Happiness, No Matter What?

I have been asked so many times how can it be possible to be happy in times of great challenge. “You can’t just sit and laugh when your best friend is at hospital or you just lost your house in a tsunami!”


In order to be certain that we are speaking about the same thing, let us define what happiness is not:


Happiness isn’t the ability of being always smiling, with no problems whatsoever, cracking jokes and having all what one’s heart desires.


Happiness is the most profound form of gratitude. If you thank God for what you have at all times, no matter what, and are aligned with Source, you will automatically be applying unconditional love. And this will automatically take you to happiness and bliss.


Let’s go back to your best friend being at hospital: if you thank God for the existence of competent doctors that are treating him instead of focusing on the unfortunate situation he is in, you will be able to smile and send that relief message to your friend. Now you are truly being of help, without negatively influencing his recovery with a worrying situation.


If your house was lost in the tsunami and you focus on the fact that you are alive and can have the opportunity to help others, not really focusing on your “deplorable” situation, you will be happily helped by others automatically. Your positive mental attitude will take care of everything!


When you consider challenges as fertilizing opportunities (mind you the stink of natural fertilizer is not exactly nice), even their nasty smell won’t be an obstacle. When you sense that bad odor you will gratefully put yourself in a fertilizing mode, knowing that you will be temporarily passing through a lot of empowering unknown events, certain that the outcome will always be that of a learning and growth experience.


While living in the magical and mystical country that Lebanon is, I grew always more and more thankful, often living intense outbursts of gratitude. This is when the book Spiritual Orgasms, vivid encounters in the Now wrote me.


Lebanon has experienced a very long and cruel civil war. Now, its residents have a clear idea of what service to others and resilience is. It is about thanking God by the second, knowing that your life can be over in a second. So there is truly no other choice but to enjoy the moment.


Once you feel this, you will take full responsibility of your actions and, sailing on the boat of Unconditional Love on the Waters of Gratitude, you will, too, decide to be happy and stay happy NO MATTER WHAT!


Welcome to the highly contagious happiness pandemic! The more we spread this pandemic, the more peace will be bestowed upon our beautiful planet and beyond.


I will be so glad if you join me in this happiness website so that you can implement your original birth format: happy, trustful, of service and fun.


Please do share with us your point of view, how you think we can be more and more contagious, and reach a world of healthy and happy persons everywhere…


Together we are better.