Happy Seed and the Challenging Thought

rainbow happy seed


I am now laying down with my leg up, watching the sunset while thanking God for my great luck…


Just one week ago, at the time I injured my ankle, I was not thinking this way…


What happened?

As I was at the Beirut airport, ready to fly back to Dubai in order to be just on time for the CEOClubs monthly luncheon, God had different plans for me…


Was it  up to God, or was it up to Gloria…?


On my departure day, I had so many amazing experiences before arriving to the airport: I visited caring Lebanese film producer  Nadine Labaky and her musician genial composer husband Khaled Mouzannar to congratulate them over the birth of their daughter.


After that I visited the fabulous artist and sculputurist  Gianna Dispenza, whose father, well known scientist Dr. Joe Dispenza, writes and teaches about how the brain works guiding the thinker into happiness… or depression, according to the thoughts the person thinks.


After having been showered all morning by these amazing personalities, I arrived calmly to the airport; when it was time for me to go to my gate, because I was in such a dream-like kind of state, I walked towards the wrong side of the airport…never finding gate number 9… my gate.


“Oh, you have to exit this section, go through security again and  walk to the other side of the airport!” I was told…


Oh NOOOO!!!!


They had already called the flight, and I was some 20 minutes walk away….wearing boots with heels…


Oh… I felt my face started to contort, my pace to go faster, and the insults to myself to want to reach my vocal cords…


I usually don’t use foul language nor thoughts, but at this point, I started to boil inside, criticizing and judging myself into: “Oh Gloria how is it possible that you are so stupid! Can’t you pay attention?”


And as I continued in this tone, I started walking faster and faster. I was pulling my four wheeled carry-on, not putting back the computer that the security officer had asked me to remove, “not to lose time”…


Faster, go faster, you dummy! You don’t want to miss that plane, you have to get on it and attend  tomorrow’s event in Dubai!”


And then, it happened


I found myself on the floor with an intense pain in my left ankle,…the SMAAACK that my computer produced against the floor was so loud, that it almost hurt me as much as the foot…


And I continued with the insults to Self.

Why are you so stupid!! See? You should have put the computer back into the bag, but no…you…!!”


And as I was so speaking to myself, a louder voice penetrated those insults…which sort of melted away at their bold presence:




-I heard myself surprise myself.


I came back into senses, and instead of thinking how painful and how stupid I was, I shifted immediately to simply breathing… sitting for some seconds on the floor…nobody around me…


After some seconds, I managed to get up, and think. Think. What to do…


I walked towards the security checking point and asked them to call a wheel chair to bring me. Fortunately for me, exactly at that time a Middle East employee was passing, with a walkie talkie in his hand.


He was so kind, asking me to sit down, assuring me that the wheel chair would pick me up shortly.


And this is how I was wheeled into the plane, travelled with my leg up with ice the whole three hours flight, and wheeled out of it in Dubai and into my cozy bed taken care of by my sweetest daughter.


blog3The next day, another great friend took me to hospital where I was given a boot to immobilize my leg for the next month.


And the lunch event? Oh, it was amazing! The talk was about Smart Dubai, with many smart people in the room, wishing each other a happy new year and praising our very knowledgeable speaker.


I was supposed to deliver a workshop this weekend, however was forced to cancel it due to my foot injury.


And now I know what an amazing gift that was:


1.- I learned that my title of Happiness Ambassador is embedded in my every cell, pulling me out of trouble when in it.


2.- I learned that even if I though I had it all sorted out, it is not like that….there is nothing to sort out, the whole life is an adventure, teaching us constantly lessons for new growth.


3.- I learned that when in trouble, simply breathing in gratitude is the most potent tool ever! I could truly sense how the stress hormone that was gushing into my body was “melted” as I pronounced in total faith: ”I am the happiness ambassador. I decide to be happy and stay happy NO MATTER WHAT”


4.- I learned that this “tragedy” was nothing more than a reminder of how amazing life truly is:

  • My online friends started contacting me, some after years, sending me their love and updating me about their news.
  • Even if I always, daily, thank my body, I realized that I was not thanking my body enough! Having now “one leg down” made me see just how important every part of my body is…MY BODY IS MY NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!


5.- I realized just how thankful I am towards the medical institutions, the researchers who make it possible for the doctors to use the various instruments to enhance their curing abilities.


6.- I very much appreciated the hours and hours of studies, exams, non sleeping nights that doctors and  nurses go through for us to feel better.


7.- I immensely appreciated the thoughtfulness of my husband, who came from Jeddah to Dubai and took personal care of his princess (that would be me…) while celebrating the birthday number 21 of our dearest daughter…


photoblogIn other words, I am so happy I had this challenge, which is nothing else than another fabulous opportunity to grow.


This is such a liberating feeling!


I Know like I Know like I Know that applying happiness no matter what will stop the gushing of toxic stress hormones as I allow the idea I DECIDE TO BE HAPPY AND STAY HAPPY NO MATTER WHAT! I AM THE HAPPINESS AMBASSADOR.


And you? Are you ready to remember that you, too, are happiness? And by happiness I mean the ability to stay grateful no matter what!

Are you ready?

Dare not to conveniently leave it to God.

If  it  is meant to be, it is up to you!


Hone your gratitude muscle by thinking simple little bright, appreciative thoughts, mindfully understanding that you are simply playing with your BIOLOGY!

  • Positive, uplifting thoughts will result in emission of enhancing happiness hormones (endorphins) will gush into your system, making you feel better, one breath at a time.
  • Negative criticizing, judging thoughts will result in emission of toxic stress hormones (cortisol) that will gush into your system, intoxicating it like mud tints water.

What do you choose?


I already chose…IT IS ALWAYS YES!!!

I choose gratitude, no matter what… and I am so happy that I did…



  1. Great story Gloria. The objective is always and forever to stay present. That’s where all our resources are! Dr. Paul S.

  2. Gloria Belendez Ramirez says:

    Hey Paul!

    I a in San Miguel reading you with a huge smile…

    Indeed we ONLY have the NOW…and I want to see you NOW, so I close my eyes and feel you…. When will you come?

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