Something for Nothing?



Are you operating under the umbrella of Something for Nothing?


The media is bombarding us with a myriad of “to do’s”, “should have’s”, “must be’s” and “unfair, we must protest!”

The real challenge is: are we aware of what is taking over us?

How often do you hear a parent say to his just college-graduating offspring: “You can’t accept that job for only US 500 dollars!”

Or a son tell his Dad: “I am not going to take that cheap phone! All my friends have iPhones!”

Or a kid tell his Mom: “This is my room and my TV! Leave me alone!”

Or a student tell a teacher “Why do you give us so much homework?”

Just recently one of the largest airlines in the USA was under fire worldwide. The reason? One of their flights was overbooked and they needed to have some volunteers give up their seats (with monetary compensation) for the off-duty staff to be able to take those seats. Since nobody volunteered, the airline handpicked the “victims”.


Everyone but one passenger reluctantly agreed to deplane: a Vietnamese airline customer, a doctor who needed to perform surgery at destination, who was brutally removed by force from the aircraft resulting in severe head concussions…

And so he, who had paid a ticket (which is where the salary of the airline staff comes from) was ruthlessly obstructed from performing a medical operation (maybe even life threatening) on one of his patients just because these staff members felt that it was ok not to serve their customers but rather to serve “their rights”.

How is this possible?

Because it has become a norm to get something for nothing.

Not good news. This will result in tragedy. Guaranteed.

The airline lost one billion dollars in the stock exchange within days of this incident which I hope comes as a big lesson for all of us, too.

Go back to essential basics and find balance

  • Give your very best. At all times, and especially if you are being paid.
  • When you get paid, feel the gratitude for Mrs. Money. It is a sacred energy that enables you to create and pay your bills…as you help create other salaries when you pay your bills.
  • Know that Mrs. Money will always follow you, under one very strict condition: give your very best, your excellence, without any further expectation than that of serving.
  • Be grateful for everything you have, including your miraculous five senses… your organs, your body…
  • Realize that every single breath is a miracle in which 50 trillion cells are working together in total harmony and perfection. Can you imagine the lung cells saying: “Sorry Heart. Today we are not going to provide you with the oxygen you need to pump it all over the Body. We just don’t feel like it today!” Disaster. Death. Guaranteed.


How to get back to this basic essentials?


By starting with yourself, one act at a time.

  • If you are a teenager, start by doing acts of kindness at home. After all your parents are providing for a ceiling, food, bed, education, caring love. So why not happily take care of your parents by helping at home with the intention to take care of them in a grateful manner. Just by taking action gratefully your brain will be motivated to gush endorphins since the Brain is picking up the message “all is right” whenever you are in the gratitude state.
  • If you are an employee, understand just how much the boss has to go through every month in order to produce your salary. He/she will have to pay the taxes, take care of the maintenance and all what is needed for you to simply extend your hand and receive your pay check. So do your part: give your best no matter what! And again, gratefully pay your bills knowing that you are helping someone pay their bills. And smile.
  • If you are a boss, appreciate your staff and your customers, since they are the blood that travels in the veins and arteries of your business. Be extremely happy when your customers come back again and again, and when your employees perform always in a more passionately serving manner.
  • If you are a parent, be tolerant and kind to your children, although firm at the same time. It is very important that you don’t handicap them by over protecting them. Let them be themselves and let them earn their own money…the younger the better.


For All to Consider

  • And for all, there is one common thing: love and respect your parents and the elderly. Without them you wouldn’t even be here in the first place! You say that your parents abandoned you or mistreated you? Come to terms* with this and liberate yourself from hell: know that whenever they acted in that negative way they were confused. They thought that it was “right” because most probably they were mistreated in the same way or even worse and they don’t know any better.
  • Let go of the past. Live in the Now and allow the future to become Now when it gets here.
  • Live in gratitude. Now you won’t be capable of annoying any of your customers for the sake of your own comfort or convenience. You will serve. And the universe will serve you. Guaranteed.


Your Call…

So how are you going to give your best today, and who will be the beneficiary?



*come to terms with it? Read on in our next blog where I share with you how I came to terms with my mess to live now in my happiness. I hope it helps you shed a light into your life… :)

Be Happy. It’s just a choice. Your choice.



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