The Power of Mindfulness

The power of mindfulness
Welcome back to this happpiness platform, where we share how to decide to be happy and stay happy no matter what.


This time I am sharing with you the amazing power of Mindfulness, which can be especially felt in Annaya, Lebanon, at the Hermitage of Saint Charbel.


This place is dedicated to the reconnection with self, following the path of a man who set the example of how mindfulness truly allows us, human beings, to apply the tremendous inner power of calm, of trust, provoking our health, wealth and wellbeing.


Lebanon is known to have suffered armed invasions and civil wars throughout its history.


It is also known for the resilience of its people, who base their life style on a solid Family network. Sitting around the table during meals, they take their time to enjoy. The food, always a result of delicious old family recipes, is made with locally grown ingredients…


Even if there is a myriad of issues to attend to, Lebanon will always have that little corner in which you can retire, even if just for a few minutes, to just be…


In order to make a living, there are over 17 million Lebanese living abroad, supporting the actual economy of the country from successful businesses all over the world, supporting the only 4 million Lebanese  living in Lebanon…plus the three million refugees who have arrived mainly from Syria since the war broke in that neighbouring country and from Palestine.

Mindfulness is what has kept Lebanon going.

The contrast can be mind-blowing, since you do get into intense traffic jams while the normal society issues can be very complicated. Often without a head of state, and laws being regularly broken, things can get quite complicated…mindfulness makes that great difference…

It is very common to be speaking with a civil servant in a government office and hear their  cellphone ring as they answer “Mom? Yes. Please tell me…”
Or as you are walking on the streets to see people stop to watch the flowers bloom or kiss a grandchild with total effusion.

Or have them invite you to drink coffee, even if you don’t know them, when you walk in front of their homes as they are cleaning their sidewalks or trimming their plants in their gardens.

It is truly amazing how they keep calm even in the chaos. How they live in the Now…
When I came to Lebanon the first time in 1998, there was still a lot of war destruction and rubble all over the place.

However, restaurants  were full despite the mountains of cement debris that was piled everywhere.

People were wearing nice clothes, enjoying every bite of the delicious fresh foods while living in the moment…happy to finally have no more bombs disrupt their lives.

What a lesson of life!

What mindfulness is not

  • To be mindful, you do not need to sit in a quiet room to meditate
  • Neither do you need to be alone so that there are no distractions to your practice
  • There is no need to have an ample knowledge of scientific facts

What Mindfulness is

  • You only need to be appreciative of all what is around you
  • Simply observe the miracle that every single little creature is
  • Just bathe in the wonder that everything is…
  • You can be walking, running, working, bathing under the sun, even cleaning your house, and be mindful…

Mindfulness in pictures

Let me share with you the following images, hoping to transmit the truth that when you choose Mindfulness, you are provoking your brain to provoke the gushing of endorphins, sending you in that calm state that guarantees your health, wealth and wellbeing.


 Feeling the magic

IMG_0762At the Restaurant in Mar Charbel. The staff is always ready to hug you, to pamper you. To simply be, always being in the Now.


SAJ from the heart. Purely organic ingredients from their own orchards. Working the land is a prayer. And it can truly be felt when you eat the delicious food.

IMG_0764Her Majesty Deliciousness


05f4166b-4436-4f2c-8385-36f3cad5d253Enjoying just being…

My Miss Maral and I. Enjoying precious time with a friend and mentor to my kids as she was the head of the English department when my children were studying in that fabulous country.

What an incredible experience to have a teacher that is mindful…talking about your offspring in such an in-the-present manner. Relaxed, we walk under the huge cedar trees, receiving their wisdom…speaking in the silence, feeling the best way to understand the challenges that teenagers and their parents go through.

Yes, thanks for all those moments of calm, quality time, just being…

Appreciating the wonderful staff from the bottom of our hearts… THANK YOUUUUU. Mindfulness is putting us together in a common feeling of joy, taking the time to appreciate life together.

 Exploding in blessings… listening to the wisdom of the cedar trees…

 Silent family of trees singing to my heart

 Happy is he/she who never stops feeling in Awe…ahhhh

 The sound of silence speaking

 St. Charbel’s modest room. How much did he weave in the mindfulness he lived in!

 Mystical…magical…marvellous mindfulness…
 Thinking gratefully of you…

And you…


And in this mindfulness, we reach world peace.




It is always a joy to share with you how it is that my life is always flowing naturally.


Share with is about your way to flow- or not.


Together we happinize better!

See you next in Mexico!

See you next March 15 in Mexico, where we shall be celebrating the Happiness Festival  from 16-19 March at Villas Xichú Happiness Holistic Center,  inaugurating the Happiness Academy on March 20, the international happiness day.


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