It is the Kindest Who is the Fittest…



The Imam calls for Prayer in Dubai


It is 4:04 am; according to the Gregorian human-made calendar it is  a lovely young day of June in year “2016”.


I wake up in my Dubai home as I still see Mr. Night-Darkness prevail as It kindly greets Mr. Rising Sun and changes shifts allowing the Day to be born again in this part of the world…


I love to realize that in Mexico Mr. Night-Darkness is king while in China, where my sweet daughter Sarita must be now in a classroom learning about how the Chinese communicate in Mandarin, Mr. Night-Darkness has been completely taken over by Mr. Sun since it is almost noon there.


In this everywhere-and-nowhereness I love to feel how neither past-nor-future really exist. Neither here-nor-there; we only have the Now…


In this Now I so feel just how beautiful we all are. How inspiring it is to know that all creatures are part of us and vice-versa! It is so liberating to know that kindness and compassion allow for mutual service and understanding… And that those times in which we feel overwhelmed, confused or “down” are truly of great service if we allow them to simply be wake-up calls.


Wake up calls to this reality:


…it is the kindest who is the fittest…


Applying this wisdom to yourself is the only true responsibility that you have.


When you are kind to yourself, especially in those moments of overwhelm, you are then and only then, allowing clarity to reign.


When you admit that unknown situations that make you feel contracted are part of this fiesta called life, and you welcome them in all gratitude even if you don’t understand them (the loss of your job or home; the passing away of a beloved one; the news of a disease affecting your body…), you are giving yourself the chance to stay calm and do nothing. Now you can hear that Whisper within… Telling you which way to go as you allow for your steady and grateful breath to remind you just how beautiful Life is…just how beautiful we-including yourself- are.


Sometimes I wake up with a knot in my tummy… Feeling anxiety for no reason. My breath might become shallow. And the spontaneous smile in my heart is still sleeping.


In these cases I take a deep breath in and ask myself what is this sense of heaviness wanting to tell me? I lay on my back and place my hands on my abdomen.


I then focus on those three great best friends that have supported me and will continue to support my each and every breath until I transcend to the next level:


  •    Mrs. Lungs
  •    Mrs. Heart
  •    Mrs. Veins and Arteries
Ahhhhh. Each time I greet these three alegres comadres (cheerful god-mothers) I can’t but smile in deep gratitude.


And so, I again feel inspired by the miraculous harmony and perfection in which Mrs. Lungs inhales the air allowing only the oxygen to enter the Body System to then cheerfully send it to Mrs. Heart:


-“…hey Mrs. Heart! Let the fun continue! Here goes another gush of oxygen for you to pump it through Mrs. Veins and Arteries to the whole body of Gloria
Yeyyyy!!! Another great breath to let her know just how unconditionally we live and love her because of her admiration and dedication to us!”


Once I am engaging in this gratitude attitude, the feeling of heaviness diminishes until it’s gone.


Now I am ready to take action, from this new window of I feel good. 


It is then when I realize that either:


  •     You or one of my beloved ones is going through a challenge
  •     Or that I have an unfinished matter to complete
  •     Or that my body is asking me to slow down and give it more sleep or more time in Nature. 

More Me Time
Yes. I do have my ups and downs. However I have learned to take them as learning experiences. Especially the ones that come from not understanding you my sweet daughter. Those times in which I allow myself to “feel offended” because I wish you were closer to how I think and so, in the name of being your mother, I give myself the right to be angry at you for being so “not me”…


I thank you for all your patience sweet daughter in such cases, for it is that patience which sometimes erupts into frustration and anger that is the inspiring fuel that allows me to stay calm and do nothing…just Flow in the Now.


We are now experiencing the Holy Month of Ramadan in Dubai. A month in which not only Muslims choose to fast in the name of this patience, understanding, giving, accepting, team-work…values that truly “glue” us all together in the desire to slow down within…realizing that this slowness actually guides us to continue to reach peace within faster


Wa alhamdullilah.


Ramadan Kareem!


May we carry this spirit of kindness and gratitude at every breath all through our days.


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