What is Accumulating Wealth?

know they are there for you

Welcome back!

It is great to have you back on this happiest platform, so that we can exchange happy and not so happy thoughts and ideas in order to enjoy and celebrate life together…sharing…

I am now back in Dubai after 45 days,  experiencing a fabulous time in Mexico, U.S.A, Egypt and Saudi Arabia before coming back to this amazing Dubai…so let us smile!

While opening many amazing new doors, I encountered the following experience that I want to share with you:

What is accumulating wealth?

The other day I felt a great friend of mine look into the horizon while resting his eyes on the beautiful Villas Xichu Happiness Oasis we were in deeply sigh:

Yes! I want to be part of that, too! (I want to have lots of money to buy something like this)”

This friend has an incredible inner wealth, and has been always doing what his heart desires, un-attentive of material wealth.

He is the type of person that knows that there is nothing to know…just flows in total serenity flowing in the glow.

However, if he wants to snap his fingers and fly to Timbuktu inviting whoever he wants or get the dream house for his family or help build a school, he is not in the freedom to do it yet…because up until now he hasn’t decideded to.

His comment sent me thinking back to when I started making real money at age 21, in Tokyo, Japan, while studying that language and working in order to sustain myself.

It is true that I was raised in economical abundance so I didn’t know what it would be like to live in a limited manner.

However never has accumulating money been at the center of my focus.


Since I got out of the destroying power of “Poor Me“, I have always done what my passion dictates, and money has always followed me.

When I became financially independent at age 21, on the day of my birthday to be precise, I felt so good about just being the power that we all are! I just knew it, my Teacher being Her Majesty our Mother Nature Herself.

My passion for connecting people resulted in me becoming an international interpreter in ten languages without the need of a university degree…

I just did whatever I was doing to the best of my ability while having fun. Because if I wasn’t having fun then I simply wouldn’t do it.

I was absolutely sure that as an Earthling, my body was my most precious belonging in order to live and navigate on Mother Earth, so I always invested on me:

Invest on your Earthling-vehicle always!

Your Body is your only real asset. Respect it, love it, take care of it. Hug it!

  • Great nutrition, delicious and fun while thanking every single bite
  • Confortable traveling, especially in long trips to honor my body
  • Massages concentrating on the miracle that the 50 trillion cells within my body are
  • Exercise sending oxygen to all my body with mindfulness and gratitude
  • Clothing that I like to wear to honor my body and the manufacturer/designer
  • Great housing to be able to sleep, have fun and live intensely while sharing life with guests
  • Mindful body communication and breathing, visualising my happy, very competent lungs
  • Visiting friends and family as a top priority
  • Making no distinction between work and life, allowing richness to follow me as I pay with joy, provoking salaries and manifesting dreams while celebrating life

We attract what we are

As a consequence, what kind of man did I naturally marry in order to continue on the above path?

Someone in love with life, economical freedom, intense passion, high integrity, absolute humbleness.

Yes. A man from whom you would never know how much he has earned, owned or given.

A man who is deeply in touch with Mother Nature, who never lectures and yet is a master to many.

A man who knows there is nothing to know and just is, and is capable of snapping his fingers and have or do whatever his heart desires or provide others with what their hearts desire making himself invisible.

He enjoys sending others to get higher education, not only his kids.

He is always present in everybody’s needs and yet babies nobody.

He takes care of whatever he believes are his duties with such natural ways that he enchants whoever  and whatever is around him.

As a teenager he was already working. Not to mention, of course, his eternal being-there for the author of his days, his honorable Mom.

What is the right age?

Just as the fruit falls from the tree only when it is already mature, in the same way the human being is ready to accumulate riches only when he/she has understood that the key is to flow.

I have noticed in my work as a happinizer that many people feel frustrated because “they have not yet arrived” to have a hefty bank account, or that “money is always lacking“, or that “they will never be able to buy a house” among other many negative statements.

As long as you allow these contracting images in the mind,  they will stay there, since the brain, the absolute controller of our terrestrial vehicle, our body, manifests what “we see” as our reality.

So…what is accumulating wealth?

  • It is the ability to recognise that we are abundance itself
  • It is the absolute belief that as a consequence  resources follow us...they are here for us to have them just like birds know what bugs to feed on and how to build their nests
  • It is the consequence of living a life of passion
  • It is the strong belief that economical energy is sacred, since it has the power of creating salaries and manifesting dreams
  • It is the opportunity to let us plan our lives with total freedom while bringing others up with us in our and their dreams
  • It is pure fun!

What accumulating wealth is not

  • It’s not the ability to buy people
  • It’s not taking advantage of others in order to get what we want
  • It’s not an infalible proof of success
  • It’s not a must in order to be

In a nutshell

If you want to have economical freedom to access all the riches your heart desires, just know they are already there for you.

Just like Mother Nature shows us, everything is already available for us to simply enjoy. The only thing we need to Be aware of is to live mindfully in the now appreciating everyone and everything in deep gratitude.

