Cause happiness using your inner technology



My birthday.


The day my mother gave birth to my life.


Thank you with total amazement …




And in this deep gratitude comes this message to share with you.



Cause the life of your dreams…

… know your brain and the effects of a grateful life perspective


Being in touch with you is like being in touch with me …


Please let me share with you this immense happiness that I feel of living VIVA…


And all thanks to the Interior Technology that made the following events  will happen to me this year…


Leave Me  describe how my perspective grateful of life provoked one event after another,  and how you can also provoke, knowing how your brain works in relation to gratitude,  the life of your dreams.


Based on the idea that everyone has the right to think differently, including myself, I know that I can take full responsibility for my life… without criticizing or judging, listening to others, entering an eternal state of gratitude and appreciation.


Below I describe the “steps” that in 2017 me brought as well, as “placidly kicking a can singing to life“, in effect domino, to where I am today, talking to you…


Only during 2017 … vertical time




February: a href=””>Global Happiness Dialogue en Dubai


The symposium of government that allowed me to be inspired by world leaders, feeling their human side firsthand. I witnessed how Dubai is really acting to implement happiness in governments ..

With our very active  Mexican ambassador Francisca


Always blessed by the mother of
Tariq Nizami and my mother in those crucial moments of my life …

Declared not only in his book, but in every act he takes: our respected Emir of Dubai  logra la  happiness of people through applied laws and regulations that guarantee the safe environment in which we all live. Ahhhh …

Holding a grand gala dinner in the presence of the  Minister of Happiness Ohoud Al Roumi


March,  World Happiness Symposium in Miami


First terrestrial, then Mexican, united in world happiness

Checking the efficiency and the iron voulntad to serve  of Miami government leaders; Superintendent Alberto Carvalho 

Meeting with Luis Gallardo, founder of World Happiness Summit 

Encuentro con la adorable Aysha, Director of the Office of  Smart Dubai  and our charming Dr. Saamdu head of the FNB (Gross National Happiness) institute that measures Bhutan’s growth by the happiness of its people


Septiembre: Retiro en Bután  … headed by Luis Gallardo 


12 of us, all participants of the World Happiness Summit came as a consequence of that event … and now we are the SER Family!

Aquí con el former ambassador of Bhutan before the UN that presented the essence of GNH (gross national happiness) that was approved unanimously as a model that should be adopted by all nations

In one of the many holy places bearing the Sacred art of my Mexican artisans and painters

Como descrito en my blog of the first of October, looking for a banana I found a thousand smiles … more endorphins to make my brain happy … and spread around me …

Children. Our best friends, showing us with each smile how beautiful we all are


Trekking accompanied by the image of my husband with total joy..more endorphins, more health, abundance and well-being to share!!

El Nido del Tigre … a witness to the  amazing and unlimited human creativity … woww more and more endorphins that make my brain overflow with happiness … sharing with Anggi…ahhh…

Czech  Our trip to Bhutan in video so that you too can make your brain happy!



October: Awards CEO Burj Awards in London



Officially contagious! A Burj CEO Trophy is awarded for the first time to Global Happiness, which indicates that happiness has finally become an element important also in our business community


Amazed … together we rejoice more! At the Dorchester Hotel in London


En la London House of Lords, feeling like history is being made … how did this happen to me? More and more endorphins as I am feeling so much gratitude for this mega-privilege…




CEO Burj Awards…


An event in which the yo-en-mí received the Global Happiness Ambassador Award … a real tool for the we-en-me to gain more momentum and we will raise more and more happiness bombs so that people can remember how beautiful we all are…





21.10.17  My Birthday in Dubai …




Celebrating my mother on my birthday

Celebrating my mother on my birthday

Seated on JBR beach in Dubai, on  vertical time (past and future are all in the Present), I was transported to that very day when in 2013 I was interviewed by the Dubai One television channel, introducing the happy book he wrote to me:

Spiritual orgasms, vivid encounters in the Now… event that would give me a fluid entry into the world of writers; in Dubai, the center of the now …


At that time, the Dubai Literary Festival was taking place (of course, by Dioscidencia) so I had the opportunity to meet and laugh with well-known writers who would share with me their experiences as authors … realizing that I too was an author!



By Dioscidencia.


Y  the last day of the event arrived, bringing with it the sunset in the beautiful waters of Dubai Creek …


Overwhelmed by the gratitude that had grown in my leaps and bounds living great experience after even more great experience, I sat on the lawn of the beautiful Intercontinental Hotel in Festival City home to such a special event. Feeling my whole body shaking, my heart beating in slow motion as my eyes scanned the horizon, I consciously astonished by the presence of a series of skyscrapers that only ten years earlier did not exist!


Feeling a great admiration for the creative capacity and greatness of the human race, I felt tears flowing down my cheeks, as a necessity to let go of the intense pressure caused by that passionate admiration that kept me feeling trapped by an indescribable magic…


And my brain, happier than ever, was ordering the production of endorphins that were intoxicating me with happiness… Ahhhh..



