Content with today’s Today




And as I heard her speak
I did not need to know
That her words were high peak
Taking me with her in deep Flow


The Lady of the Unknown name
Addressed her colleagues with Heart
It’s not needed to be in the fame
To inject powerful energy, it is not hard!


ideas arab

The mystical lady kept on shining within
Sparkles of Light shooting from all of her soul
As I felt her Message blend with my within
Feeling, oh so clear!, the language of Soul


When she came down from the podium
My feet took Force from Above
As I approached her with no pandemonium
Now the very first Connection was done


I felt the High Energy pour from the palm of my hand
As her hand and mine stayed in a connection oh so fine!
My words started flowing never to catch up with the speed of our souls
Now we were talking in the Language of Soul


Sheikh Zayed, Sheikh Mohammed and all of what they represent
Was now whirling in the core of our Selves
Feeling that Magic Pledge that was said just once
Reaching the Universe in absolutely no Time


I started to shiver as I could feel she knew it all right
The Magic of Sheikh Zayed uniting the seven Emirates
“If it’s good for my people it is good for me!”
And that deepest core-pledge is what brought me to this part of the world…


Feryal is her name and she gives from her heart
She appreciates, she creates, she walks her unique wonderful talk
Following our Dubai ruler and mentor at every step of her way
Bringing innovation and happiness to all of the world!


Thank you sweet God, for yet another great day
In which the Power of Love again has taken its toll
People gathering together in a wonderful way
Ideas Arabia, it’s all about innovating and happinizing our way


Thank you also to Fatma Gouarab
Serving always to the other side of this realm
As she is the one who asked me to come to this event
So that we could meet and walk together with no need to vent


And so filled with the joy of the magnificence of this day
I presence the sunset announcing a new day
Another today that is already full of surprises and Myst
I feel honored and content with today’s Today


Dubai is a place in which you can live in poetry…something that our ruler Sheikh Mohammed also does, as he is a prolific poet and writer, as well as a statesman…

How can it be possible that as Ms. Feryal Tawakul addressed the Ideas Arabia audience I could simply FEEL her message, without the need to understand the actual words? And as a consequence, it was Heart who stamped my thoughts on my iPhone, in this poetic manner…

At all time I do feel the passion by which HH Sheikh Zayed, the Father of our Nation united the Emirates, sternly affirming: “If it is good for my people, it is good for me!!!”

Allow the poet in you to come to life! Live in poetry your every today!

Come to Dubai, where all is safe, organized and clean! Enjoy the very vast array of activities one can follow to innovate and grow…and simply allow the poet within to come to life…and you, too, enjoy your every Today…in contentment, growth and service.
Wa alhamdullilah….

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