Guilt trips? Listen and Learn…



Do you wake up in the mornings with a heavy feeling accompanied by the sensation of “...and today will I be able to do something of benefit unlike yesterday that I lost so much time and got nothing done?”
The culprit Mr. Guilt is visiting…


Mr. Guilt is so capable to send you into fear as your tummy feels anxious and you get out of bed hurrying to catch up…catch up…with what??


And the worst is that you know that feeling like this is not taking you anywhere, however every morning it’s the same heavy feeling…


I am so very thankful to have been in this situation and gotten out of it.


How?  By learning how to embrace  HH Mrs. Gratitude at all times- especially in times of deep challenge.


Our natural state of being is expansion. Expansion is also the natural state of the Universe which keeps on expanding naturally, never going against that flow.


So when as an elementary school girl I used to call myself names and declare that I was never capable of doing anything right (although I could play the piano, speak a foreign language fluently, get top marks at school, lived in abundance), I would send myself into contraction unconsciously screaming within: “YOU DON’T DESERVE TO BE HAPPY!!!”


gratitude 2Now that I am aware that I am a happy, healthy, humor-full  woman  living in a total state of gratitude I get up daily with the sensation of: “Yey!! Today is yet another great opportunity to have fun and share happiness while being inspired at every breath!”


AHHH. What a feeling of contentment and joy…


Now I can understand what has happened: I have declared that I not only deserve to be happy (the result of being in a state of reverent gratitude), but that I (and you and we all) am happiness itself.


Yes, sometimes I do wake up with a sense of guilt for not having done enough the day before. However now I KNOW that this is due to the fact that I mistreated my body and failed to provide one or all of the following basic needs:
   -feed myself properly
   -sleep enough hours
   -oxygenize my divine vehicle adequately
   -lack of celebration
   -lack of spontaneous (or provoked) acts of kindness


If the above is all fulfilled, you will have no other choice but to feel happy and grateful for this new day in which the Universe will move its magic forces to generate those events that will take you even beyond your wildest dreams.


So what do you choose?


If you choose to listen what those guilt trips are telling you, you will allow yourself  to learn from them; to love them because of the great lesson that they bring…
Learn from Guilt trips? Yes indeed! If you only dare to choose gratitude no matter what. In this state you will have the humbleness and wisdom to learn even from the feeling of “I don’t feel good.” Now you can choose to tell  yourself: “I want to honor you my Self, so I will find out what to do in order to smile…”
Ahhhh… it already feels better…your cells smiling into an “I feel good” state.


Do not hesitate to comment and inspire us with your point of view.


I am always just there. And so are you… So why not…let us happinize together!



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