Living the Spirit of the Union

National day 2


I recall as if it were yesterday when I arrived to Dubai for the third time, invited by Dubai One TV to present the book that wrote me. 


At that same time the Literature Festival was going on, so that I had the immense joy to participate in the five day impeccably organized event, meeting voracious readers and prolific writers as well as students and teachers. 


As the event finished, my wonder tank was so full that I had to go within myself in silence to sort of digest all the magnificence I had just experienced. 


I sat on the grass just outside the venue, overlooking the horizon which appeared to be painted on the sky along with the numerous buildings including her majesty Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. 


Sitting on the grass was my personal way to allow our Mother Earth to caress me. And while feeling her energy, my eyes observed a brooming-man whose sole job was to keep the place spotless (and it was!). 


I continued to observe with my heart, realizing how the outdoor railings were shining as if they were new. No lamp bulb was missing…flowers here and there in absolute care were smiling inviting me to immerse myself into the Magic of Life. 


Breathing profoundly and in awe, Gratitude took over me as my thoughts went to my admired spouse who has always supported my every step, no matter if near or far. 


All of a sudden I remembered a video I had seen a week or so before in which our founder Sheikh Zayed, God bless his soul, was uniting the emirates in a passionate way that even now makes my soul shake, saying with all his might: 


“If it is good for my people it is good for me!”


I noticed I had tears in my eyes and goosebumps announced that my fifty trillion cells were dancing at unison…the spirit of the Union had taken over me. 


Union. What is it if not you and I TOGETHER…in a cause geared to serve in team work, surfing on the wave of excellence, integrity, innovation, creativity and fun?


As those words echoed again and again  within me, I could literally feel Sheikh Zayed who had long left his body! But his magic is around, as his descendants continue the same route. 


That was in 2013. My intention was to go back to Lebanon where I was happily residing as my kids were being educated there…however the Magic had different plans for me. 


I heard within me a voice say in a firm but kind tone:


“Start a keep on keeping on campaign!”


Startled however feeling the authority of the voice, I remember saying to myself: “Start a campaign? How does one do that? I can’t even find my keys! How can I start a campaign?”


However the voice ignored me completely and ‘said’:


Start from Dubai to the world!


And this is how after a lot of consulting and keeping-on, three months later I had the website, with the sole purpose of enticing others to decide to be happy and stay happy no matter what! By example. Not by teaching nor preaching. 


That same year our Mentor and Dubai Ruler Sheikh Mohammed published his book “Flashes of Thought”, stating that the Government’s job was to make the residents happy and that whoever wanted to leave a creative mark in the UAE he said “TAKE THE STAGE!”

This is the spirit of the Union which continues to shine almost half a century after Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid, God bless their souls, united the seven emirates. 


I feel so blessed to be now a resident of Dubai, while bringing wherever I go the amazing lessons that we learn in a country like the UAE. 


Yes. The Keep on Keeping On Campaign truly needs not to be started. Just continued. Together. Following what our ancestors started generations and generations ago, and that our descendants will continue for generations to come. 


If you are not yet aware of Dubai and the UAE, I invite you to google it and come visit! A country in which everything works in total harmony and peace. Safety is in the air and respect for each other rules, regardless of the numerous religions, creeds, nationalities and occupations that make for the diversity that Dubai is. 


December 2 marks the 45th year of uniting the Emirates. And every year with more passion and success as this year a Happiness Ministry and a Tolerance ministry have been appointed. 


Thank you Life for giving the world a mentor-country like the UAE in which its rulers have kept on keeping on in that Spirit of the Union. 


Together we are better. 


Are you ready to keep on keeping on in this direction?


Wa alhamdullilah. 



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