The Inner Technology

Welcome back!

What a joy to greet you after two lovely weeks, returning from Mexico, visiting my adored Lebanon and Saudi Arabia and back into Dubai.

How has your application of the Language of a Happy Life helped you create the happiness as you see it?

Today I am eager to share with you what I find an easy, clear and efficient way to stay in the space of “I feel good” provoking health, wealth and wellbeing to be always in your living room…


The Inner Technology


I am delighted to share with you my experience with happiness and its application through the inner technology, a term also used by famous scientist Gregg Braden, in his quest to explain miracles


During the tough hurricane times hitting the american continent we all benefited from the inner technology to cope...thank you Life... During the tough hurricane times hitting the american continent we all benefited from the inner technology to cope…our brains, sensing the alert, sent the order to produce cortisol, the stress hormone, so we could take action in these challenging times…thank you Life…


The inner technology at its best! Celebrating is evoked through happy experiences...endorphins are produced and health, wealth and wellbeing are guaranteed...The inner technology at its best! Celebration is provoked through happy experiences that are automatically created when we are in a grateful, wow state of mind…endorphins are produced and health, wealth and wellbeing are guaranteed…


First of all I would like to define the following terms according to my perspective of life in order to avoid misunderstandings by semantics.




What is happiness?


I define it as the art of being grateful especially in difficult times.



What is gratitude?


It is the application of gentleness, compassion and tolerance.



What is gentleness, compassion and tolerance?


These are the cosmic bonds that unite us with the Creator; now we can be guided in our lives according to our dreams and passion.


Who is the Creator?


It is that intense and magnanimous force of life that creates in constant motion … is so great and mysterious that it causes a feeling of stupor, wooooww that leads  to the feeling of  extreme admiration and gratitude to such a degree that the intercellular space in the body opens up causing the Light that created us to flows in a free and natural way.

Ahhhhh… what sensation of freedom and peace…

Connecting with Source through gratitude and kindness enables you to be, have and do whatever your heart desires... Connecting with Source through gratitude and kindness enables you to be, have and do whatever your heart desires…


Basics of the internal technology


There is neither good nor bad, just different.


Starting from this premise, we no longer enter the world of criticism and judging … including ourselves. Now I can accept that I am perfect, JUST AS YOU!

This premise returns us to our natural, neutral and open state to receive, give, hence create without limits.



Communicating with Self gives you the clarity you need to live the life of your dreams.


Our Source only creates perfection and beauty


I’m perfect, just like you!


When I can see my perfection as the result of our Source only creating perfection and beauty, then I can see perfection in everything around me! Mosquitoes, scorpions, mountains, birds, microbes, orchids, you and me




My body is a divine gift that allows me to travel in this Fiesta called life as an Earthling


Without your body you can not enjoy this life; neither can you suffer. You can not do anything.


The moment you recognize the miracle that your existence is, you begin to feel a sensation of enormous stupor when you see yourself in the mirror directing  this admiration towards your eyes, nose, mouth, ears, skin like something MIRACULOUS that can see, smell, taste , hear, feel …


Now you automatically recognize the divine light that travels inside your body responsible for your  breath ….

And each of your 50 trillion cells “sing” in unison the hymn to life, you being the conductor!



I live in the here and now


Now that you know how to recognize who you really are, you feel (you do not think) how the path appears as you walk. Now you can feel the love of the little ants on the sand responsible for the construction of great underground  tunnel empires. This intense sense of admiration brings you to a state of awe that connects you more intensely with Source, creating the grounds for more calm and harmony within.


The intercellular space in the body opens and the Light flows,  provoking a state of harmony,  and peace within. Your cells, content, are united in total health so that you breathe as your whole body works in total unconditional love … for you.


Now I acknowledge natural the own talents and gifts, declaring them and sharing with everyone!


Now that I know, I simply feel, that I am perfect, I no longer need to get anywhere; i simply return to the greatness that we all are. It is the End of the race “up”  against the current;  now we simply flow…


I know what makes me feel good by applying my talents and sharing at all times. Passion takes me by the hand and I no longer tire because I do not lose my energy doubting, judging or criticizing.


Now i can sense and feel the greatness in everything and everyone,  enabling me to take action being my GPS destination “I feel good”



I take action


Now, without a doubt, I walk through life doing what I like best, creating with everyone … in constant movement, singing, thanking, speaking the Language of a happy (grateful) Life.



I am the very happiness


Now that the student is ready, the Master simply appears. Mother Nature guides me at every breath …


The birds making their nests, the ants hauling and digging, the rain giving us life, my eyes that can see … I feel like everything is extraordinary.



