Love Your Audience: Ron Kaufman’s Inspiring Message



“I was the  Kid with the big mouth

A natural Boy Scout cheer leader

I liked the microphone sound

When my voice would be the cheer-Er


I grew into educating adults in freezbe

To get them into a good mood

Physically involved I’d get them to be

Getting them with Self to be understood


Singapore invited me 25 years ago

When I was just as young as thirty

To bring the country to its next go

With Singapore Airlines service-thirsty


I was blessed to have been tied

With my own passion and gifts

Being a perfectionist, I won’t lie

While teaching my audience service to lift


I found myself in front of a huge crowd

OMG what am I about to go through?

And as my tummy as a tornado howled

I felt the fear and spoke right through!


I tied up many of my People stories

And made out of that my speech

Everyone else smiling with their stories

As Perfectionist-Me saw only that one gleech.


125 flights I took only last one year

Dedicating my soul to sharing my knowledge

At all times giving the best I can my dear

In order to push others to their edge


So today I have the chance to speak to the MEPSA crowd

Telling them how now I do get 40.000 per keynote speech

To entice them to choose fame or just be

A guru and live your life as you please


Uplifting Service is the last book that wrote me

By the Knowledge acquired in the many years of passionate service to others

Finally I can say I’m not an author by fraud

But a true authority with the author inside”


All this and more did our Ron say tonight

Getting into my soul at every breath of my mind

Feeling compelled to thank the Divine

For the great opportunity to soul-dance with this man


He gives his advise from the center of his being

Saying that it is key to love you audience in so doing

In fact he went through our websites before addressing his talk

Now it was evident how much he walks his talk!


Thrilled, educated, entertained and touched

I want to express my feelings at my core

There is no way you could love us that much

Without loving yourself so much more


Thank you dear Ron, that active young boy

For having stayed that passionate little guy

Who now goes around traveling the world

From business to business giving advise, oh my!


It doesn’t stop here may I say out loud?

Ron never stops being just that little boy cheering the crowds

He lights up at the thought of the daughter of his spouse

Showing us passionately her picture majestically proud


How do you manage to be a perfectionist man

And stay so genuinely just a simple guy?

That is the main lesson I learned today

Oh yes, it’s possible to love yourself first!


Love your audience you told us all

In order to be successful in the speaking brand

The only way to get there I magnify and don’t delete

Is loving yourself and staying so grand


You have uplifted my being Ron!


Here under I am using a graphic (genial courtesy of  Thaslim) to explain what I understood from Ron’s very WNE words (wise and entertaining). Do contact me if you have any questions.




build a powerful public identity

Thank you for this life-changing experience Ron!

And you? How do you uplift your self in order to be able to uplift others?

Read Ron’s book, it is guaranteed to make you fly!



with Ron

With Ron Kaufman at MEPSA Speakers Event

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