Living in gratitude enables our brain to produce happy, warming thoughts, which sends the message to the brain that all is fine so endorphins will be produced, which enables us to stay in the Now, hence to be aware of who we are and what our talents are and declare them while using them as constructive  participators in our society.

Please check my past blog the Inner Technology for more details.

Ferrari or Sandals?

So, go out there and buy your Ferrari making yoursel happy while contributing to hundreds of Ferrari employees and suppliers to feed their families.

And if instead you are happy with just a pair of sandals to take you around, that is fine, too!

What truly matters is that whatever you are doing makes you happynot others.

Your dreams are not negotiable.

In Pictures


You choose whether choosing a limo or a Ferrari to transport one self…



…or a motorcycle… how fun!


IMG_8614…or a pair of happy slippers…how creatively natural…


Nice clothing to honor our divine body…



…and to honor the manufacturer or fashion designer


Admiring the history of recipes and antique containers to celebrate life through food…


Good food to cherish and enhance our health


…and gratitude for those who sow, plug, transport, store, prepare our food…


…and make sure that we appreciate actively in every possible way…

“Hello chef! Gracias!”


Treat our body nicely while traveling…


…thanking new technology and details…


…a real turkish delight…Turkish Airlines…



…dreaming all together in the company direction…at Villas Xichu, Mexico


Honoring Family whether on Earth or Beyond…


…celebrating life creating new activities on the go…


…enjoying, together…alone we get nowhere


Being in tune with fun and celebration


Doing what I most like: connect people sharing my experiences with happiness


…thanking all those who join me in organising happiness events


…enticing others to decide to be happy and stay happy no matter what…


…celebrating success with our staff members…


Celebrating always the sacredness of her Majesty Mrs. Economical Energy


…oxygenising and appreciating our earthly vehicle in deep gratitude while in Nature…


…while listening to Silence, feeling our body just receiving the blessings of Mother Earth…

So what do you decide?

Now that you have chosen that you, too, are interested in accumulating wealth, will you come visit me in México or Dubai?

Or shall I come visit you instead?

Blessings for now!

Please Share!

Please fill in your comments so that we happinize together… it is much more fun, and a great path to walk on: that of world peace.


Hasta la vista next May 15 with more on how to simply FLOW!



  1. Well Gloria I met you once in Riyadh Airport It was a very nice surprise and I was always wondering how I can contact you because I am not happy and I want you to teach me how to be happy. This is what you told me you do when I asked you what do you do in life

  2. Gloria. You are my inspiration! Thank you for all you do to help those less fortunate here in San Miguel. You are the most unselfish, loving person I have ever met.

    With love and gratitude,


  3. Thaslim Mohamed says:

    You are a great example of true happiness and generosity. And as you always preach, the happiness is contagious. We can really feel that joy of celebration of life whenever we come in contact with you. Thank you very much, madam.

  4. Gloria Belendez Ramirez says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Thaslim!
    The truth is that we all are that happiness…it is how we are born! So there is no way to preach something that we are…

    Just like you and your infinite kindness, always wanting to serve others…this awareness sends us in touch from our core, and we end up weaving together in the pool of more inclusivity, adventure and celebration.

    Your commenting sends me into wanting more of this: creativity.


  5. Gloria Belendez Ramirez says:

    My dearest Louise,

    When I met you for the first time in San Miguel de Allende when Camille invited you to the celebration for kids wellbeing, I was so touched by the way you, as a USA citizen, take action to give housing to our rural kids, making them not only smile, but also be able to sleep and feel the bounties of nature from under a roof even during a stormy day.

    I can never thank you enough for what you do, which inspires my creativity motor to learn from you and be part of your very generous dreams which have already given more than 100 homes to now-happier-families.

    http://www.casitalinda.org, you make us happy.


  6. Gloria Belendez Ramirez says:

    Hello sweet Rania!

    Are you in Lebanon or in Riyadh?

    Now we are connected, which makes me so happy!

    The truth is that happiness cannot be taught, but it can easily be transmitted because it is contagious.

    I can help you with great joy to choose to be happy by prompting you to switch from fear based thoughts into gratitude based thoughts so that the chemical balance in your brain between endorphins and cortisol can be returned to its normal values.

    I am always here for you!


    And let me congratulate you for your honesty… it is contagious, too.


  7. Thank you Madam Gloria for sharing your very inspiring personal life experiences which I’m sure, will again touch and will lead others to see the possibilities of living a life with happiness empowered by the beliefs that whatever dreams we do have, it’s already there.
    When we know who we truly are, we can live our life with joy, gratefulness, and passion recognizing that we are abundance itself.

    I am forever grateful for everything that I learned from you.

  8. Gloria Belendez Ramirez says:

    Dr. Angelica dear,

    It takes two to tango.

    You are filling our lives with joy and inspiration.

    Muchas gracias

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