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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to our happinizing platform where we share experiences with happy and not so happy moments.

It’s always a very inspiring experience for me to be sharing with you my innermost passion: the so contagious effect of happiness, provoking health, wealth and wellbeing.

As I sit on the warm beach of Dubai, I Flow and Glow your way…

Today I want to share with you how living in the Flow brings you to constant glow.

For this, we need to realize where we start from.  The way you view life will determine the direction of your flow…

Do you know where you are starting from?

Is your life lens based on grateful or fearful thoughts?

What are the paradigms that govern your Now?


The thoughts in our subconscious mind that rule our life; scientists say that they provoke 95% of our actions.

Which of the two scenarios resonates more with you?

Scenario 1

I have to work hard in order to reach my goals of a successful, abundant life!

This statement is focused on the “work hard” part of the equation, bringing a reality of the need to invest great effort creating stress.

It is easy to feel tired of that hard work even before starting.

Scenario 2

I am grateful for yet another day of sunshine, smiles and maybe challenges that will create learning experiences for me to share with my colleagues at work!

The above statement allows for feeling creative, passionately motivated to flow, knowing that the Force of Life that Creates in Constant Motion is within, motoring my trajectory in a spree of celebration.

Flowing creatively or being complacent irresponsibly?

Where is the boundary between flowing creatively and being complacent irresponsively?

This depends on how you live your life:

  • A modus vivendis in which we never negotiate our dreams, moving constantly and steadily in coherence where our heart and head brains are aligned in a direction where you feel good, aligned, serene, clear, taking you to results bigger than what you ever expected
  • A form of life that  is  propelled by an unclear driving force; thoughts and actions are not aligned, creating an “ahhh…whatever…” effect because of the lack of self worth:  “Whatever…what I do does not really matter, who am I anyway? My opinion is not significant…”

Yes indeed, it is a very fine line, super linked to the answer to the following question :

How much do you realise just what a fabulous miracle you are, we all are?

It is a must that you answer positively to the above question if you want to have anything to do with Flow:

I am an incredible Creation of Source, just like every single Creation in the Universe.

You might be asking yourself the following questions:

  • What is the flow?
  • What the flow is not
  • Why flow?
  • How Can I believe in the flow?
  • How do I know that I am in the flow?
  • How can I tap into the flow
  • Can I simply flow and reach success?
  • When to flow?

What is the Flow?

It is the ability to just believe that everything is perfect just the way it is and that everybody is good. Hence no judging nor criticising self nor others is possible.

Flow is inherently connected with a feeling of clarity and inner peace, in which kindness and gratitude are at the core of your actions. This prompts the brain to produce endorphins (happiness hormones) provoking the expansion of the intercelular space, allowing  Light to flow freely in our body causing that sense of clarity, peace woooowww…

What the Flow is Not

Flow has nothing to do with not caring about any outcome, irresponsibly like: “Don’t worry, all will be fine” says Joe while spending the baby-food money on drugs.

When you carelessly allow things to happen without any clarity nor sense of creativity, moving at random right and left, you will create a sense of self-judgement and doubt. Now there are too many choices and you believe that you are not capable of distinguishing which decision is the best one to take. So you start blaming yourself and others, faking your actions as “maybe the right ones, even if others will be negatively affected”…

Why Flow?

Flow is the natural way of living that our neighbours in nature display in total faith, as if they had decided that the only choice they have is to be happy…and flow.

Birds know how to build their nests and  what kind of bugs they should eat;  ants know how to build tunnels and delegate activities; and if you go to our inner organs, they, too, know how to just be: the heart beats as it takes the oxygen filtered through our lungs to pump it over kilometers of blood vessels that oxygenise our bodies.

It all points at the truth that flowing allows us to live a life of wonder, creativity, coherence, connection with source. So if you decide to live in the flow, you will live a life of health, wealth and wellbeing.

How can I believe in the Flow?

If you are asking the above question, that means you are too much into analyzing and asking for proofs and scientific explanations for you to accept that there is something called flow.

In fact, I believe that this constant wanting to know how and why can slow down our ability to just be the greatness that we all are in its full extension.

For example: how long does it take you to jump into a pool? One second. Exactly.

