Be Happy, and Stay Happy, No Matter What!

It seems to be that the word happiness, like all words really, has many different meanings, depending on the connotation each one gives to it.


So I am not going to say what is happiness. I will say what is happiness to me.


It is that feeling of completion. That feeling of not needing any proof that I am safe and thankful, no matter what. And the complete certitude that if “tragedy” happens, it is because a greater fortune than that “tragedy” will propel me to grow. It will be tempting to want to nag when “tragedy” hits. However, the faith that allows me to KNOW that everything is perfect just the way it is will take me through the “rough” times in an effortless effort while gratitude will be the catalyzer fixing the whole 'mix' resulting in happiness NO MATTER WHAT.


For me, the following points will get me out of the nagging temptation:

Be thankful. Appreciate what you have and don't focus on what you don't have. -appreciate your body. -appreciate that you have healthy legs and you can walk. -appreciate that you can hear the birds chirp. -appreciate that you can smell the freshness of your meal. -appreciate that you can enjoy the texture of your skin when you caress it.


Stay connected with Higher Source -talk to yourself regularly -appreciate your self: daily register your successes -thank yourself for acknowledging your mistake as a lesson to improve. Take action towards that improvement and move on. -realize that the best way to thank God for all your bounties is by loving your most dedicated friend first: YOURSELF.


Be TolerantNever take things personal by granting others the same freedom that you have to think the way they want. Keep your cup empty at all times by listening with an open heart without needing to be right.


Forgive. If you are not yet capable of the above, FORGIVE for whatever you chose to consider as an offense against you. Forgive yourself if you are not yet capable of accepting yourself just the way you are.


Live in the NowYesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not yet here. You have only the present moment. Make out of every “ordinary” moment an extraordinary one by truly thanking your every single second. Die alive…


Go the Extra MileAlways give the best that you can give in every possible way; this will make you feel happy with yourself and so, feel aligned with High Source; now you will be aware that happiness is with in you.


Apply the Golden RuleTreat others the way you would like to be treated -be kind -appreciate others achievements -celebrate others' success -no nagging, gossiping, procrastinating.


JUST BELIEVETotal faith will get you there.Sit back. Feel the perfection that you are. Be! SMILE!


Happiness is truly at the base of all success. You start BEING HAPPY (in alignment with you and yourself) and from that position of “I feel good” you take action towards the completion of your dreams.


Just recently I was in Dubai and heard Sheikh Mohamed's government summit speech last February 11, 2013: His Highness the Ruler of Dubai stressed that the aim of the Government Summit is to achieve happiness for the UAE society by working on developing education and justice for all and to create jobs for young people.


His Highness also said: “We are an authority for the people and we are not an authority over them, managers at any department are there to ensure happiness of the people and ease their lives by helping them complete a transaction without delay.” His Highness confirmed his words by saying citizens come first, second and third.


So, if you have had the chance to visit Dubai and feel the success it lives in, you too, will say, Dubai makes me smile.


Be a happiness ambassador. Spread the happiness contagion, create peace!


Be happy and stay happy NO MATTER WHAT!


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