How does an Apple Decide to Be an Apple?

22.8.18 Lebanon

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The Decision Taking Process: A platform that we construct.

It is truly remarkable how much is shaken within me when whatever I  do is tinted with the desire to learn, to share, to celebrate, to CREATE by just flowing, not needing to decide which way to go.

During one of my sunrise swims in the Mediterranean Sea, I traveled some fifty years back…all of a sudden hearing my mother tell me:

“…your temperature is not that high. It’s barely 38C (normal is 37C). Just get up and go to school!”

Yes indeed, I felt disappointed. I wanted hugs. I wanted reassurance that my tummy ache would pass (I often had tummy aches as a child)…but instead, I got redirected to focus on just keeping on as usual.

Keep on keeping on…  

At school later that morning, I commented to one of my classmates that I had a fever but that 38C was fine.

He stared at me in disbelief saying:

-“What? That is insane! You should have stayed home! You are running a high fever!”

I remember how I was shocked by such a statement, questioning my infallible mom’s judgment. And I left it at that.

Now, fifty years later, I realize just how much that scene in my life shaped the foundations of what I just recognized as the platform on which we make our decisions.

A decision-taking process is something that we forge according to our early experiences and education. And by education I mean life-education. The academical education here has no major effect.

This platform is made slowly slowly, just like the nest of the ants. It is a one-step-at-a-time process tinted with constance and perseverance.

As I was growing up, this is what my Mom was giving me (and it was not always enjoyable): a constant and perseverant life in which no-nonsense rules.


The constant and perseverant  no-nonsense rules:

  • Get up even before the sun rises
  • Daily make your bed, dust your room and clean your bathroom
  • Have daily hefty breakfast (my mom would personally make sure that I would eat it all…or else…)
  • Wash the dishes after meals
  • No half-way done chores will ever be admitted…(or else there would be war)

I believe that if to this mix hugs and communication had been added, I would have avoided getting sick from stress…however at the end, it all worked fine, and here I am thanking my parents for my great education, guiding me into knowing how to decide what.

Deciding is a simple process.

The above statement might sound outrageous. Especially for a teenager in high-school who is demanded to know just exactly what he/she will choose as a career!

Indeed, it is a big huge stress that puts teenagers to the brink of fear and despair…

“What if I don’t like this career and I already invested my dreams and funds into it?”

“I just don’t want to study anymore…ughhhh what nonsense!”

“I wish I could just be a musician but that won’t make me any money! My parents won’t ever accept.”

Does this sound familiar?

I want to share with you now how I see that things worked for me.

Seeing Life through the eyes of Benevolence

After overcoming fear and sickness at 15 by that single demonstration of love through my father’s tears as I was in a hospital bed, I started to see my life through the eye of benevolence.

That aha moment in which I suspected that I was indeed loved, allowed me to see with clarity, getting me out of the extremely harmful state of “Poor Me.”

I was crystal clear of the fact that I was under the umbrella of “Poor Me”, criticising myself and others at all times, and being defensive with whoever and whatever was around me! I started to apply compassion, listening instead of judging…

So now I had a perspective of where to start from:

“I am who I am. No questions asked. I realize how I have been nagging and judging to justify a poverty that truly never existed…it had been ONLY in my mind all along.”

Now the shaping of the decision-making platform was strong enough for me to simply let go and rest, supported by that platform. Now the only thing that mattered was:

  • What makes me feel good
  • What makes me feel like I am having fun?
  • What makes me feel useful?

And I would do exactly that. Just take care of ME.

In so doing, from being a sickling eternally in fear, I became free from myself aided by that great support of the decision-making platform based on benevolence, and gratitude.

Sitting on this Magic Platform I knew I was capable of anything and everything, guided by that Force of Life that Creates in constant Motion, in an effortless effort.

Of course, at that time I would not have been able to describe the physiology and anatomy of my decision-making process. I just followed my gut

Now, seeing back in my life, I can see just how much my parents’ strict education wasn’t really strict. It was wise, because by just believing in the greatness in me, they knew they did not need to baby me…sending me to school with a slight fever, telling me that I would be fine.

And I was.

I suggest that you, too, believe in the greatness within you. No need to analyse nor tint it with whistles and blows and excuses about how much you are not capablejust know that you can.

And you will.

Heaven on Earth

Visiting the Zorab and Arsine Dreamland has been such an affirmation of the above.

The harmony they live in, the generosity in which they swim, spraying everyone around them with an expansive gush of possibility, inclusivity and creativity is truly inspiring.

Their gardens are full of grateful flowers and trees, carefully taken care of… exuding their amazing, soothing energy back onto us, in a “Wow-feeling of love”.

I was fed with organic apples and tomatoes of Zorab friend’s property near Sannine in the magical mountains of Lebanon. As I asked to please let me salute the Mother Apple trees, yesterday we went, driving amongst mystical fog, resulting in an explosion of life mixed with gratitude and awe…

Apples don’t need to decide

A weird question?

IMG_8517 (1)

Ahhhh. Just being…these apples don’t need to decide! 

From the time that the Mother Seed became a seedling, it just grew the roots, became a bush, became a tree, bloomed and finally just allowed the fertile land, Guided by that Force of Life that creates in constant motion, to bring these amazing apples to the world…

IMG_8509 (1)

She just knows that she is a perfect, divine apple.

We are all perfect and divine. When you know this, you cannot but FEEL divinity in you and in all!!

No need anymore to decide. Just Flow in the Being of Source…

IMG_8502 (1)

So small and yet so fertile…

This lovely tree is so small and yet so fertile, with its branches almost breaking from the weight of her apples!!

She is naturally so generous, not needing ANYTHING! 

She is so happy for you to eat her lovely creations, the apples., never checking if the surrounding trees produce more or are prettier or healthier.
She just is…
IMG_8525 (1)
 This rock just sits here, with the only one task of simply being.

For millions of years. And while doing so, she is, just is, intensely.

Listen to the Silence…

IMG_8530 (1)
 Ahhh!! Thank you, my sister, Arsine

Having stayed in your paradise, feeling your amazing hospitality, has made me feel how we were Weaving something greater than ourselves…

IMG_8505 (1)
 Thank you Zorab for all your teachings by sheer example…

IMG_8559 (1)
 Good morning! 

Let’s go to the next adventure: KUCH A SABAYAH!

And as I thank Source for the fact that even though I feel absolute contentment, there is always more. Now let me send you a huge smile in a huge hug!

DABDF677-F8D2-428F-9B78-1B28087D4E82 (1)

It feels great not to have to decide, to just Surrender to the Flow, and simply Glow, taking action in the direction of I FEEL GOOD!

What do you choose?

Trust me, my dear Earthling, choosing to follow your gut in the knowingness that everything is perfect just the way it is, and that everybody is good, will guide you to Total Freedom…floating towards I feel good, taking action naturally whilst being loyal to yourself.

Yeyy! Welcome to Heaven!


  1. Mi Querida Gloria,

    Como siempre llenando nuestros corazones con amor y pasión por la vida! Espero me des el abrazo personalmente cuando vengas a San Miguel. Con mucho amor, alegría y bendiciones,


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