What is Being Famous?





In the Path of Passion, I walk along whistling the Song of Fun…and sometimes even run, however in a mindful manner, allowing the horses of creativity to gallop at full speed.


And as I walk very aware that I (and potentially everyone else) am Happiness, I distribute smiles, hugs, stickers and magic dust that entices others to return to their natural state of being: happiness.


Just now, while walking in the mystically enchanted road leading to Brummana High School in the very resilient country of Lebanon, I spotted a young teen-ager walking  with his shoulders heavy from what if’s that apparently didn’t even belong to him. The Child within me approached him saying the things that the Child within him wanted to hear.


Tony was feeling confused, realizing unconsciously that he enjoyed the energetic contact that started to generate higher frequency vibrations as we spoke.


Head however, wanted to alert him from the “danger” of being uncovered as the great, amazing human being that he was.



I have experienced this many many times in my trips around the world, distributing thousands of happy stickers feeling an enormous gratitude  because of them trusting the spontaneous happy “event” and deciding to let Heart speak and be Listened to!!!


So…slowly slowly my stickers have been recognized by “new receivers” all over the world saying: “oh, so you are the happy lady that…”


Some people would describe this as “becoming famous”…


As I parted with Tony just to sit down under a huge pine tree and write on my beloved iPhone, I got a revelation:


Fame is the power of Together We Are Better!


It is not about being so widely known that now you can increase your fees and expect everyone to ask for an autograph or your picture.


As I understood it now, fame is simply the consequence of being your passion in such a way that others join in, in a tango of energy with one and only purpose: to create; to innovate; to live alive.


So now if young Tony chooses to awaken to his inner powers fearlessly, he will be contagious. He will “make me famous” by adding his spice into the mix. Whether he mentions the Mexican lady or not. This doesn’t matter.


Because, my friend, you can only be famous in plural.




Choose to live fully and provoke the manifestation of your wildest dreams, becoming a famous contagious agent of happiness.


You decide.


…you can only be famous in plural…



  1. We took the kids to Italy this summer in no small part due to Ostia. Elizabeth devoured a book series called “The Roman My2iretes&#8s21; and the main characters lived in Ostia. Elizabeth was delighted to find places mentioned in the book. As we were leaving, we saw another young lady entering, clutching her dog-eared copy of one of the books.

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