How I came from “Poor Me” to “Great Me”…

I am now in Mexico City, two weeks away from my last newsletter, still thanking my sweet AP (accountability partner) Camie for her ‘wake-up push” to bring me into “time” and stay with you regularly.


I am thrilled to attend today Dr. Joe Dispenza’s two day Progressive Workshop which is dedicated exactly to the same topic: how to break with the habit of being yourself…meaning  how to get to the true great you…


Is it a coincidence that exactly today I had “scheduled” myself to share my experience you ? No. It is what my vision of sharing this happiness (that natural state of being that we all are) with you has provoked. My vision of seeing me sharing with you this great truth that brought me into freedom provoked this. 


And I keep on appreciating all these miracles. One at a time.


When I was a kid I had it all figured out: “My parents don’t love me. They keep on saying how much I am good for nothing. And nothing of what I do, no matter how hard I try, ever seems to please them.”


Aggghhhhh. How I felt I did not want to live.


This thought became the center of my life, sending me into extreme fear of those very strict parents that always seemed to have harsh words for me to “wake up to my stupidity.


This is what I call “The Power of Poor Me“.


It makes you tell yourself just how ugly, incapable, too much of this and too little of that, stupid, unworthy…etc. you are.


And what happens here? Your brain receives the signal: “Danger!! Danger!! Dinosaur and tigers in the vicinity! Release the stress hormone so this body can escape or fight!!”


And the brain does its magnificent work. And the stress hormones start firing…


Except for the fact that we are not in the cave times, and we need not fight nor escape. However we create these dinosaurs and tigers and let them live in our bedrooms, living rooms, everywhere we go…


I did that without even knowing, like I know now…


So I sent myself into contraction, first with severe stomach aches, then with sinus problems, to finally come into epilepsy…


I was only 11 years old…


A tragedy? Not really. Now I know. But then I didn’t know…and it was not fun…


It was a safety valve mechanism for my body to react to all those imaginary dangers created by my conviction that I AM NOTHING AND NOBODY LOVES ME.


Ahhhh. Lonely, depressing, empty times.


One day, while I was at hospital because of tonsil extraction, my father came into my room. He was, to me, a giant I was so afraid of. I would always be waiting for a roar to fix my stupidity…


This time it was different though. This time he was holding a bottle of my preferred juice; for me. I remember clearly how I was so surprised asking myself:


“How does he know I love that juice? He doesn’t love me…”


And in that absorption in which things seemed to roll in very slow motion, I saw, no, I felt a tear come from my father’s eyes, FOR ME


Oh my God Gloria. Dad is crying for you. He does love you. He does love you!!!”


And that was the tipping point, the moment in which doubt attacked my conviction that I was nothing. That was the time in which I realized: “Gloria, have you invented a whole story? A story that has kept you in a self imposed dark and lonely cage?


I was fifteen. Yes, deep down I was Eager to be the Happiness that we all are, however never allowing the Light in me to shine… Never allowing the words of kindness that we all are to talk me out of that self imposed hell.


But that day I decided to listen to myself.


Now, slowly slowly, I chose to listen to my parents story of their childhood. Now I understood that they thought that such a “military” education was the only way to raise me strong.


I understood that criticizing others and myself was poisonous, and instead chose to appreciate. And wow, did this feel good!!!


Now that clarity was slowly and consistently coming back to me, stress reduced and health came back!


Now I could clearly see that judging others and self was extremely detrimental…so I replaced that action for listening to others’ point of view…realizing that there was no wrong nor right, simply different.


Now I was capable of allowing others and most importantly, myself, to be myself; to be my Great Sefl!


I realized that my dreams were not negotiable…and I decreed which were my talents and my gifts…and I used them to fly and bring up with me whoever wanted to… And now I allowed others to bring me up with them and fly into new dimensions…


Ahhhh. Now I was free to be free…to understand with my soul and mind that everything is fine just the way it is and that everyone is good.


What liberty…


All of a sudden my life started escalating in a magical way. Health was my reality, wealth my best friend, wellbeing my state of being.


By age 21 I was financially independent while studying my sixth language, Japanese, in Tokyo, Japan…


By age 23 I had established my “Globel Worldwide Interpreting Services” office in Düsseldorf, Germany.


By age 29 I had manifested my goal of speaking 10 languages by age 30.


By age 29 also I recognized my soul partner, earthly companion and father of my kids, marrying him only two weeks after meeting him. It is now 33 years of This-is-it!


By age 38 and 40 I became a Mom.


By age 42 I became the founder of what now is Villas Xichu Happiness retreat center in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


By age 58 I became a happiness writer and a speaker.


In 2013 I landed in Dubai.


Absolutely impressed by the integrity and service-oriented vision of the founder of the Emirates, sheikh Zayed, as well as the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohamed (who declares that the mission of his government is to make the residents happy), I was drawn to stay.


And the universe conspired in a way that I became Gloria, the Happiness Ambassador…truly, I just REMEMBERED that.


We all are that: Happiness. We all are happiness ambassadors. We all only need to choose to remember…


How did I do it?

1- Once I realized I was not a victim, I allowed others to come and help me. I chose to Receive help from others.


2- A family member now told me that I was epileptic (I was not told by my parents) and that I could cure myself with the power of my mind.


3- I chose to believe.


4- I would talk daily to my body, from head to toe with kindness, appreciation and gratitude for all the services it had given me since the day I was conceived. Every night before sleeping and every morning upon waking up.


5- I allowed the loving answer of my body to myself to come during the above exercise; expansion in my cells created that feeling of wellbeing. Now my brain was sending no more “danger!” signals to my brain, but “all is fine!” do that happiness hormones were released creating more and more wellbeing in my experience…


6- Now naturally and spontaneously I would choose healthy foods, would drink more water and exercised my precious body regularly. Sleep was now a friend of mine. Ahhhhh…


7- I declared in my heart: “I have remembered that I am happiness just like everyone else.”


8- Now I know there is nothing to know. There is nothing I cannot be, do or have exactly in this order:






And not





Be. Just be…and I knew now what to do and the Universe would manifest what I chose to have.

Living in absolute gratitude is the Path to Identifying the Greatness in All and in Everything, starting by your own... It is the path to world peace, remembering your natural state of being: happiness...

Living in absolute gratitude is the Path to Identifying the Greatness in All and in Everything, starting by your own magnificence…
It is the path to world peace, remembering your natural state of being: happiness…



And you? What do you plan to choose?


With all my love, I salute you my sweet creator.


See you Sunday in two weeks! Do let me know if you have any comments or want to share your provoked reality.


Together we create better…


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