Inspired in Dubai…again

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Gloria! Have you registered? Shall I pass by to pick you up?”

So says regularly my lovely fairy-maker Aicha enticing me to join her in one of the many events that inspire the residents in Dubai daily.


Today it was the turn to be wowed, again, by the government of Dubai… And I smile.


Today in Dubai Internet City where all the Broadcasting giants like CNN, MBC, Google etc. are concentrated, I witnessed yet another great way in which Dubai pampers and nurtures its citizens: members of the community are offered the opportunity to present their services in several hour slots.
For free? Of course not! The price is to “magichize” Dubai giving to its citizens a great opportunity to grow and expand, contributing to making Dubai the happiest city in the world. These are the intentions expressed by Sheikh Mohammed, our Dubai ruler and to me, the most active world role model in the world.


Wherever you go one can feel this commitment from Sheikh Mo, as we foreign residents respectfully call him, to simply serve. He says it so beautifully in his book Flashes of Thought:


-“Good governance is about nothing more or less than creating happiness. It really is that simple.”


So if you are reading these words which are flowing out of my extremely thankful heart, do something to know more about this beautiful part of the world.


Maybe you could, whenever you read something negative about the Middle East, filter what you read and where you read it. And as well, be conscious that a slight stain of tomato sauce on the beautiful white tablecloth in a vast buffet doesn’t mean that the whole tablecloth is stained!

Focus on the beauty in everything and the Universe will focus on the beauty within you! It’s that simple!
And… what on Earth does a stain in a white tablecloth have to do with feeling inspired in Dubai?


Well… you are right, nothing. It has to do only with the perception of things, which is what is responsible for our happiness…or not. If you watch the news and as usual, they are hammering on the horror stories going on around the world…WAR IN SYRIA (tomato stain on the white tablecloth), DROWNED IMMIGRANTS (soda stain), TSUNAMI KILLS THOUSANDS (chocolate sauce stain)… does not mean that the tablecloth (Life on Earth) is all stained (only disasters)… it simply means that you are allowing to be drawn to choose feeling that the whole world is a disaster…that the whole tablecloth is stained…when in reality, it has only three stains that can hardly be seen at bird’s view…


So, what do you choose? From what point of view do you want to see it? Do you choose focusing only on the stains, or do you want to feel so happy seeing the whiteness of the tablecloth, eager to wash it in a beautiful choice of constructive, clear action so that  there are no stains left to see?


As for me, I want to thank Ms. Setpal for the great job she does as Head of the Community Services in Internet City and to today’s speakers from “Simply Excel Online” who taught us today how to improve and apply our digital knowledge.


They are yet another great part of the Whiteness of the Tablecloth, another great way to be in Dubai, and feel inspired, at all times.


Wa Alhamdullilah….

When are allowing yourself to be inspired in/by Dubai?


Come! Let us smile together!
Please do come and share with me your inspiring moments…and let me share with you a short e-book on How I Smile in Dubai. Simply contact me at


Happyliciously celebrating life no matter what!

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