Should? Just Listen

  Hello from Croatia!   Welcome to The Language of a Happy Life Workshop, today focusing on the virus Should and its antidote Listen It is a delight for me to greet you from a country that has surprised me intensely... wowww...   I am here in a week of joy, where 60 of us united during the Yacht Week to celebrate life, friendship, nature... the … [Read more...]

No But!

We create the bubble we  live in according to our thoughts   Good Morning!   It is a pleasure for me to greet you from Dubai and wish you all a Ramadan Kareem Welcome back to the course The Language of a Happy Life!   If you are reading this, then we are in tune, walking together in this fun path that is this party called life is.   Maybe you're not … [Read more...]

I Listen to My Self

  Listen...Take a deep breath in and LISTEN to the most important person: yourself.   Yes, how many times have you pretended not to know... because it was more convenient to fake it...   Enough. Use the internal GPS that you were born with, and start living a totally free life! No stress, no anger, no guilts, no negative criticism. Pay attention to your body when it … [Read more...]

My Mistakes Are My Lessons

    Who ever said that making mistakes is a mistake?   If you think about it calmly, away from the drama, a mistake is just a measure which determines how much and how appropriate an action you are taking,   Just think about this: when you came to the world, you came to a completely unknown world to you… you started walking, however you fell many times before … [Read more...]

Talk to Yourself with Respect

When you mistreat yourself, it is truly the major damage you can do…hurting yourself with mean words such as: -  I am so stupid -  I can never do anything right! -  Who do I think I am? -  I am so ugly and fat -  There is no way I can succeed   you are simply affirming visualizations that will filter into your sub conscience, and you will end up BELIEVING AND BEING … [Read more...]

What If? Two great “sabotagers” of your happiness

What if… these are two of the most damaging words in our language... sabotagers, treacherous little rascals...   What if you never used them?  Used in this context, it could be an excellent option! Never to use them!   When you remember great experiences or are living events that make you happy, that make you feel creative and helpful, you are in a state of expansion, feeling … [Read more...]

Yes, I can!

  Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, your mind can achieve. -Napoleon Hill   If you think you can or you think you can't, you are probably right. -Henry Ford   What is your line of thought? Truly, it is not the circumstances, but how you think what matters… like Buddha said: You are what you think.   It is a matter of training your mind to think … [Read more...]

Human mind is set in a way that our thoughts go on  wanting to "fix" whoever thinks different to the status quo, or to ourselves, for the matter.   I believe this has its root in the lack of listening to Nature, to ourselves, hence, to others… maybe it is the phantom fear of not having what we think we need that makes us insist that only the way we see life is right. So we tend to … [Read more...]

Lamenting or Appreciating?

The Workshop Be Happy and Stay Happy NO MATTER WHAT.   Under the Pillar Take 100% Full ResponsIbility of your Wealth, Health, Wellbeing and Success, IMPECCABLE LANGUAGE, choose switching from lamenting into appreciating, and set the net path towards your freedom as you accept yourself and love yourself just the way you are...   When you decide to use gentle words towards … [Read more...]

‘BUT’, the Word That Best Brings Stress to Your Life!

  Why pinch the "happiness bubble" you are in with the sharp BUT pin? Stay out of tense and anxious moments by not allowing the BUT in your life...   This is such a common word that we are not even aware of the damage it causes...try it yourself... bring now a happy moment, a dream image that makes you feel happy... after all, dreams are the source of every reality... now, pinch … [Read more...]