Flowers and Garbage


garbage and flowers

As the cool breeze started to caress the impressively fertile green mountains in the Mount Liban province marking my return to Dubai, I could feel my ‘temptation to nag‘ almost saying:


“…oh, but I don’t want to leave...”


The joy I was feeling didn’t allow me to emit the “but” word, keeping instead the sweet flavor of the enriching feeling produced by Mrs. Cool Breeze on my body.


Ahhhhh… It was now 6 am, time to leave my mountain home for the beach to present the usual daily tribute to Sunrise. By now my gratitude tank was already overflowing as tears appeared in my eyes while my skin felt the goose bumps.


Driving on the way down in this grateful state, I reached a slow truck that had probably never gone through any kind of maintenance. I could see three heads protrude; the three men seemed to be having a good, lively time, contrasting with the dirty and rusted looks of the truck.


Suddenly I realized that they were sitting on…GARBAGE! And they were smiling! A bouquet of white flowers seemed to be the fourth member of their team, protruding at their same height from the truck.


This was a garbage truck!

I remembered on the spot the day two weeks ago that I had arrived from Mexico to my adored Lebanon, just to see piles and piles of garbage abandoned along the highway taking me to Adma from the airport!


I recalled that I hadn’t noticed any bad smell, however I had strongly experienced a sense of sadness, of pain, to see my Beirut in such a disastrous condition.


As my eyes stared intensely at those mountains of garbage not really wanting to believe what I was witnessing, I greatly felt the NEED to do something about that trash littering this mystical and noble country…


I closed my eyes, transporting myself to the beaches of Jbeil, already enjoying the next morning, in which we would be swimming in the Mediterranean Sea at sunrise…cleaning as usual, whatever trash I would find on the beach before allowing myself to submerge in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

“Yes, taking action is the only way to ease this pain and sadness, transforming it into a feeling of contribution and care” I told myself.. I remembered how every morning before swimming on the beach while picking up the garbage on my way I would feel and acknowledge with all my heart:




I would literally feel how Mother Earth would smile back at me.


Now, two weeks later, driving behind these three angels doing something about my Lebanon’s cleanliness, I was flabbergasted!


What joy! What admiration towards their job! Instinctually I started sending them signs of appreciation from behind my steering wheel, a smile gushing from every cell of my body as my right hand showed my thumb up.


Gradually my gut exploded into sincere laughter while continuing to send them my deep gratitude and admiration for what they were doing. WE WERE ALL LAUGHING!!


The bouquet of white flowers was just there, manifesting its beauty no matter what….


I felt humbled by these great people, probably Syrians (no Lebanese would do this kind of job. Hard labor is never executed by Lebanese), who feeling my joy started reacting…merging all three with the flowers to become One-In-Gratitude-and-Fun


My hands continued to make signs of appreciation towards those three men who evidently would do no matter what to feed their families. And their example humbled me even more…


20160920_070040I knew that shortly I would be turning the car off the road and they would be parting, so I asked my copilot  Angie to take pictures with her phone


Oh! What joyful minute this was…peaking onto one very high note: one of them picked a flower from the bouquet and offered it to me from the distance, lifting it into the air with his right hand while his left hand landed softly on his chest.


Ahhhh. Ahhhh again and again.


As soon as that hand was in the air with that white flower victoriously claiming happiness, my whole Me erupted in a huge laughter that brought my Mom to the scene with her passionate mantra: “What a damn great life! This is life, and the rest is just crumbles…


While driving slowly, I tapped the crest of my head in sign of respect and appreciation and turned out of the main road saluting these men as they disappeared from my view, leaving forever the vivid and beautiful image of flowers and garbage.


And you? What are you doing to show your love and appreciation for your home, your community, your country, our Mother Earth?


2016-09-25-PHOTO-00000030I do find areas at the beach that are no littered. Maybe that was you, loving our dear Mother Earth, keeping the area clean. Thank you, for your acts of kindness towards our Mother Earth do have a great impact, no matter how small they are.


Use paper scarcely, produce less garbage by buying only what you will consume or ingest, bring your used plastic bags to reuse them in the supermarket, and feel Mother Earth thank you…blessing you…


Please let me thank you by sending you that white flower with my left hand on my heart and my right hand with the flower high up in the sky.


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