And how long does it take you to decide to jump into that pool? Well, even if you are just next to it, it can take you 20 years to do so, if you are full of questions and no-answers that impede you to just jump.

The Flow is that good feeling within, hand in hand with intuition and a sense of positive creativity that makes your cells go into expansion, opening the intercellular space for the light that created you, created us, to flow in your system, just like oxygen flows in our veins and arteries.

It is that precise moment in which you cannot nag nor criticize nor judge…you are flowing in the river of peace, gratitude, wow…provoking your health, wealth and wellbeing while being extremely contagious.

How do I know that I am in the Flow?

You just know. Your smile embraces anything and everything. You feel the greatness within self and everything and anything.

There is no sense of doubt, and nothing can make you feel anxious nor aggressive. On the contrary, you can feel the flow between you and others as smiles just merge everywhere and hugs with no agenda  just happen.


How can I tap into the flow?

By not criticizing nor judging yourself nor others... living in the absolute now.

This is not easy to do if you are living in a metropolis where achieving, producing, changing the world and leading is a must in order to be successful.

This is what you will need if you are not yet in the Flow:

  • Know that your body is a gift of Source for you to have a vehicle to move on Mother Earth. As such you feel a boundary-less love for it, investing whatever it takes to secure its health and wellbeing
  • Sleep in gratitude and appreciation for a day of service to you
  • Ingest mindfully precious foods while appreciating the benefits your body will receive, thanking the food providers and Mother Earth for every single bite
  • Move your body thanking each bone, muscle, blood vessel, organ…realizing just what a miraculous machine we all are
  • Speak kindly, allowing for only generous, inclusive, celebrative thoughts to make up for a beautiful language of a happy life
  • Honor Mother Nature everyday by consciously thanking her and feeling her in everything you see: water, flowers, birds, air, clouds, mountains…just be aware that you are an Earthling and that Mother Earth feels you and viceversa
  • Honor your ancestors, especially your parents, for without them you would not be here. If you have any blocking issues with them, consider surrendering and letting go….ahhh…what a feeling of expansion and clarity…
  • Celebrate, celebrate, celebbrate

Can I simply flow and reach success?

Flowing in the flow is success.

Now you just know that life  is not about you, but through you by Source. In this state of flow you will reach destinations that you didn’t even know existed, with an effortless effort, living each instant in the absolute Now in total peace and contentment. Even if there are challenges to overcome, you will do so in clarity and faith that all is well. And it is.

In the Flow things will simply happen to  you.
I deeply want to share with you how Flow continues to make my life happen, so that you can choose to just floe as well…
  • Health just happened to me when I stopped pitying myself  (I took medicine for years; as I was guided to believe that I could remove my epilepsy with the power of my mind thanking and appreciating my body while throwing away the pills daily knowing that I was healthy. And I was.)
  • Becoming an international interpreter happened to me as I believed in communication through giving the best of myself in everything I did…so I started to get hired on my path of learning languages
  • Having the most admired husband happened to me. as I believed in celebration, integrity and trust myself
  • Being a writer and a speaker happened to me when I reached a stage in which sharing my joy of realising that it was when I chose to get out of the “poor me” took me instantly back to the “great we” platform…now my passion was to share this cosmic truth…
  • Becoming a mom happened to me when I realised fully just how beautiful life is
  • Founding  Villas Xichu happiness oasis in Mexico just happened to me, out of the intense gratitude and appreciation of the workers that were supposed to simply build one villa for me
  • Being an awarded global happiness ambassador just happened to me…
  • Becoming a happinizer just happened to me
  • Who knows what next…I just know whatever comes next, even if at first “disguised as a challenge“, will be just as fabulous as up to now…


Whatever comes next , I know it is as magnificent as my Now, this Now in which I am sharing with you my experience with Life.

Everything simply happens in the directions of your dreams; dreams that you know are your dreams and you clearly decrete them, and take action accordingly.

When to flow?

Just like the river doesn’t ask when it is convenient to Flow, in the same manner, just flow at all times!

What fun!

Are you ready to just flow?

There is a lot of material in the internet that will “teach you” what flow is and have scientific proof of everything. From books to webinars, workshops and podcasts.

