What is Love?

create in constant motion

Welcome Back!


It is a pleasure to have you back in this happinizing platform, where we share everything that makes us happy and not- so -happy in order to figure out how we can, through what I call  the inner technology principles, we can provoque our health, wealth and well-being, becoming highly contagious in the process.


The Wow! feeling


And again ahhh…

Feeling. Feeling. Feeling…

What a concentration of cell expansion…

Sitting at the beach, loading the Data out there as I am in state of Flow…

The incredible flow of creative energy nurturing our every “Now” is always singing 🎤 within me.

THE VOICE… expansion…the mirror of ALHAMDULLILAH… in the Language of no language… gracias, grazzie, shukran, Danke, thank you, arigato,  kamzanmida, shukria, teshekurederem…

Just believing…

Appreciating my every beat, my every breath, my every cell…

Feeling the Oneness of the universe…

Feeling the amazingly unimaginable vastness of our Creator… a miraculous Source that just creates in constant motion…

Create in constant motion. This is love.

To create in constant motion.

And that’s what we do. Whether near or far.

Sleeping or awake

Here or there.

Just be…


Just Being…or Just Wanting to Be?

It is so overwhelming when we want to understand in a logical way what is life? Why do things happen to me, why cant I ever be lucky enough…who am I?


And yes, it is a never ending quest…questions will always be there.


I know this from my own experience. I just know that the more I asked, the more questions I had, and the more confused I got…



Asking…wanting to know why? How? Where is the Water??


Please!!! tell me where is the Water 💦????


You are swimming in it! You have been swimming in it all along!!


Yes! Yes! Now I get it! Ahhh… I am a pencil in the hand of Source…

It is not about me, it is through me!


Always in Connection… guided in full communion

as long as I don’t negotiate with my values and dreams


Feeling the godliness within everything and anything,

starting from my 50 trillion cells…woooww..


Understanding that it is I, through fearful thoughts and emotions

which shut the intercellular space in my body, who prevents the Light to flow within me…


Becoming a slave of my fears…what if? I have to… I should have… I can’t!!!


To realize that when I am open to gratitude, especially in those very challenging times, then I am consciously allowing that Connection to just be through the collective consciousness…


Thank you my dearest fabulous brain!! For now I know that gratitude is

the mechanism that makes you send me into an endorphinated mode…

Health, wealth and wellbeing is what I am.

What we are… when we just allow…

Just be…

Thank you 🙏 all Earthlings…

Together we flow, and glow…

What do you choose?

Will you keep on asking, like the fish, where the water is??

Or will you stop seeking and liberate yourself from boundaries!

Let us know by adding your comments here under!

Together we are better!


  1. Just Being…or Just Wanting to Be?

    Like the fish looking for the water , when our mind is focused on what might happen or could happen, rather than what is actually happening right now, in chasing after the future, we miss out on the present.

    Whenever we are tempted to forget where we are and who we are, we lose the joy of the now.

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