I do not teach nor preach. I’m just contagious


In this state of peace and content, I understand that everyone has the right to think and feel differently; just like you and me. I do not feel the need to impose my ideas. I only spread my joy … because happiness is contagious …



What is going on in my brain?


The commander of my body is the brain


Without the brain my body does not move, it does not digest, it does nothing. It is the total commander of my existence as an Earthling.


The commanders of my brain are my ideas coupled with emotions


There is neither hell nor heaven. Neither good nor bad.


We are governed by two very deep and antagonistic feelings: fear or gratitude.


Fear, our best enemy

The brain is so perfectly designed that when I am afraid, the brain reacts immediately giving me the necessary super power to defend myself or escape in the form of chemicals: the stress hormone adrenaline and cortisol.


Fear is the product of judging or criticizing others or myself. When I am afraid, I will imagine adverse situations that make me feel oppressed, nervous, agitated … I will assume that everybody is here to get me, and will be always in a defensive mode. The intercellular space in my body will close and the Light that created me will not flow.


The brain does not know if a mammoth is following me or if I am worried because I wont manage to pay the morgue or that I will get fired because of my incompetence at work.


The brain just feels the anguish caused by such ideas coupled with the emotion of fear and takes action by producing the stress hormone at all times: in the car, in the shower, in the office. Whenever I worry, it will send me this drug that can save my life as much as kill me ….


Ufffff. No! … ouch …


Fear based worried thoughts blur your vision... Fear based worried thoughts blur your vision…if you are worried, the inner technology kicks in sending you the stress hormone for you to escape or defend…even if the situation is a supposition that you don’t have enough money, beauty or love…and not a real danger like a dog wanting to bite you…

Gratitude, my guaranteed connection to Source

Now, spontaneously, instead of criticizing and judging I choose to take action proactively, sharing with everyone, including myself. My brain feels that I am at peace so there is no need to produce cortisol for me to defend or escape… instead, since I am at peace, the brain produces the happiness hormone: endorphins … my intercellular space opens and the Light that creates me flows naturally.


I smile and the brain sends me more endorphins. My health, abundance and well-being are guaranteed.




And contagion is imminent.


Positive Thoughts lead to Positive results. Our inner technology is infalible! Positive Thoughts lead to Positive results. Our inner technology is infalible!



Taking action: first be, then do, to finally have

Knowing how my inner technology works  allows me to understand that life is not about being better, arriving first, being more beautiful, etc.

Now I understand that there is no comparison but unity.

There is no competition but cooperation.


There is no need to criticize nor judge… now fear does not breed and gratitude persists at all time since I see and feel everything as extraordinary; fear, comparison and imposition can not exist in a grateful environment.


Now I am free not to blame or blame myself. Now I take full responsibility of my health, wealth and wellbeing.


Gratitude, the situation that provokes your brain to produce endorphins,  leads the Light of Source  within you to flow. And the flow leads you to Create…


Now it is not about you, it is through you, guided by Source.


How do you plan to connect with your interior technology?

If you have already been with us during the last eight weeks during the program The Language of a Happy Life that began last May 8, 2017 , then you are aware of the different ways to calm your body  in order to  prepare you to connect with yourself and with Source:

  • Feeding it with prime, natural and nutritious foods  only
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Hydrating it by drinking lots of water (the best water is the one you respect)
  • Oxygenating it through body movement
  • Practicing acts of kindness with you and others
  • Giving the best of you
  • Smiling and laughing a lot


There is always more! Check in September 30th!


The next 30.9, from Bhutan, we will be diving deeper into how you can decide whether to be a slave or captain of your brain. One smile at a time we will see how to finally get rid of the feeling of guilt and worry.
I did, and am eager to share with you this trulye most liberating feeling in which health, wealth and wellbeing are your entourage at all times…


Send any comments, criticism or questions you have. Together, smiling, one smile at a time.


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Hugs give us life; they promote the contagious happiness in everyone! A big hug to you!!! Hugs give us life; they promote the contagious happiness in everyone!



  1. Dear Happiness Ambassador,

    Thanks a lot for the Great Job you are doing!!!

    Your Amazing Energy is very contagious!!!

    And the concepts in your blog are beautifully explained both with your words and your colorful drawings.

    Keep on with the High Energy and the Good Work!!!

  2. Gloria Belendez Ramirez says:


    What a nice surprise, I am reading this only now!

    I am so motivated to continue sharing my experiences with happiness…yeyyy…

    What is good and new?

    And baby?

    Muchos abrazos!

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