JUST BE. The Retreat

There is nothing to do, nowhere to go, just Be


Welcome back!


It is a great pleasure to greet you again on this happiest platform.


We started last May with the program “The Language of a Happy Life”, and then continued with the program “The Inner Technology, What is going on my brain?”, sharing online in detail the way I have been enticing others successfully how to decide to be happy and stay happy even in the most challenging times, thanks to the happiness hormones that are secreted in our body when we are in state of awe.


Now it’s the time to announce the retreat happening at Villas Xichu Happiness Holistic Center; the time to share and experience together this ability we all have to remember just how beautiful we all are.


Read more, for the details. Stay tuned for the dates.



Just Be. The Retreat


If being busy being-busy gives you results reaching your challenging goals, try just being…


You will be amazed, flowing beyond the Beyond as you Glow in total Awe.



About the Facilitator Gloria


I will die alive and never again live dead…”


Mexican born Gloria describes herself as a happinizing dreamer, mother, daughter, interpreter, happiness consultant, happiness ambassador, writer, speaker, entrepreneur, lover, wife and friend (also yours) who is completely out of her mind and walks in the path of the NOW.


Having lived in personal confusion the first 15 years of her life, she sickened her body significantly as she felt she didn’t want to live and was convinced she was a loser.


Her passion is to entice others to decide to be happy and stay happy no matter what by Contagion, and not by teaching nor preaching while sharing her life experience after her awakening to happiness; this brought her to just be and flow, provoking a superb lifestyle beyond her wildest dreams:
    • At age 15 she had an aha moment that leads her to understand she was living in the “poor me” life perspective, provoking an unhealthy, anxiously fearful lifestyle
    • At age 16 she was coached into the path of gratitude and appreciation towards her Source-given body,  realising the beauty in nature was present also within her
    • At age 16 she got out of dis-ease into our natural state of being: health, wealth and wellbeing; now she was living in the “great me” life perspective
    • At age 18 she was happily living in Europe learning languages
    • At age 21 she became financially independent supporting her studies of Japanese Language and Psychology  in Tokyo, Japan
    • At age 23 she founded Globel Worldwide Interpreting Services in Düsseldorf, Germany (she spoke 6 languages at that time)
    • At age 29 she reached her goal of speaking 10 languages by the age of 30
    • At age 29 she met her beloved spouse Ibrahim and married him within the month…being happiestly married for 34 years now
    • At age 38 and 40 she became a Mom
    • At age 42 she founded- without knowing– what is today Villas Xichu Happiness Holistic Center in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
    • At age 57 she became a writer, speaker, a happiness consultant  and a happiness ambassador established also in Dubai
    • At age 58 she published her second book Spiritual Orgasms, vivid encounters in the Now
    • At age 58 she became a member of the CEO Clubs in Dubai 
    • At age 63 she was awarded as the Global Happiness Ambassador in London Dorchester Hotel by the CEO Burj Awards
    • She continues to rejoice in the path of happiness, developing new workshops and retreats in constant evolution like her latest program: The Inner Technology, choosing happiness while being aware of what is going on in your brain
    • On March 16-24, 2018, her Villas Xichu Happiness Holistic Center will hold the Happiness Fest and Just Be Retreat founded by Luis Gallardo, founder also of the first World Happiness Summit in Miami in 2017
    • Gloria is in constant state of Awe, seeing only extraordinariness in everything that surrounds her


Gloria knows that you too, with the aid of what she calls the Inner Technology, can help you provoke the lifestyle of your dreams; in so doing you will also be a contagious happinizer, stopping wars by Simple Happiness Contagion.


By simply being.




What is Happiness?
Happiness is the ability to decide to be grateful especially in times of adversity.


Who is this retreat for?


This retreat is intended for the Earthling in you who wants to remember happiness as our natural state of being by following the steps of gratitude towards Nature. Mother Nature has already decided to be happy; she is our biggest teacher by example. We only need to observe and live her in the Now.




The Human Body


Your body is the temple of your soul


    • We, earthlings, have the ability to consciously decide
    • As such,  we can become aware that the only and most important possession we have is our body
    • Without a body we are not earthlings; we are not of Mother Earth. Hence in this retreat, we will make a very strong emphasis on the function of our body in our choice for happiness



The Soul


A “Drop” of Source within you…


  • Honing your ability to be in a state of Awe is essential
  • Gratitude is the ability to feel awe
  • Appreciation is applied gratitude
  • Applied gratitude has a direct happinizing effect on the human brain through secretion of endorphins while feeling in awe
  • Gratitude can be developed at will
  • Applied Kindness, compassion, tolerance, joy are all consequences of feeling grateful; they are the vehicles towards developing your sense of gratitude



The Four Pillars of the Happiness Retreat


Pillar One

Decide to be Happy

Happiness is the best service you can give to the world because it is contagious.



