How does an apple decide to be an apple?

Welcome back to the platform of Happiest Gloria! I've been away for a couple of months, creating more, to share even more. I love sitting here in the Lebanese mountains, again feeling the enormous happiness I feel from sharing how happiness really is a decision: your decision! The decision-making process: a platform we build It is truly remarkable how much it moves within me when everything … [Read more...]

Graduated? ‘Gratified’!

Welcome! It is a pleasure to have you back on this platform of happiness, where we share everything that makes us happy and not-so-happy to discover how we can provoke, through what I call the inner technology , our health, wealth and well-being, becoming highly contagious in the process. Do you have a son or daughter who is about to graduate? Are you about to graduate? Yes, it must be … [Read more...]

Flow and Shine …

Welcome! Welcome back to our happiness platform where we share experiences with happy and not so happy moments. It is always a very inspiring experience for me to share with you my most intimate passion: the contagious effect of happiness, which causes health, wealth and well-being. As I sit on the warm Dubai beach, I flow and shine in total peace and gratitude ... Today I want to … [Read more...]

What is accumulating money?

Welcome back! It's great to have you back on this happy platform, exchanging happy ideas and thoughts and not-so-happy to enjoy and celebrate life together ... sharing ... Now I'm back in Dubai after 45 days of having   enjoyed fabulous time in Mexico, USA U.S., Egypt and Saudi Arabia before returning to this amazing Emirate: Dubai ... And as I opened many amazing new doors, I found the … [Read more...]

Yes!!!… but No…

  Welcome back to! Super happy to share with you mutual meetings of happiness, so that together we live in health, wealth and well-being UNDER DEMAND ... provoking one's own happiness... Yey! Just a couple of hours ago, I experienced indecision and its possible crippling effects ... if allowed ... What makes us stay in this very dangerous and fine line that causes … [Read more...]

Unity is Strength

Welcome back to Happinessland! I love to welcome you to this wonderful platform where we share our happiness, and how we can maintain our health, abundance and well-being. Now in Mexico, at Villas Xichú, San Miguel de Allende, preparing to receive those of 200 people and 60 expert happinizers , during the celebration of Festival of Happiness from 16-19 March 2018, I share with you the power of … [Read more...]

The power of being in the here and now.

Welcome with mindfulness!!! Welcome back to this platform of happiness, where we share how to decide to be happy and stay  happy no matter what happens, in the here and now, in full mind. This time I am sharing with you the amazing power of the mind attention, being in the here and now, which can be felt especially in Annaya, Lebanon, in the Hermitage of San Charbel. This place is … [Read more...]

Happiness is contagious!

  Welcome back! Welcome back to this Enfelizadora Platform, in which I am so eager to share with you how it is that my constant state endorfinized gives me the support to endure the "attacks of defiance" of the day in order to remain in the state of gratitude, happy, thus ensuring the continuous production of endorphins, the chemist responsible for remaining clear, calm and content. If … [Read more...]

I love to pay!

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Lebanon … feeling safe in the chaos

Libano. Mysticism, Magic, Wonder.   With how much, I greet you from this country of the three  M's! An ideal place to talk about happiness no matter what...   A country in which it is demonstrated how internal technology has been applied, lived... a true example of resilience.   According to the interest of the human being to continue to measure to "be more", we are … [Read more...]