How Exciting to Follow the After-Life Light!


“...and as the plane re-lifted in an emergency move as we were about to land, a million images came to my mind…in the split second that followed I saw the sea through my window…but not under the horizontal airplane as it usually flies parallel to land…are we about to follow the after-life light?


We were flying perpendicularly! Oh wow!!!  I imagined a million things. Am I going to the next life? How will the passing over be? Will I simply follow the Light as a whole and go back to Source? Will I come back again? Will I live as another person? How Exciting to Follow the After-Life Light!


Wow. How exciting to open a new door into the Unknown!!!” said the charming Filipina, her eyes shining with deep excitement, enticing me to know more…


These were the words of my lovely house manageress Angie, a wonderful and creative partner-in-life for the last 12 years.


As we were walking in the morning sunrise magic in Ghazir, Lebanon, we were  carried away by the mysticism and awe of this blessed country yet one more time.


Enchanted by the idea of seeing that huge Light, I kept on walking in silence, when an image caught my attention. I took my most beloved Iphone to take a picture that resonated immensely with my thoughts: a small trail leading upwards towards the hill top as Mr. Sun seemed to be waiting for us at the other side of the path.



In total peace while weaving a sweater of Faith, I asked my friend:


   -“Angie, do you believe that when we will leave our body it will be like this narrow path with the Light calling us from the other side?”


She smiled as We continued to dance our spiritual tango…


“Let’s make a pinky promise Angie! Whoever of the two leaves before, we shall not leave without informing the remaining one how the passage was… I imagine a beautiful and peaceful event in which  we leave a body that cannot feel and a mind that cannot think anymore. We will simply go back and follow the Light…”


We agreed and pinkied the promise, excited to open another new door to the Unknown.


We continued walking while simply allowing the sounds of Silence blended with those of nature take over us…a tango of Life…


It’s then when Angie brought back her experience six days ago when she flew from Dubai to Lebanon. She reported that a flock of birds on the runway had forced the pilot to re-lift the airplane abruptly, making Angie live a “near-leaving-the-body” experience.


And now we both know one thing: Death is Life in disguise. There are all reasons to be excited to go to the Life beyond Life!!! What new experiences await us? What fresh Truths will enrich us?


As for me, I know for fact that there is More after we leave our bodies. I can at all times feel the presence of my ancestors, especially my Mom and Grandma…who constantly fill my life with Light, Love and Laughter…


And I can always communicate through the ether with my lovely descendants Sarah and Yousif, who are often physically away from me.


light at the endNo. I am not in a hurry to find out. I love love love being an Earthling. However being excited about my eventual departure is something that I am curious about and am looking forward to discover…


And you?


Napoleon Hill mentioned in his book Think and Grow Rich that fear of death is one of the six basic fears that hinder our society


I guarantee you that If you choose to believe that Death is Life in Disguise, you will add a great spice to your life: peace.


What do you choose?


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