Preparing your body to choose happiness



  • Choose consciously what you ingest while nourishing your body with mindful appreciation
  • Sleep enough knowing your body rejuvenates during a much-deserved rest
  • Move your body consciously appreciating the unconditional service it gives you at all times
  • Hydrate your body knowing that the best Water is the one you respect (Masaru Emoto)
  • Listen to music that enhances your quietness and calm, with positive lyrics and harmonising sounds
  • If you are fond of TV or Videos, watch peaceful, beautiful, humorful and kind films, or better not at all…



Preparing the soul-body balance in order to choose happiness


    • Choose a ritual that makes you feel and be mindful
    • Choose a specific time of the day and a spot in your space to “talk to yourself” consistently
    • Surround your space with sounds, smells, and visuals that make you feel good
    • Wear comfortable, not tight, clean clothes
    • Smile
    • Give yourself permission to be fully present. This is YOUR time, the best investment you an make


Choosing Happiness: recognize where you are



There is no right nor wrong. Just different.


  • Do you really want to be happy?
  • Do you truly want to feel ✌️ peace, harmony and contentment!?
  • Do you want to feel a sense of belonging?
  • Do you want to have fun and celebrate your life?
  • Are you busy just being busy?
  • Are anxiety, stress, sickness, lack, fear constantly in your living room?
  • Are you blaming, criticizing, judging, feeling Life is unfair?
  • Are you longing for what you don’t have and not appreciating what you do have?


The Language of a Happy Life


  • Be aware of the way you speak following the I-feel-good GPS
  • Avoid the viruses of the Language of a Happy Life which make you feel not good
  • Apply the antidotes as the best tools to take you towards the life of your preference in the direction of “I feel good”. Not that of your spouse, parents, friends. YOUR PREFERENCE.
  • Activate the awareness of the inner technology:
    • live in fear and you will provoke the stress hormone to poison you constantly
    • live with gratitude and you will provoke the release of the happiness hormones to send you into health, wealth and wellbeing.



The way you speak determines the perspective through which you see life

We are what we think…




Hugging is living!

  • Allow for skinship to bond you with others and vice-versa
  • Now that you use only the antidotes when you speak, you have remembered that you are happiness itself





Pillar Two

Staying  Happy


Realize at all times the miracle that you (we) are. 


  • Appreciate that from having not been here at all before birth, now you are 100 % here
  • Go to sleep mindfully, appreciating your amazing body and its unconditional service to you
  • Recall what acts of kindness you did during the day before sleeping. If none come to your mind, get up and do something kind
  • Wake up at 5 am mindfully thanking each part of your body for yet another day of life, enjoying the services rendered to you in such an unconditional manner
  • Trick your brain into producing endorphins by engaging as much as possible on the bright side of things especially in times of challenge
  • Using the inner technology free yourself naturally from any guilt or victim feelings


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When you allow the love of Source to permeate your divine Gift (body) conversing with yourself in admiration, kindness and gratitude 🙏 , you remember automatically that you are happiness itself.





Pillar Three

Happiness no matter what!


Everything is perfect just the way it is and everybody is good.


  • Now your morning and night rituals keep you Connected and in constant state of appreciation (Awe)
  • Now you constantly ask yourself in challenging times: What is going on in my brain? Am I producing endorphins?
  • Now you know that everything is perfect as it is
  • Now you know that everybody is good. Just like you and me, allowing yourself to have an excellent relationship with everyone
  • Now you are not “offendable” since you always apply tolerance and compassion
  • Now you know that remembering that you are happiness is the best service you can give to the world because it is contagious
  • Now you know that Adversity is only a lesson to make us grow because it hones our ability to stay in gratitude, hence provoking the natural secretion of endorphins even in times o challenge
  • Now you just know that there is nothing to know. Freedom!




Flow and Glow; feel in everyone and everything the greatness within the we-in-you and just Be



Pillar Four

Just Believe


Mystery and Faith go hand in hand


  • How am I where I am?
  • Relationships; the Power of together we are better
  • I know that everyone is good
  • I know that everything is perfect as is
  • My health is unconditional
  • My actions are congruent with my preferences in total integrity
  • My dreams are not negotiable
  • My passion is my life purpose
  • Miracles happen daily
  • There is no ordinariness; everything is extraordinary
  • There is nothing to do, nowhere to go, just Be
  • Be-do-have is the essential order of a balanced existence
  • I just believe
  • I know I am a happiness Contagion




 I am a perfect instrument in the Hands of Source. My dreams are not negotiable  and are supported by Source in this Just-Beingness




Together we are better!!


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Ahhhhh…living the extraordinary in all the ordinary in the Now…join Source!


Where? When? December 15-17, 2017 at Villas Xichu


 Join us December 15 to December 17; accommodation on Thursday December 14 is on the house. Arrive one day before the retreat and get acquainted with your villa, the gardens and the greatness within you.
The workshop starts on Friday at 4 pm, to conclude on Sunday at 1 pm.
For more information contact me at:
  • Whatsapp +971559748860
  • Email: happiestgloria@gmail.com




16-24 March 2018: The Happiness Fest in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Join us for the Happiness Fest in our Villas Xichu, San Miguel de Allende in Mexico 🇲🇽 from 16-18 March 2018. Then join the Retreat from 19-24 March. More details to come.


happinessFestivel poster 5v2The happiness festival


Come share and care, flow and glow in this magnificent event founded by Luis Gallardo, founder of BE.


Together we are certainly better…and we enjoy life exponentially more!

There is no right nor wrong, there is only a point of view

Listen, just listen and acknowledge the joy within you! Villas Xichu is waiting for you!


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