Yes I Can!

Good morning from Dubai!


It is a pleasure for me to greet you from this Emirate, a vivid proof that you always can.


Dubai and its Emir, our beloved Sheikh Mohammed, are a tangible illustration of the power of Power.


For those who visit us for the first time today, I am delighted to heartily welcome you to this grateful platform of creativity and team work. Together we happinize better… Yeyyy!


We started last May 8 introducing this course “The Language of a Happy Life“, consisting of 7 viruses and their antidotes according to my life experience on how I got out of unhappiness into happiness…


My soul purpose is to share with you the enormous joy and freedom that I feel as I returned to the World of Great Me… leaving behind that gloomy and anxious World of Poor Me, where judgement, criticism and fear govern…


Not a good space to be in… sickness, lack and ill-being will be your eternal companions… guaranteed…


I am so eager to share with you this cosmic wisdom, available to all. Out of the intense joy and freedom I feel now, I simply want to share with all of you the how I managed to get out of that gloomy world of discontent, complaint, judgement and anxiety (the victim) and come back into the original I, the original we: the great divine creation that I am, that we are… just like you!


As mentioned last June 15th today we will talk about the virus I can’t and its antidote I can.


Check the previous chapters that cover other virus and antidotes in my blog:



Well, let’s get to co-creating…



What Is Power?


When you are connected to yourself and to the Creator, miracles happen, if you only choose to let them Flow... This is Power.


Connecting with Source through gratitude and kindness enables you to be, have and do whatever your heart desires...

Connecting with Source through gratitude and kindness enables you to be, have and do whatever your heart desires…



Being in the here and now you will be able to be with yourself:


Communicating with Self gives you the clarity you need to live the life of your dreams.

Communicating with Self gives you the clarity you need to live the life of your dreams.


How did I find my power?


First and foremost, it is basic to WANT to find this power that we all carry within.


I remember when I was feeling like the poor ugly doll, lying in the corner, afraid that someone would see me as the Mexican children song writer Cri-Cri describes in the song La Pobre Muñeca Fea (The Poor Ugly Doll); at that time I did not know that I was living under the influence of “Poor Me!”


I only knew that I lived in a state of anxiety that made me feel pain in the belly … which prevented me to breathe freely, causing unbalance in my respiratory system culminating in sinusitis. It didn’t stop here. Tension continued to be my number one companion, so that epilepsy became yet another illness, result of my constant fear of fear…


I did not know what world I was living in. There was no one to tell me “Hey, you’re not the ugly poor doll! You’re Gloria, a perfect and powerful creation of Source!!”


So how could I  want to live in a “better” world that I did not even know existed?  I thought this was it!


However, in my early adolescence something happened that let me know that there was more than just to be living in a state of anxiety…yes… there was something that made me feel better…


Now that I sensed that there was another way…the way to “I feel slightly better“, I could desire to know more about it.


Now I wanted to get out of that dark and vicious world I was living in...


Now I knew I had a choice…


It was obvious. I needed to want to change in order to take action… and that is when I did by simply allowing  things to happen in the Flow…


This is when I started observing Nature for answers... always nature made me feel at home…now asking questions while listening to my Mom made more sense than ever… now my Mom was my friend, my companion, my MOM… and not someone who was there to get me and punish me and…humiliate me…


Now I could feel Source more and more…that Force of Life that Creates in Constant Motion that created us made me feel deeply that there was something more …

Now I understood that fear had been leading me to complain and criticize; now that I had accepted that I was responsible for my health, wealth and wellbeing, I knew that nagging and criticizing was not going to help at all…


Now I saw clearly that listening rather than criticizing, appreciating me instead of judging me would help me to find myself.


So, I entered a new path. The one of wanting to walk … not knowing the immense eternal and wonderful adventure that awaited me … a fantabulous adventure that I continue living and I know that I will continue to live until my last breath … living alive… and never again living dead…


Now I was conscious of wanting a routine to reinforce myself in a disciplined manner.


At that time I could not have made this need clear like I do now. Allow me to share with you the points that got me into my balance with Me-self-Source reaching the body-soul-mind balance:


  • Eating while mindfully nourishing me in a balanced way
  • Sleeping in sufficiency
  • Exercising my body with gratitude
  • Appreciating me and appreciating others
  • Applying acts of kindness
  • Living in the now, in a mindful manner, as if in an eternal meditation
  • Listening to people that I admire in the form of video, audio or reading


Now I was not anymore open to the idea that everybody was against me. I was beginning to see that people were not my enemies. I could understand that they were people like me, with their own dreams and ideas, respecting their right to think differently.