…   Again, in vertical time, really presencié a moment that had happened almost five decades ago: the moment when The Honourable Member (and I mean a spontaneous title and divinely appointed by our Creator) Sheikh Zayed united the emirates exclaiming from the depths of his heart:




Ahhhh…   now even more intensely, my whole body was shaking and tears of creativity were clouding my vision


…   Ahhh…


My eyes fell on a sweeper that kept the public railing out of the place immaculately clean. With intense appreciation for this man (representing more than 50% of The population of Dubai) who left his family, his country, his life to come and serve this country, even under the scorching rays of the warm Middle East sun, my heart continued to be beating in an even slower motion. ..


Again, in this state of intense tremor, I clearly heard the message within me:




Bewildered 😕 and not knowing what to feel, I whispered from the depths of my soul: “…


“Pe… perooo, I don’t even know how to organize a campaign! I can’t even find my keys all the time, how am I going to start a campaign?


The Voice totally ignored my fear … I felt the command continue again:




Following that order, I returned to Lebanon, where my children were being educated with the urge to walk in that direction.


This led to the birth of with the title of happiness ambassador (that would be me), being the audencia el CEO of the company,   since they were also parents who had the power to filter their happiness on their staff.


In vertical time, once again, with the eternal support of my husband Ibrahim, just a few months later, guided by the love of Dubai that my friend and engineer Fadwa Mohanna infected me and at the invitation of the TV producer Mai Khalifah to present the book that wrote to me Spiritual orgasms, vivid encounters in the Now, I ended up having a pied-a-terre on the beach of JBR, the new Dubai.


Just days after I settled into another house in the world, Erica Castioni, a dear Italian friend, said to me:


Gloria, I want you to meet Dr. Nizami. He is the founder of CEO Clubs in Dubai”.


Of course, at the time I didn’t realize what that meant: my proclamation stating that  “Company Presidents  (CEO) without my audienceI brought here


Talking to Dr. Tariq the next day I felt he was transporting me as magic to his childhood when I asked him about his mom and dad. I felt the firm integrity of his father and the deep kindness of his mother embrace his childhood … and me!


In a floating way and  magical, I was literally transported to more remote  from the formation of Tariq. And now, in a vertical time, we were all here and now …


“Dr. Tariq, I think it would be great if she invited Gloria to her next event at the Atlantis Hotel” …


Erica’s sweet voice woke me up and brought me back to my body.


Surprised that I was not surprised to hear those words, the natural consequence came, flowing like the river that flows into the sea.


“Yes! That would be my honor! Would you like to be  panelist?”


And that’s how a few days after I opened my home in Dubai 🏡 I was invited to talk about the power of happiness in an iconic place, the Atlantis Hotel in The Palm.


Today’s my birthday. 63 years ago, I was brought into the world by the solid clarity in which my mother Gloria grew up:


We are here to celebrate life no matter what!


… is what my dear grandmother Victoria had taught my mother Gloria, with her happy example.


Despite being a single mother with young children, illiterate and financially limited, my grandmother Victoria never doubted that el kinder is the fittest.


Even when my mother was 8 years old m Granny gave a less fortunate girl the only coat she had, which she had already had before my mother, teaching her by her example  the pillars that really matter and that certainly guarantee the person who adopts them their health, wealth and well-being.


My grandmother was, at that very moment, in vertical time, giving me, her granddaughter, about twenty-one years after giving away that coat, the paved road I walk down today. Thank you Granny!


Ahhhh… Yes, compassion, kindness, gratitude, teamwork, self-love and for others, passion are the pillars of a happy life.


In my next series of books “My Dreams Are Not Negotiable” I will recount how my love for life, the gratitude in which I live for being able to breathe, digest, see, listen, be, makes every breath a feast in which 50 billion cells rejoice, doing their work in an immaculate harmony, causing the Srita. Health, Mrs. Abundance and the Family Welfare are always in my living room.


Now it is very clear to me that the key to opening the door to constant happiness is to have awareness of ask me all the time, especially in times of profound challenges:


“What’s going on in my brain?”  


I have understood and realized that my body, the divine gift that the Fountain has given me to sail like an Earthling in this beautiful Feast called Life, is my only divine belonging. It is my absolute priority to take care of him in a sublime way, so that I can sail like an Earthling in all her power and creativity, being able to recognize the obstacles in my path as lessons that will allow me to understand more and more how miraculous we all are.


You’re part of my-in-us.


I’m part of us-in-you.


Together we are mas.


I just know.


Let’s just be…





Indoor technology


Now let’s focus on what my brain is doing and how it caused me to cause the flow that brought me here and now.


When I arrived at the headquarters of the Symposium Global Dialogue for Happiness, I did so with great admiration for Dubai, knowing that I would meet enfelizers extraordinary  at a perfectly organized event.


Eager to meet these people and develop new relationships in which I would be weaving fantastic new alliances, my brain was producing endorphins at all times, as I was in that mode of ecstasy that I wanted to weave more. In amazement. In respect of the organizers.


