There’s Always Magic in Tragic


Just a few days ago I experienced an event that reminded me of that day I was taken by the fury of a huge wave in Acapulco as I was playing riding on the very high ocean waves of the Atlantic.


I remember how I almost lost my bathing suit and my back was bleeding from the erosion with the sand as Mrs. Wave expelled me from her gut.


I was scared. I was absolutely surprised. I was 20. I was bold, so after catching my breath I went straight back into the not-really-mad-at-me ocean following my Dad’s suggestion:


“Go back in so you don’t mark your sea experience as negative for the rest of your life!”


A few days ago a similar “bomb” exploded in my life, affecting directly my adored Villas Xichu, that little space in Mexico where we celebrate life, and most importantly our staff.


Different points of view manifested in a test that we as a team needed to pass.






…involving possible legal challenges completely unknown to me…the happiness ambassador.


My world knows no conflict, based in heart to heart communication and trust.


For the first time I was passing through such a test.


Temptation to nag… Temptation to blame…


Thank God it all stayed in temptation.


As if it were magic, friends appeared IMMEDIATELY to support me in ACTION.


So much so that I thanked God for the tragic experience that seemed to be rather magic.


The stomach tension eased off into a floating feeling that landed me into a kind of lethargy, as if I had taken some kind of magic pill making me immune to any worrying and making my daily mantra clearer than ever:




After three days of wonderful encounters with new and old friends, nocturnal conversations with the clouds and stars while soaking in the hot tub and hoarding new information in my knowledge coffer, I was entering a new door…smiling…


After a great dinner while enjoying the splendid views of San Miguel de Allende with the person that had provoked the challenge in the first place, I was delighted that I was perfectly comfortable with not blaming at all, but actually applying my other daily mantra:




Thrilled to have entered an even deeper sense of companionship with that person even if the professional-work bond had been dissolved, I thanked God for the Magic in the Tragic.


As I walked into my bedroom that night, I felt storm-water had filtered through the window as my socks got wet.


This was not the only time this had happened, an usually I had cleaned it immediately “not to slip at night”.


Instead I heard myself converse with Mrs. Water saying: “Thank you for accompanying me in these challenging times. You are the image of life itself! Thank you for your message…!”


And feeling the expansion within produced by Gratitude, I continued into my bedroom.


I had yet another visitor!!! An impressive scorpion, laying there, on the bed-matt next to my side of my king-size bed.


Ohhhhh. I looked at it benevolently amazed by the myriad of creatures that accompany us in this Fiesta called Life.


It was the biggest scorpion I had ever seen in our property. I had been stung before and I knew their sting was not nearly as painful as that of a bumble bee.


I heard myself converse with “her”, saying:


“Oh lovely creature, if you stay in my room you will die since you won’t find any food here…and I don’t want to be your food, so I will invite you to go back to your brothers and sisters.”


I took the paper garbage can next to my desk and covered the visitor with it. Then I slid it towards the balcony and removed the can.


“Oh no! You are not moving! I so hope I didn’t kill you…”


With a troubled heart I went to wash my hands. When I came back I was thrilled…he/she/it was gone…ALIVE!


As I turned off the light feeling the softness of the sheets, I was literally visited by an incredible vision…or should I say reality? I fell asleep with a choir of scorpions singing to me lovely grateful songs. All the scorpions in my gardens were singing THANK YOU!!!, happy to have their sister back with them.


Evidently my mantra was in full swing:


Everybody is good and everything is perfect just the way it is. 


May you, too, choose to know, just know, that each one of us is the Creator of the Own Reality simply by understanding that we all have the right to think differently.


Always assume good intention...” I hear my admired husband Ibrahim say in the deepest humbleness.


Wa Alhamdullilah… 



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