Why Can’t I Find a Job?

job This morning as I was gratefully picking up the beach trash as usual, something very unusual happened: a presence on my right side seemed to be mimicking my actions (bending down and picking up)…

I kept on doing what I call my morning salutation to my beloved Dubai. More suddenly than not  I realized that the presence was no more and no less than a young man who silently, without any questions nor comments, just decided to join in my gratitude activity.

Very naturally, as if we had started doing this ages ago and showing no sign of surprise, I thankfully asked him where he came from.


“Morocco”, the young, well-groomed millennial said.

Without stopping for a bit we kept on walking and picking up the abundant plastic trash that soiled the JBR beach.

“I do this every morning” I said quietly. “This is the first time that someone actually joins in. Thank you!” 

“Not at all!” Said the thin young man, revealing very healthy and white teeth as he smiled.

We continued cleaning until we reached the pier where the SkyDive Dubai airplanes land and take off.

For the 6th time we left the last pile of garbage knowing that the beach attendants would take care of them.

“So, why are you saying that you can’t find a job?” I asked casually, as if I had just asked  what day of the week it was.

“I don’t know. I guess uhhh…I guess I am just unlucky!” he muttered rather frustrated.

“No. It’s not that. Each one of us creates our own luck,” I said in full conviction.

“No! Really! I am just not lucky!” He said showing an increasing frustration.

“Believe me, I have been there... That is not the reason…” said my heart through my voice softly but firmly, determined to share my own experience.

“NOOO?” He said in total disbelief increasing the tone of his voice. “I get up everyday at 6 am and go to all the malls and offices to bring my CV! And still, after five months, FIVE MONTHS, I still can’t find a job! If that is not being unlucky WHAT IS?” he s.aid, visibly venting his piled up anger.

“Your real challenge is that you have no trust..” I heard my heart say.

Silence followed. His startled eyes shined in a different manner, as if he had seen a ghost.

Looking into each other’s souls through the eyes I could feel his desire to know more…

LACK OF TRUST? How so?” he exclaimed, extremely interested in whatever the answer would bring.

“Can I answer with another question?” I asked.


“What is your favorite fruit?”

“My favorite fruit??” he asked wondering what did fruit had to do with a jobless man.

“Mmmm…🍓 strawberry,” he said politely, not wanting to offend me.

“Ok. Now let’s imagine we have strawberry seeds and we plant them,” I said mimicking with my feet the covering of the “seeds” under the sand.

He looked at me intensely, vividly although silently engaged in the conversation.

“Now you put water on them and you feel so excited because soon you will have strawberries in your back yard. Yeeey! You are so happy and so eager to share the red fruit with your Mom, Dad and friends. You feel so excited!!!” I said, smiling bemused with the fun game truly “seeing” and living in the scene.

Again, his white, healthy teeth appeared behind a huge heart-smile. His eyes 👀 were dancing 💃 wanting more…and I was so motivated to keep on allowing the words to just flow.

I paused and asked softly:

“Ok, now that you planted the seeds and watered them, what do you do?”

“Wait!” He said, understanding where this fruit-planting conversation was leading.

“EXACTLY! Now we let God do the job of letting the seeds grow roots, penetrate the soil towards the sun and allow the shrub to mature its most beloved strawberries…”

Silence talked. Straight into the Oneness of our hearts. Now we were both just one smile…

I heard the silence break with my voice saying:

“Yes. You just trust. You know like you know like you know that all is set for you to enjoy the waiting-to-be-born strawberries 🍓 🍓 🍓 …

And you feel that deep gratitude, that strong ‘Alhamdullilah‘ invade your every cell!”

His eyes continued to increasingly shine as my heart ❤️ also felt increasingly awakened, as the words continued to flow from my lips…

“And then, VOILA!!! Finally the bush is formed. You call your parents in total joy to come and see the baby strawberries, so beautiful…truly a miracle of life…”

At this point both of us were vividly feeling the scene, our smile as big as the sun, enjoying deeply the experience.

“Ahhhh. And then the day comes when they are ripe. YOUR strawberries…YOU asked for them when you planted the seeds…your job… yes, it is your job to ask  what you want precisely.

Then the seeds rooted into a strawberry bush…not your job. That was the job of Source while you simply trusted the process, waiting in joy. ENJOYING…

Then the fruits became ripe. Now it is your job to receive them. Because if you don’t receive what you asked for, you will abort your dream.

Our eyes locked into a freedom dance…ever so natural, ever so real. After a few seconds my lips whispered:

What is your dream?”

“Excuse me?” He said, completely taken off guard.

“What is your dream? What do you want to do?”

“I want to sell.”

“What do you want to sell?”

“Mmm…uuuummm. I don’t know, anything!”

“Anything??? OK. So imagine you come to the supermarket and the vendor asks you what you want and you answered; I don’t know. Anything!! The poor vendor would not be able to help you!”

He looked into my eyes becoming always more aware of awareness…and smiled…wanting more…

“So talk to yourself and ask: what do I want??”

And as I started walking to the seashore which had been calling me now for a while in order to return the stranded jelly fish that I had picked up, sitting almost life-less on the palm of my hand, I heard myself say while he followed me:

“Now that you know that you are a great salesman because you love yourself, your customer and your product, you will walk into that dream office and you will make your interviewer feel just what a great privilege it will be to have someone like you enrich their company.”

He smiled, his breath more relaxed, truly seeing that scene in this Now.

“And you are feeling all The Weight of the meaning of  Alhamdullilah (thank you God) in every single cell in your body and heart…come on, say it, feeling the gratitude invade each and every cell of your being!”


I joined in as we both smiled in a peaceful feeling of opening a new door…the Connection to Source through gratitude…




“So, deal? Pinky Promise?” I said while offering my pinky which crossed with his, closing the “deal”.

“This is a Godcidence.  You were sent to me for a reason, and I was sent to you for a reason…let’s just trust and flow… receive my friend…allow…” I said as I walked into the sea. He followed. The water was covering our ankles, as hundreds of sardines swam in perfect harmony around us. Abdul Samit sighed in amazement as he felt the perfection of Nature. I smiled watching him marvelled at the perfect creations of Source.

I started walking deeper into the water, leaving him behind since our time to part had come, knowing that from this moment on we would never part, not even if we never met physically again.

“TALK TO NATURE!” I said out loud with joy, looking back as the water refreshed my waist. “She is your best teacher!”

Not looking back anymore, I concentrated now on the jelly fish that was still on my hand. I immersed it slowly, hoping from all my heart that she would still be alive. The sea current took her away, or…did she swim off?

I swam into the arms of the Unknown, deep into Mrs. Sea, thanking Source for yet another breath of Life.

Wa Alhamdullilah…

And you? Are you performing in your dream job? Or are you still looking for that job that you  think  you can’t find?

Listen within and just let go, knowing that everything is perfect just the way it is.


Follow the three cosmic steps to Find a Job:

1.- Trust and just believe in that what you ask for (your task).

2.- Wait for the Universe to work on it (not your task).

3.- Receive it in total gratitude preparing your heart to ask for more of that what makes you feel good (your task).


Now you know that you have found your job. It’s just there, waiting for you to simply receive it. It might just be “disguised” into something you were not expecting. Open your horizons… and smile.


Namaste ♥



  1. Nice post Mr. Hesse and I&v2817;#e been a loyal Sprint customer since the year 2000 but you guys still screw your existing customers under contract and always favor new customers when new handsets come out (which is pretty rare). But, you guys still are the best of the big 3 in the US.

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