My brain was in pure endorphin mode, creating the clarity I needed to meet those world leaders and ask the right questions and listen openly, allowing me to receive the right answers. Now I had a more complete network with global influencers I’d laughed with, and also sparked wow!


Forty-five days later, the World Happiness Summit ran into me. The endorsinization that had happened at the previous event led me to follow people at this event: I had met the director of the Smart Dubai office Mrs. Aysha Bin Bisr. Knowing that they were platinum sponsors at WOHASU, I decided to go to Miami and continue what had begun the previous endorsinization.


In this state of expansion, I allowed my whole body to be open to flow, and that’s how I got very close to Dr. Saamdu, director of the Bhutan Gross National Happiness Institute. Ms. Aisha was also present with her big smile and visionary thoughts on how to make Dubai residents happy. Of course, came WOHASU founder Luis Gallardo, whose absolute sense of service is so contagious that one can only feel enlightened.


Endorphinization continues and so does the evolution of my body. Ahhhh. Feeling more and more at peace, and flowing as if it were glowing, my health was as stable as ever and my mood in constant way of celebration …


Just a few months later, being one with Luis Gallardo’s fluir-fair-being, I joined him in Bhutan with 10 other people who had joined WOHASU.


We are now in Bhutan on a quest to learn from a small country that believes in measuring its growth with the happiness of its people.


So my body eternally through-grateful-thoughts-always-endorfed is responsible for only seeing the positive side of everything, living in a world of extraordinary.


What a prick they vidon !!!


What a great great life!


When the sun is about to rise this 21.10.17, in an intense mode of celebration, I thank my sweetest Mother for having given birth to me 63 years ago … singing “Happy Birthday-Day” for her and for all the moms in the world. Including yours


And when I finish sharing my soul in my iPhone Notes, I choose my Osho card of the day…


It couldn’t have been more appropriate:






Humanity is represented here as a rainbow of beings, dancing around the mandala of the earth with their hands, united in joy and gratitude for the gift of life.


This letter represents a time of communication, of sharing the riches that each of us brings to the whole.


There’s nothing else here, don’t hold on.


It is a circle without fear of feelings of inferiority and superiority.


When we recognize the common source of our humanity, the common origins of our dreams and longings, our hopes and fears, we can see that we are all united in the great miracle of existence.


When we can combine our tremendous inner wealth to create a treasure trove of love and wisdom available to all, we are united in the exquisite pattern of eternal creation.


When thousands and thousands around the earth are celebrating, singing, dancing, ecstatic, drunk on the divine, there is no possibility of global suicide.


With so much party  with so much laughter, with so much sanity and health, with so much naturalness and spontaneity, how can there be a war? …


Life has been given to you to create, rejoice and celebrate.


When you cry and cry, when you’re miserable, you’re alone.


When you celebrate, the whole existence participates with you.


Only in celebration we find the last, the eternal.


Only in celebration we go beyond the circle of birth and death.




What happiness, sweet mother of mine, is to celebrate you every day in everything I do!


Yes, in fact, death is just life in disguise!



Celebrating your life dear Mama Gloria guarantees my health, wealth and well-being…


Let’s see what it’s going to hold today, dear mom.


Whatever it is, it’s already great.




Collecting: How to cause your happiness bubble


One provokes one’s reality. We all live in bubbles created by the way we see circumstances, which is what the chemical activity dictates in our brains: gratitude will send us into a state of expansion through kind, compassionate and joyful thoughts while fear will send us into a state of contraction through fearful, confusing and intolerant thoughts.


The following acts will certainly guide you towards creating your happy bubble:

  • Appreciating everything around you
  • Noting the expansive state of being
  • Associate a “lucky” event with the next one in terms of attraction law
  • Continue connecting the dots, realize how an event brings the following:
    • If you’re in good spirits,  you will listen carefully to others creating an environment of trust and security that improves relationships and provides successful creativity in a beneficial way for everyone
    • If you’re in a bad mood,  you tend not to listen to others creating a tense atmosphere that causes unease and misunderstandings that eventually lead to the breakdown of relationships.
  • Feed your body with care and gratitude for all the service it provides to you
  • Sleep harmoniously, appreciating the events of your day, thanking all the people who contributed to your smile.
  • Get up early, thanking your body for another day of unconditional service to you



What do you choose?


Share with us by adding your comments below. Remember that together we can enfelize  Best!


Next Appointment: November 15 from Mexico!


The next event that was sparked by those mentioned up here is already on its way!

We’ll celebrate in my beloved Villas Xichu Happiness Holistic Center in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, the Happiness Fest, founded by Luis Gallardo, Founder also of WOHASU (World Happiness Summit).


Everything I live is related, like a necklace of pearls of happiness… and the more I pick to be happy, the happier I am, and the more contagious I am… Attentive!! You’re already smiling…. ohh ohhh…



 March 17-19 March 2018…to celebrate happiness!! A celebration of life, no matter what!




Recording my thoughts at dawn…