The Happiness Implosion

Happiness implosion

With the appointment of the Happiness Minister Ohood Khalfan Al Roumi here in Dubai, we are blessed with an array of events geared to bring awareness to the fact that our government means it when it says, and I quote our ruler Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum:

“The Government’s job is to achieve happiness for people.”
happinessAnd what is happiness to the UAE? It is promoting the individual development based on core values, led by youth and focused on a future in which everyone achieves happiness.
However, we need to start with the individual first. To dig into what is happiness from the individual point of view:
Happiness is the ability to stay in a continuous state of gratitude, especially in times of challenge.
The good news is that gratitude can be learned and exercised at will, just like when you go to the gym to tone your muscles with constant practice.
Let us together do a little experiment: concentrate on a moment of celebration in your life. Ready?
Now close your eyes and bring that fulfilling memory to your present moment.
close the eyesBreathe, recall that time.  Was it day or night? Was it hot or cold? Where you alone? What were you wearing? And what precisely is what made you feel like smiling, feeling just so grateful to be in that specific situation?
Within your body, there is now a massive reaction to your feeling grateful: your brain detects your “I feel good” mood and releases the happiness hormone: endorphins. Your body gets the message “All is right!” so your cells start to go into expansion, which is the natural state of the Universe; yes, expansion.

You align with Source, and all your cells start literally feeling good! Your fifty trillion cells at unison start smiling, and you feel a sort of lightness…yes, LIGHT- ness… you are being lit by the Light of Source in this state of grace: gratitude.
Now you are Connected in a way that tolerance, kindness, desire to share, excellence, joy, etc. make you feel as if there were an explosion of happiness within your body. This it the happiness implosion, so important to the development of a person, then a family, then a community, then a country, then our world, and into the galaxies and the whole universe.
b87a0eb1063aa74b9fa938c7acbb3e7eIn this state, you do not feel the need of anything. In this precise moment, all is good, everybody is kind, and you take action towards the direction of your dreams with clarity and serenity. Because of its very contagious nature, now you are affecting your world for the positive. So without you even knowing, you are an instrument of peace just by staying in that natural state of grace. In so doing, we stop wars because we return to our essential state of being: happiness; we choose to be kind to each other applying tolerance and compassion.
Now that you are more conscious of what happiness is, you are more and more aware of how you can  tap into your inner power to understand and apply all what you know.
Yes. Apply! Implement!
Why want to know how to be happy? Why not just be happy? After all, it is our natural state of being!
This year besides Lebanon, Dubai, Mexico and USA, I am now going to Japan to give back to that fabulous country what they abundantly gave me when I lived in Tokyo some 38 years back in order to learn their language. And as I facilitate a Happiness Workshop with the Wizards of Japan, I will be again, inspired by those amazing people, masters of kindness and compassion.
japanAnd just as happiness has an outbound contagious effect enticing those around you to choose happiness, let us put our attention on the effect of that happiness implosion or explosion within.
Within? YES! Towards your organs, muscles, bones… Towards your cells…fifty trillion of them.
In your day to day activities that take you to be in a rush, you might not have the awareness of what this means: the difference between health or sickness.
When you are in a state of gratitude, you simply cannot nag, criticize nor judge. You are too busy feeling good.
Your shoulders relax, your breath becomes more constant as you simply continue to feel good.
Happiness everywhere!You are on the way to balancing your body-soul relationship…and whatever physical blockage present in your body will vanish…if you only continue to be on celebration mode.
So please. Be part of this happiness implosion while “infecting” those around you with your laughter, kindness, inclusion, creativity and excellence…and go also inwardsand “infect” your every cell…a happiness implosion that you will most definitely notice and be thankful for.
Let us stay in the neighborhood. Just here. Within. And in so doing provoke our health, wealth and wellbeing.

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