Here I do not indulge in that sacred space, appreciating all the researchers who patiently brought science to be at our service.

In this happy space I wanto to  flow with you in the just being, which is the world I live in now.

Yes, for 16 years I lived in the victim world in which everybody was out there to get me, provoking anxiety hence illness for years.

The one thing that got me out of there and into the great-me-hence-great-you platform was applying the feeling based in absolute trust. Just being in the knowing that all is fine.

So may I invite you to just be, and together, provoke our constant health, wealth and wellbeing?

Flow in pictures



doesn't have to be this way!

I used to be in the Flow of fear, not allowing the inter-cellular space to open for Light to simply flow…provoking the contraction of my inter-cellular space, living in sickness, lack and anxiety

Nobody could understand me...neither myself! Always in search...

Nobody could understand me…not even myself! Always in search… like a fish asking: where is the water???

Fear based worried thoughts blurred my vision...

Fear based worried thoughts blurred my vision… the negative Flow causes sickness, lack and more fear…envy, jealousy, intolerance, criticism, judgement… etc.

Where's the water? You are swimming in it! No need to search anymore...

“Where’s the water?”…

“-You are swimming in it! No need to search anymore…now share your experience with others, be a contagious agent of happiness, grateful no matter what!”


Positive thoughts lead to positive results. Our inner technology is infalible! Just apply gratitude!


With my Japanese acquired Grandma

Now I was back on my feet, learning languages in the world, becoming financially independent at 21 in Tokyo, Japan. Here with my  “adopted” Japanese  Grandma. What an honor!

a letter that changed the flow of my life

A letter that changed the flow of my life which I provoked when I took action versus finding a way to study Japanese culture and language in Japan


This first jobs guided me to become an international interpreter based in Europe, founding Globel Worldwide Interpreting Services (in 10 languages)


While working as an interpreter I met my husband…married in Italy shortly after


Became a Mom

Became a super happy, thankful Mom seven years later

Villas Xichu Happiness Oasis in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico was born

Villas Xichu Happiness Oasis in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

was born out while riding the flow of appreciation to the workers who built it…


The happy flow I lived in made me become a writer…


…and a speaker

...and a happinizer...

…and a happinizer…

Aisha Bin Bisr happinizing Smart Dubai

“landing” in the emirate that has established a Happiness Ministry, Dubai; here during the World Government Summit and Dialogue for Happiness with Aisha Bin Bishr, Smart Dubai

Receiving the Burj Award for the global happiness ambassador in London

Was super honored and surprised to receive the 2017 Global Happiness Ambassador Burj Award in London

Bhutan, happinizing at government level...

Got engaged in learning about the application of happiness in governments, going to Bhutan to learn about GNH (gross national happiness)


 I became the proud ambassador of Sindashi, art made fashion,
honouring the artistic lives of Mexican painters while adding so much
spice to my own life and to that of my husband, friends and family through art


Entering the world of Fashion and creativity


Feeling so proud of wearing the feelings and dreams of my Mexican artists wherever I go


Enjoying the Arab Fashion Week 2018 going back on the Queen Elizabeth 2 after forty years.

Now it is docked as a hotel in Dubai.


God gave me a Chinese daughter as I kept on riding on the flow

IMG-20180515-WA0049Seeing my dream team blossom at our Villas Xichu Happiness Oasis brings my crew to ride on the Flow


Mentoring millennials into the flow makes us both glow… or three? Hello tree!


Admiring my spouse has added a lot to my free Flow


Feeling my ancestors at all times guide me…

Stop hoarding knowledge

…allow the Flow to flow. Just do it…

Jump into the pool; no more analizing or getting ready to jump into the pool…

Enjoy the ride. Your ride!

So what do you decide?

Do share with us by adding your comments here under.

May God bless your every day as you allow for the flow to make you glow.









Thanking the Force of Life that creates in constant motion…

Let’s flow and glow…together.


  1. The opposite of Just flow is working hard to attain success.

    When we are in the state of just flow, in an ocean-like natural- movement of daily living, then we became more grateful and happy and naturally become contagious and inspiring to people that surround.

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