What is Gratitude and How Can I Practice It?

thank you my body - gratitude

Gratitude it the ability to let go into just how amazing Creation is, starting from my body, a celestial gift for me to Live Alive


Say thank you!” would say my Mom crossed, prompting me to appreciate a service that had been rendered to me during my childhood growing up in Mexico in the hopes that I would learn the power of gratitude.


Immediately sensing that if I didn’t answer the way she wanted I would get in trouble I would timidly say: “…thank you…


Is This Gratitude?


Not really. This is fear disguised in gratitude. And if we grow up with this concept governing our thoughts we are bound to live a life in which un-contentment rules.



When I define happiness as the ability to stay grateful no matter what, I mean to say this: the ability to stay in a feeling of awe; the feeling of “oh…ahhhh…  How is it possible that such beauty and perfection exist?”


And I know that the first motive for this awe-some feeling comes from my only real belonging: my body.


I grew up in a state of fear caused by the feeling that I was never enough. Always comparing myself to others, and wanting to gain approval by doing things that would “buy” me a place in the platform of existence, I entered the world of fear every day a bit deeper...more and more into the “poor me” field, away from the truth: my body is the miraculous  proof of what perfection and beauty are: I can see, I can hear, I can smell, I can taste and I can touch! Going deeply into the function of each one of the organs that make it possible to enjoy my five senses I would more and more go into the Woooow! feeling…directly into the sea of gratitude… Ahhhh…


Thank you my eyes, for thanks to you I can see the beauty of sunrise, the joy in the colors of the rainbow, the face of my children, the trees and the clouds. I CAN SEE!”


And while asking myself how is it possible that I can see, I simply allow to get myself  reverently in that state of awe that causes my skin into the goose bumps and my cells to literally expand. And as I google and re-Google the greatness of the mystery that my eyes are, more and more I love my eyes and thank them from the core of my-each-grateful-cell.


This was the way I trained myself into gratitude, effectively getting  out of the “poor me” state that kept on making me feel contracted resulting in a sick, sicker, sickest situation. I remember how I used to think that the world was unfair and life was very difficult…living in that constant stress that made my tummy ache all the time. Once Nature taught me how everything is just beautiful and perfect, I understood that I was beautiful and perfect, too! Just like you!


We are so perfectly designed that when a danger menaces us, our alarm system activates and the stress hormones are gushed into our system so we can run or fight the situation ensuring our survival.


Today it’s not anymore tigers or dinosaurs that hunt us , but ideas such as “how will I get enough money, I need to find a soul mate, I must fix my wrinkles, I HAVE TO…”


And since these thoughts are harboured all the time, anywhere and everywhere in my image factory, well, the stress hormones kick in all the time, sending me into an eternal state of fear…provoking the contracting feelings of solitude, despair,  uncertainty, that will eventually result in sickness, lack and fear.


If you feel you are in the victim state (and very often it is difficult to recognise that we are in it), know that this is not wrong, nor right… it is just a choice! And now that you know it is a choice and not a curse, you can ask yourself:


What is my choice?


Next time you ask yourself “what is gratitude and how can I provoke it?” know, just know that you are in the right track towards balance. Now that you are actually asking yourself what gratitude is, you are entering the world of gratitude…ahhhh… what a great choice!


So let’s go to the gratitude gym! Come with me! Simply bring along with you your well-slept, well fed body and a smile. Bring along also all those memories that make your heart smile: the caress of someone you care for, something you did that provoked someone else to smile, the beauty of a sunset… And slowly slowly bring yourself into a state of awe.


As we move our body in the gym, we will visualise the muscles and actually realise just how miraculously they do their job, never ever not doing it regardless of our state: sleeping, awake, thankful, in fear…you name it! Those muscles and organs and bones will give us their best at all times, unconditionally…


Have your lungs ever stopped breathing for you? Have you ever realised just how perfect they are, that they harmonise with the rest of your body for you to be alive?


There you go!


Start with one part of your body at a time. Maybe your eyes. Look at them in the mirror every morning and while feeling the gratitude level increase as you more and more admire them, endorphins (the happiness hormone) will be gushed sending you into expansion…a feeling of lightness. All your body will react to this “all is well” signal that your body is sending to your brain.


Now you are smiling, breathing regularly, feeling awe.


Now you are gratefully on the path to health, wealth and wellbeing.


Welcome back home!



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