Gratitude Detoxifies your Existence

“It’s so late!! I’m never going to get there on time! Come on you rubbish of a car! START!!!”

“Oh… Why is it so that my nose is so big? Why can’t I have a normal nose? I need to change this nose of mine! Nobody will love me if I stay like this!!! Mom! Why did you bring me like this to this nonsense world?”

“This is not fair. She got the job when truly, I deserve that position. Come on. It’s obvious! It is clear that she has some good relationships that got her there! Why is life so unfair?”

Just from writing these imaginary scenes if feel stressed! It is such a heavy feeling, to immerse myself in situations that are giving me the free ticket to anger, jealousy and frustration.

Can you sense what the common denominator in all of them is? Exactly. Lack of gratitude.

What would happen if you reversed each situation into:

“My sweet little first car. I know I should have taken you to the mechanic yesterday when I had the time. I chose to take it easy and read that interesting book…although you had given me the alert yesterday when the red light turned on telling me about something not being right. Ok. I take full responsibility now. Let me take a deep breath in and think what can I do now…thank you God for the privilege of me owning a car…”

“Everybody says that I have a big nose. I wonder how it feels to them not to understand the importance of having a nose! Without it we wouldn’t be able to breathe! Gosh my nose! I just so love you! What a miracle you are! You naturally take in the air that my miraculous respiratory system will then separate into essential oxygen, exhaling the human-toxic carbon dioxide. Thank you my nose, I truly honor you and thank God for this amazing gift…”

“…oh, I really thought I would have taken that job. I wonder what did I do wrong that she was the one appointed and not I? Well. This is a great lesson. I will now talk to myself and see where to start from. I need to read more and go and ask her if I can be of any service to her. I am so glad for her. She must be feeling so happy! Great!…”

Now I feel much better. Putting this grateful imagery in my mind is truly very empowering… Ahhhh. I feel inspired, motivated… I feel thankful.

Each time you have limiting thoughts your mind orders your brain to emit toxic chemicals which go into your blood stream and intoxicate you. In the same way, when your imagery contains only constructive thoughts, your brain emits liberating chemicals that enhance your system. And the medium by which you can train yourself to produce this happiness chemicals is GRATITUDE.

Train yourself to feel immense gratitude for whatever you have, and avoid even focusing on what you don’t have.

One good technique is to eliminate the DON’T… In your life

What will telling yourself ‘Don’t think pink’ bring you? That’s right. The image of PINK

Instead, tell yourself: “Think purple”

Do you feel the difference?