When I come to my most beloved Lebanon I open a door to a different dimension…


It is so very hard to explain. It is just so.


However the intense feeling of freedom and awe that makes me dream and feel inspired needs to be shared. Shared for you, yes for YOU to lighten up your mood and get rolling onto the trip towards Awareness.


The first thing that pops in my mind is resilience. Yes, if I had to describe Lebanon in one word, I would choose resilience…


This country has gone through earthquakes, invasions, civil wars, political unrest etc.  in a regular basis. Yet its bubbling nature is never compromised.


Yes, the streets and sidewalks are broken and there is weed popping out from everywhere. However that weed, too is showing resilience, smiling as she wakes up coming out from the cement.


“Good morning!” Says Miss Flowered-weed as she wears her majestic beauty with all confidence of Knowing that she is a perfect Creature of God…


Is she afraid to be stepped upon since she is on a human-cemented path?




Is she doubtful to come into Life-on-Mother-Earth because she is sprouting on a “dangerous” surface?




She just does. She just is. She just Lives


My ears follow a sound at the distance. It is a driller…piercing this sacred soil to build more homes for the ever increasing humans.



The Lebanese, somehow knowing how fertile their land is, simply throw the extracted soil they remove to build onto the forested valley…where trees seem to suffocate with the tons and tons of debris/soil that fall upon them…


But then, Mrs. Resilience shows up her face again as you see those buried forests sprout again right through the debris.


Or the incredible war stories, in which people congregated in their homes under bombs to enjoy meals together wearing their best clothes and opening those very special bottles of wine reserved to the great occasions….


So no. There is no excuse. No excuse at all to allow fear to stop you from just being and doing what your dreams passionately push you to do…unless of course, one chooses fear to be one’s  best friend and dip down into the victim-depth that one might be addictively enjoying.


As for me, I choose to simply live with all the colors and notes that God has provided for all of us to enjoy our life on Earth. Ahhhh… what an amazing feeling it is to live alive


And when the going gets crowded, filled with many amazing to-do’s, I come back to this haven, embracing the wisdom of the weed, the suffocated forests and the heartfelt hospitality of its people.



Thank you Lebanon.


Thank you Mrs. Resilience…Our teacher in disguise.


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