Now I could sense the meaning of: there is no right nor wrong, just different.


Understanding this enabled me to apply the power of POWER. Now I was in the position to apply compassion and kindness…and to appreciate…simply appreciate in gratitude, which is the biggest form of power…


  • To be able to see myself in the mirror without judging me … now I could appreciate me!
  • To be able to focus on the miracle that my eyes are…that they can see;
  • To be able to be in awe at the miracle that my ears are and distinguish between the voice of my mother that called me for lunch and the sound of the running water while washing my hands …😊
  • To be able to admire my nose, which otherwise I would have despised: it was too big,  like the one of my father …
  • Now I could understand the perfection that my lungs were: I was being  able to inhale the oxygen that  my lungs sent to my heart, allowing me to be able to live … to live … .  WOOOWWW!



Now I could …


And you can too … if you want …


It does not have to be something huge. Start with small things so you feel what power is. To feel the YESSSS as if you were the heart feeling… The yes, yes, yes!! that is full of possibilities that makes you feel what we all are: CREATORS.


Once you have felt this feeling of what power is in the purest sense of the word, without overshadowing it with the “I can’t” virus, let’s look at this situation:



The antidote YES, I CAN


Tomasa is perfectly convinced that she will pass her exam. She is already enjoying her trip to Dubai where she plans to go to college.


She  is already enjoying visiting the City with its famous unique buildings and extensive attractions. She feels grateful and blessed …


                  Positive thoughts generate happy outcome

                  Positive thoughts generate happy outcomes



What is going on in her brain?



Positive Thoughts lead to Positive results

                                   Positive Thoughts lead to Positive results


  • When she feels the calm generated by the conviction that everything will go well, thanking her teachers and parents for all the efforts she has made to support her in her studies, our protagonist’s brain captures the feeling of well-being.
  • While in a state of gratitude the brain gives  the order for the body to produce endorphins, the hormone of happiness.
  • As a consequence her entire  body relaxes; now Tomasa can see clearly all those possibilities that lead to the manifestation of her dreams.
  • She flows calmly towards her success vision, feeling the power that she is.
  • No doubts assault her, and she smiles bringing a sense of peace to those around her.


As the great businessman and entrepreneur Henry Ford said:


If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right


Now let us go to the other side of the spectrum:



The virus I CAN’T


Tomasa is taking her final exam. Her future is at stake. If she doesn’t pass this exam she will not be able to enjoy the trip she had prepared to continue her studies abroad …


She imagines that she won’t be able to do it, and she will remain petrified without being able to give the answers in the examination room because of the intense anguish that she is feeling.


She can’t breathe well, she feels like crying, but she can’t.


She knows she has an hour to complete her exam but can no longer concentrate. She feels that her head starts to ache and she feels dizzy.



Fear based Worried thoughts will blur your vision and confuse your

Fear based Worried thoughts will blur your vision and confuse your



What is going on in her brain?

Blog image 11b

Fear based worried thoughts blur your vision…

  • The fear she is feeling makes her feel an increasing anguish
  • She can’t control her  emotions because the body does not respond to her
  • This feeling is interpreted by the brain as a danger, so with its magical precision it sends her the cortisol (stress hormone) she needs to be able to escape or defend herself  from … her negative thoughts!
  • The brain does not know if it is a lion that is going to attack her or if it is only her fearful, negative thoughts. The brain is just doing its job.


What do you think? Or rather…feel


I would like to suggest that instead of thinking you asked yourself what are you feeling?



Is it fear? Is it gratitude?


Fear (false experience appearing real) will most certainly “freeze” you into the impossibility of getting you to take action towards your vision.


Where as gratitude will most certainly tap into your happy inner self giving you the all clear for you to take action in the direction of your dreams.



What do you choose?


Do let us know what your comments are. Enrich us with your participation by postings your comments at the base of this blog.



Call to action:

  • Hone your gratitude muscle by consciously walking only towards situations that make you feel good
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway!!!
  • Be disciplined with your sleeping, eating and exercising while appreciating your senses
  • Appreciate yourself daily, morning and evening
  • Appreciate others
  • Replace criticizing for appreciation
  • Replace judging for listening
  • Smile and laugh whenever you can.


Next July 15 we shall be addressing the virus should and its antidote listen.


Just listen up!


In the meantime please receive our very best regards and our sincere best wishes for your every day.


See you next July 15 for more!



Illustrations by Angelica Papio and Gloria Belendez-Ramirez

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