Faith Saves Lives: Dubai Sets the Example

      When I arrived to Dubai the first time some 30 years ago, one could breathe safety and peace in the air; there was one hotel in Jebel Ali where one could go and enjoy fishing...and that was about it...   When I came in 2013 to talk about the importance of happiness at Dubai One TV and visit the Literary Festival as an author, it was truly a different … [Read more...]

Are you Happy in Dubai? From Sand to Grand

If you ever wondered about the magnitude of the power of a human being (and you are one of those...), come to Dubai and feel, just feel how that power is in the air...inflicting an irreversible positive effect on the air one breathes while being here. You simply feel happy in Dubai...   Yes. If you allow it, it will empower you if you decided to visit Dubai where our ruler HH Sheikh … [Read more...]

How I came from “Poor Me” to “Great Me”…

I am now in Mexico City, two weeks away from my last newsletter, still thanking my sweet AP (accountability partner) Camie for her 'wake-up push" to bring me into "time" and stay with you regularly.   I am thrilled to attend today Dr. Joe Dispenza's two day Progressive Workshop which is dedicated exactly to the same topic: how to break with the habit of being yourself...meaning  how to … [Read more...]


    While having breakfast at the hotel in Dubai, I noticed our table neighbors: three ladies proudly wearing a veil, one of them also covering her face. You could only see her beautiful eyes. To eat, she needed to lift her veil with great grace.   However, even if I could not see her, I could feel the happy, light waves coming from her friends and her. Without … [Read more...]

Stay away from “Negative People”…

    It seems to me that we are bombarded from all fronts about the horrible destiny that awaits us if we don't stay away from "negative people"…and always my remark is "what is a negative person?"   Truly. Has anybody of us never been negative? Is it possible that we all stay positive at all times, and never, ever see anything negative?   Mmmmm…. hard to … [Read more...]

Flip-Flops and Cartier- Return on Investment through happiness…

      What amazing experiences you always encounter when you are in tune with the Flow… Having gone with a specific task: buying a bottle of Cartier Santos perfume for my husband, turned out to be a spectacular experience!   As I walked into the elegant Cartier shop in the Mall of the Emirates here in Dubai in my green flip-flops, I encountered a complete … [Read more...]

What, who is a Loser?

  When I was a kid I remember adults around me saying that if I didn't study I would end up being a sweeper or a gardener. The adults were saying that, so I thought it must be true...however something inside of me was resisting to digest such information... Indigestion lead me to always, somehow, remember what the adults had said.   I became an adult myself and now I am certain … [Read more...]

I Listen to My Self

  Listen...Take a deep breath in and LISTEN to the most important person: yourself.   Yes, how many times have you pretended not to know... because it was more convenient to fake it...   Enough. Use the internal GPS that you were born with, and start living a totally free life! No stress, no anger, no guilts, no negative criticism. Pay attention to your body when it … [Read more...]

Talk to Yourself with Respect

When you mistreat yourself, it is truly the major damage you can do…hurting yourself with mean words such as: -  I am so stupid -  I can never do anything right! -  Who do I think I am? -  I am so ugly and fat -  There is no way I can succeed   you are simply affirming visualizations that will filter into your sub conscience, and you will end up BELIEVING AND BEING … [Read more...]

What If? Two great “sabotagers” of your happiness

What if… these are two of the most damaging words in our language... sabotagers, treacherous little rascals...   What if you never used them?  Used in this context, it could be an excellent option! Never to use them!   When you remember great experiences or are living events that make you happy, that make you feel creative and helpful, you are in a state of expansion, feeling … [Read more...]