Loving Adversity…

Whenever I feel the weight of contraction affecting the flow of peace in me I automatically know that I am in the “fertilizing mode”.


Oh, I should have done X… Why is it that I can’t keep up with my schedule? Why I am doing this wrong, again???”


And the temptation to grow desperate and plunge into the pool of guilt starts to want to grow.


Does this sound familiar?


What to do?


I immediately recognize the situation and remember the words of a wise man:

“There are only two kinds of problems:

  • The ones that we have and
  • The ones we don’t have!”


And I ask myself with great self compassion:


Relax Gloria… take a deep breath in… what are you nagging about? It is time to identify the situation. What am I going to think so that my feelings create the command to my brain to produce endorphins?”


And this is when I come back into the present moment and gratefully Just Breathe.


Yes. Just breathe. Just allow a break in my thoughts and simply go into total appreciation mode of my respiratory system with laser focus:


  • “Thank you my sweet Lungs for having filtered the oxygen in the air into my Heart all these years non stop since the very day I was born…


  • Thank you my dearest Heart for having pumped continuously and without failure that precious gas into my blood vessels nurturing every single part of my Divine Vehicle, my one-and-only Body.


  • Thank you my lovely Arteries and Veins for the never-ending miraculous performance of oxygenating every single cell in my body…”


Ahhhh! By now I can feel clearly the return of peace in my system. The regression of cortisol becomes evident as my contraction slowly turns into expansion, and the production of endorphins allows me once again to stay in our natural mode: the Now.


Again, I can clearly say: “Wow! I choose to have the kind of problem that I don’t have!”


Now I am again ready to take proactive action since I can see clearly a bright side: take action from the window of the Now; from the window of I feel good.


Not from the window of the yesterday that will definitely confuse me by bringing scenes of victimization or anger while remembering  past “muddy” moments.


Not from the window of the tomorrow making me doubt, allowing the all-time villain “What If” to cloud my decisions.


Yes from the grateful Now that recognizes how immensely fortunate I am to have such a miraculous and amazing body, which enables me to enjoy life as an Earthling…


Now, thanking God, that Force of Life that Creates in Constant Movement, for my every Breath, I am ready to Create… and just Be.


Ahhhh… Yes. When adversity is around I know it’s the time to be grateful (the most effective endorphin-producing agent) by gratefully concentrating on just breathing.


And before I know, I thank God for the kind of problem that I don’t have. And I smile…


And you? What do you do when adversity comes? What kind of problem do you choose?


Here are some tips that work beautifully for me to train yourself into the gratitude attitude:


  • Every morning when you wake up and every night before you sleep think about three things you appreciate and allow that gratifying image to permeate your every cell. Smile…


  • As those images invade you, allow yourself to smile consciously, and tell yourself: “Thank you sweet Body for your daily and constant support”; still while closing your eyes  vehemently thank your six senses for their remarkable contribution to your existence. Smile…


  • Now that you are in the Now, allow the influx of those images that will most definitely guide you into Creativity in total Flow. Smile…


  • Now you are ready to slowly slowly realize how Mrs. Adversity is virtual. You can decide to see the problem as the kind that you have, or the kind that you don’t have.


While breathing let us thank our miraculous body!


Enjoy choosing celebration no matter what!



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