How Can I Feel Content?



Many times I have been asked the question:

“How can I make myself content*?”


Have you ever felt that you are not doing enough?

That you can always do better?

That it’s not the time yet to celebrate?


If you have, just know that this is an epidemic that we all either have been infected by or are as we speak, are carrying.


There is really no right nor wrong, just different. So if you feel this way, first of all come to terms with it and declare:


I am not enough. I am a failure. I know that I can improve my performance. I am just lazy!


I wish someone had told me that when I was in that state of “I’m a failure.


Because I did not know better, what I did was just to cover it up, pretend that it was just a voice within and kept on with the great lie. This caused a disconnect between me and Me…and so the vicious circle grew as I grew more and more angry at myself, because I knew in my mind, that I was not doing enough, overwhelmed, never content, provoking a feeling within me that I was less than the others, comparing myself with them…the gap growing larger and larger one tummy ache at a time.


However, can you pretend that the sharp tag of your new dress that is pinching you continuously is not there? You are in a gala dinner, so you feel there’s nothing you can do about it…so you pretend it’s not there…


Well. How about taking action, excusing yourself, going to the bathroom (and if you can ask for help, even better!) and finally removing once and for all that tag?


Ahhhh. What a feeling of calm and accomplishment! No more pinching… telling myself in self acknowledgement: “Oh, what made me take action so late!!??


It’s the same thing with the images that you allow into your mind.

Now that you admitted that you feel like a failure, never content with what you do, ask yourself:


  1. What makes me feel so?
  2. What can I learn from that?
  3. How can I implement what I learned?
  4. What would happen if I don’t take action?

So now let’s imagine you are a university student, answering the above questions in the same sequence:

  • I feel I am a failure because even if I study hours on end, I just sit and waste my time, unfocused. I can never focus!
  • I learn that when I feel that contracting sensation or have to force myself to study, I just get more and more overwhelmed. Feeling worse and worse.
  • I know that feeling overwhelmed and not content makes me allow more and more negative images of myself. So I choose to take action differently. Like, clean my house, bake a cake, call a friend in need, appreciate the fact that I am enrolled in a university, appreciate the work of my teachers and the capacity I have to feel gratitude.
  • If I don’t take action the overwhelm will grow, affecting my health, wealth and wellbeing. The contracting feeling will prompt my brain to recognise a state of alarm, causing the stress hormone to be produced by my physical body in a constant manner…un-health of some sort is guaranteed.


The truth is that We are all creators. If we come from the space of total gratitude and self acceptance, we will provoke a feeling of being Complete, content at each creation…always eager to create more.


If we come from a space of fear (false event appearing real), we will provoke a feeling of contraction, overwhelm, doubt…always fearful of what comes next.


Create a new situation that makes YOU feel good. That makes you remember just how special the roses in the garden are, how amazing the birds that can fly are, and just how beautiful you are.


And celebrate! Celebrate the fact that your five senses color your life intensely, the fact that you are breathing, the fact that you can experience the sunrise yet another day!
Just celebrate…and now you will allow yourself to see just how much you are accomplishing today. Just today; tomorrow, when it becomes today, it will bring you the same feeling of being content.


Are you smiling now? Yey!



* Content = pleased and satisfied : not needing more

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