement the inner technology in my day to day life, provoking and sharing by contagion health, well-being and abundance.


My Lebanon!


We arrived in this incredible country in the year 2000, with the intention that our children Yousif and Sarita would learn the language of their father. But we really learned a lot, a lot more.


We learned to feel safe amidst chaos.


Yes. It is true that the news were about bombs, war and terrorism. But the reality is totally different!


Bombs? Yes.


Terrorism? No..


Armed citizens? Yes.


Killings on the streets or schools? No.


Diversity of religions? Yes.


Aggression between them? No.


Lebanon turned out to be much much more than I ever would have imagined it to be. The warmth of its people, the charity towards the weakest, the beauty of its nature, the sophistication of its people, the cosmopolitan freshness, and the organic deliciousness of its food … all this contrasts with the disorder, corruption and organised chaos that  rules in this magical country.


And if we see it from the perspective of its resilience, we will understand the reason: here the interior technology is constantly applied. Although it is true that the Lebanese love to complain, the truth is that all the restaurants are full, the best hotels saturated and airlines overbooked with travelers leaving or entering Lebanon.


How is this possible? Because they have a great power of family union. A great sense of personal beauty and a great desire to live intensely, to simply be.


All this combined with their traditional preference  and possibility of consuming fresh products produced directly by this sacred, fertile  land.


In this country it is still possible to walk the streets of different cities or towns and plug tangerines, oranges, raspberries, nuts, bananas, grapes, apples, etc. from the trees themselves! What a gift to receive these fruits from the hand of God …while strolling along.


Here it is easy to feel constant gratitude.


When they invite you to eat at their home, there will always be a dish that the mother-in-law, the sister or the sister-in-law will have prepared FOR YOU so that you can  “taste” the Lebanese food. Lebanese hospitality is something incredible!


I remember that time a bomb exploded fifty meters from my house. Actually, seeing it well, it was a true gift from God! Why? Because we lived in hand just how these wonderful people come together in  times of big challenges!


What a lesson!!


The bomb, which caused the rupture of all the windows of the house, also caused the forced opening of the main wooden gate, which was locked.


Thank God we were all away from home and nothing happened to us.


When we returned home, seeing all the glass on the floor, we could not help but to be amazed. No one died in the incident. On the other hand,  many showed their high human quality by helping each other.


Including us who had arrived only a few months ago.


Several families came to our house asking us to stay in their homes. The fifth one told us: “if you do not come with us, we’re staying. “


What a way to be hospitable!


So, taking my children, my cat, my computer and my passports, we went to our friends’ house. The next day everyone helped everyone! With high heels and manicure, little by little everything was clean.


Unbelievable: at 9pm of the next day, in our home there was no indication that a bomb had exploded!


In the frenzy of the moment, I had left my bag with my personal documents and money inside my car open all night!


I was grateful to see that nothing was missing! Neither inside my house…everything was in place!


Talking with the owner of a camera shop located very close to our home, I learned something invaluable:  the love for life prevents you from tarnishing it with laments, complaints and anger.


His photo printing machine with a value of  300 thousand dollars had been damaged by the impact of the bomb … but not his spirit that continued to smile, grateful for being alive.


Then I did not know how to explain this. But now I know how to describe that the interior technology was working at full speed! These beautiful people only saw the positive side in everything!


What a blessing…


And this is what will make you fall in love with this country So unique! Here the family is celebrated with the same intensity they celebrate life.


The restaurants always full, celebrate in large groups: up to 40 people ages ranging from 2 months to 80 years! All wearing beautiful clothes, in the mood of enjoying every moment.


Respect for parents and the elderly is a great reason for this incredible truth: to be grateful no matter what provokes certainty, well-being, miracles …


Next I describe with photographs how this country, since always, continues to celebrate life, no matter what.


Let’s join them!


Thanking my beloved husband forever…


With film-director Nadine Labaki and her musician husband Khaled Mouzannar, families with old history who have enabled me to peep into the greatness of the Phoenicians


Celebrating celebration.


With Saint Charbel present, celebrating my Mom’s life also in Lebanon


Smelling fertility…


The mother of auntie Mimi… being celebrated by young an old as a great charity body, especially during the hard war times.


Lebanon has received two million refugees…and its population is only 4 million Lebanese! So generous…


Cenebrating at the supermarket



With my daughter Sarah in downtown Beirut



Ahhh. Architecture modern or ancient. It’s always breathtaking…



This father of four walks around the streets selling his fresh produce…


Not just a chicken sandwich. This is Farouj al ashqar in Brummana. They started with One chicken… now they are an intrinsical part of the community…and the freshness of their products remains intact!


The more you eat, the more you are loved!


Polish, Armenian, Lebanese, Uruguayan, Mexican… Lebanon is such a cosmopolitan country! There are 20 million living abroad and only 4 million living in Lebanon! They succeed abroad, come back to Lebanon to get married, and continue to succeed abroad sending money 💰 back to Lebanon, sustaining it through all challenges. Wow.


My polish friend Dorota married to a Lebanese Armenian making a difference in our community through her art… thank you teacher!


My two Lebanese “moms”: Tante Mimi, founder of the Arz Hospital during the heavy fighting in Lebanon and Antoinette Kazan, who feeds 300 elderly every week day…now for over 30 years!


My friend Mrs. Banana Tree… ahhh. What joys we shared…until she passed away to give life to three other trees…


My birthday cake, hand made by my Lebanese sister Rita Edde from the town of Edde…


American sculpturist and artist Gianna Dispenza, magically attracted by Lebanon attracted me in this land of encounters. Come!


Legendary Mimi Khouri, who gave birth to half of Beirut regardless of bombs or danger…what a privilege to learn from her!


Yachts and color. Lebanon has it all!


My Tante Antoinette, a model of generosity and order.


One of many antiques that you will find in Lebanon. Not only in shops, but in homes!
No need for security alarm. This is simply a safe country! Amazing!


Plums? Enjoy with us. Mrs. Plum tree is just so delighted!


Listen to the roar of Nature pacify you…




Nature’s call!




No matter what!


The legendary pine-nut trees. Enchanting


This is one portion of fruit… imagine!


While walking 🚶‍♀️ in the mountain, cows, fruit trees and coffee will welcome you…


Samar, my Lebanese Co-Mother witnessed how her Dad was menaced at gunpoint during the war, and yet his total Peace at heart kept him alive…


Miss Maral, the head of English department during my kids’ education made a great difference in their lives. Thank you!


Having fun with family…


Yesterday… again thanking my extremely admired spouse…


And you?


Can you choose to feel comfort in the chaos?


It is easy if you can manage to feel gratitude especially in challenging times.


Remember the inner technology tricks; apply them and be free to just be!


See you again inFebruary 1


Share with us how applying the language of a happy life is guiding you towards the “I feel good” platform, provoking your wellbeing.


Just add your comments here under please.


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