Stressing While De-stressing?



You come back home “fried” from work.


There are so many things happening at the same time…


Ughhh…Decisions to take, matters to solve. You feel like running away and can’t wait to get home.


As soon as you get home you see your haven: your sofa in front of your TV… “Yes! This will do! Along with a nice drink after such a long day…”



So you go and throw yourself into the arms of your beloved…sofa…


Making sure your phone is at a very close range (if not on you), you “relax”… ahhhh. Finally…


The blah blah blah of the TV…the Cell Phone images of what you are watching…are definitely not making your body relax. You think they are, but truly, you are bombarding your body with more…more of that stuff that will keep you away from…you.


Yes, away from you, and from your spouse/significant other.


Why so?


Because your “de-stressing” method is creating not only an impenetrable wall between you and you, but also between you and those around you.


“I need this to relax” you might say. However. It’s a trick to stressing you more slowly slowly. Killing you softly…


We humans all have something in common: beingness.


And this brings something else in common: we all breathe.


And we all have the same specs in our vehicles during our visit to Mother Earth (our bodies).


First, we were not here. And then voila! Like magic now we are…


Quite a miracle huh? From having not been at all we are full human beings.


Well yes. We are all miracles. And we are all equipped with the tools to live a happy, tranquil life… or not.


In the fast movement and development of our days, we tend to forget the communication with ourselves within the context of who/what Created us: Mother Nature.


Storming our silence with more violent or stressful news, songs with offensive words, cellphones and internet that keep us drugged into the “more more more” not allowing our brains to shut down and Connect with our essence is most definitely not the way to being calm.


Plus…it creates a stressful environment with those around you who all of a sudden feel that you are unreachable… frustration starts harboring and a valley starts growing between you and them.


Especially your significant other who truly would like to do fun things together, like before…


Listen. Turn off the TV and put that cellphone down and listen within.


Look at the ceiling and feel the gratitude for having a place to guard you at night. Feel the sofa you are sitting on and realize other humans made it using their amazing skills and that you helped create their salaries when you bought it.




Look at your hands, they can grab things and hold that glass of water in your hands… smile…for again other humans made that glass for you to drink from…


Feel appreciation. For everything around you…


In this awareness mode now you will see the cuteness of your significant other…you will notice what the person is wearing and will have the openness to ask sincerely:


“Are you happy?”


Now both of you are smiling…opening the door to dialogue, to creating…to living alive.


Now In the morning you will allow yourself to look at the sun…


Allow the warmth that your skin feels to make you feel the goose bumps: “ahhh Mrs. Sun, thank you for another day of life.”


Admire the flowers and trees around your home or on the way to the office.


Just live. Live alive. Don’t rush and miss what really matters: the little things of life.


May God bless your every breath…

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