The Power of Permission



When You were a kid and you wouldn’t get permission from your parents to enjoy an ice cream in a cold day, what would you feel?


Or when as a teenager you were not granted permission to go out on a date what would you feel?




And now that you have the capacity as an adult to make your own decisions regarding what you want or don’t want to do but you do not give yourself permission what do you feel?




So what do you say? That it isn’t up to you to decide? That you are stuck in a situation out of your control?


What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be this way? That there is a way to live a life without stress, to enjoy that ice cream while walking hand in hand with your beloved in the wonder of nature?


The name of the game is called gratitude.


When you allow the warmth of sun to make you feel grateful your cells expand and allow for you feel that feeling of ahhhh…relaxed, in peace.


When you allow the sweetness of your Mom’s face make you feel grateful your breathing becomes more fluent, allowing the Flow of the Universe to embrace you, bringing you naturally the Power to motor the realization of your dreams…


When you allow the image that you see on the mirror speak to you about the perfection that your eyes are, permitting you to see yourself in all your magnitude…your mouth that allows you to enjoy flavors or your ears that can actually distinguish all kinds of sounds…realizing just how miraculous your body is, that divine gift that allows you to transport yourself in this Fiesta on Earth called Life.


…and as you admire and are inspired by the greatest team that works together in harmony, excellence and resilience for you to breath, your 50 trillion cells, you feel the urge to spit the joy out:  I AM HAPPY!! I AM GRATEFUL!! I AM AMAZING!!!


…at least your body is…without any doubt.


ALLOW!!! just allow that sensation of relief to surface in all its magnitude!


ALLOW!! Again and again, starting from the warmth of the sun, the sweetness of your Mom’s face…the perfection of the design and operation of your body that enables you to be an earthling with the capacity to love, to smile, to share, to create…


ALLOW! The more you allow the more the action of allowing will simply flow, until you are One with the magic of Life, understanding the incredible and unlimited possibilities that you can simply provoque, create, enjoy.


ALLOW yourself to simply be that happiness that you are and always have been…the only condition being that you permit it…


One smile at a time. Now. Here.


Decide now. If not when?


Choosing going back to your natural state of being, Happiness, is the best service you can give to the world because of its highly contagious nature.


Oops! You are smiling! Glad to tell you that you are part now of the happiness Contagion.


Welcome home!

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