Graduated? ‘Gratified’!


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Do you have a son or daughter who is about to graduate?

Are you about to graduate?

Yes, it must be pretty scary …

My daughter Sarah recently graduated from the American University of Dubai. It was an incredible experience, closing a four-year cycle, opening a new door for her since this one is now closed.

I can imagine how anxious one would feel leaving the cocoon of the University to now know that it is your turn to find a job and be useful to society …

I want to share with you the message from my graduated daughter. And please share with me your own experiences and comments around the theme graduation … together we smile better.

Message from a mother to her daughter

My lovely daughter Sarah,

Today you will receive a paper that says: graduated …

Four years of coming and going, laughing and crying, yes and no … starting with your father’s intense certainty that by providing you with that document, you would be better equipped to lead an independent and sustainable life.

Surely, he did everything in his hands (and feet) to do this.

Ahhhh … always being present, in every breath, sending you blessings and love.
This represents his great achievement, too! We can’t deny what an incredible mentor he is to all of us. May God bless you always …
For my part, I say:

Do you need a document stating that you are now ‘qualified to be hired’ so that you can serve society in exchange of remuneration?”

As much as this sacred document (and I say it because it represents a lot of so much) is required in our times to be able to start a professional career, I wonder if you are aware that  your diploma does not represent only the “officiality” that now you are certified to work .

What does this diploma mean?

  • Teachers’ efforts to pass the knowledge on to you
  • The efforts of the university owners (thanks Sheikh Mo and team) to put it together
  • The efforts of the cleaning crew, cooks and workers to keep you in a clean environment with spaces where you can feed your body and study quietly
  • The hours and hours you invested in researching, studying, worrying, sharing with your classmates and teachers
  • Your mom and dad’s efforts to keep you on track
  • Etc, etc., etc.

Today you graduate.

From university…

And now that?

You will continue being Sarah, daughter of Ibrahim and Gloria, granddaughter of Antonio, Yousif, Gloria and Souad …

You will continue to be the girl who has always loved to eat, have fun, stand out, give the best of herself.

You will remain who you think you are.

My question is:

Where did attending four years of classes take you while storing up knowledge? What is the image that you have of yourself after college?

Who do you think you are now, with all the knowledge you’ve chosen to store over the past four years?

If you choose to remember completely how magnificent you already are and that we are all creatures of the Creator, this new tool will be very useful for you to overcome the formalities of the status quo on your way to just being. 

Remember and feel your grandfather Yousif say with all authority:

Would you sell one of your sons ?” When they suggested that he sell his date farm because it was too much work for someone his age.

Or your grandpa Antonio when he told me as he left me in  school in Switzerland at age 19:

“Remember the three R’s”

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Resilience

Or your granny Gloria when she also told me before she dropped me off at school in Switzerland:

  • “Go into the fire and don’t burn yourself”
  • “Your body is a temple”
  • “The act that brings you closer to the Creator is the act of making love, because it brings life; respect it with your life”

Or your grandmother Soad when all her children, including your dad, wanted to have the privilege of having her in their homes just to take care of her …

My message to you is:

See in this diploma something beyond a certificate that gives you permission to be able to work for remuneration.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that this document is all while you doubt :

“.. . Now what? Can I get a job?

We are all capable of anything and everything.

The question is:

Do you believe it? Do you just know ?

If the answer is no, there is a very good way to re-orient yourself: applying appreciation

Align yourself with the power of appreciation.

Now you can feel the greatness inside you, inside all of us.

Now, from this space of clarity, trust, faith and appreciation, you will not need to “look for work” … the passion that you will live by realizing what your talents and gifts are, declaring them through the silent voice of Source; that passion will bring you that occupation that will eventually become your career; it will become your way of being creative in a sustainable way, so important to any earthling on this planet.

Just Be

Appreciate everything and anything around you.


By being grateful, you create the chemical balance in your brain required for your body to function at its best.

Now you will feel immense appreciation for this document that represents teamwork.

Now, thanking everyone, you will walk your way, sharing, as you walk, opening new doors as you close others, thus causing a life in full health, wealth and well-being, automatically becoming an active and contagious agent of world peace.

Wa alhamdullilah …

Your graduation in photos

Celebrate together with your ancestors and unborn descendants

Relax knowing that everyone is divine and that everything is perfect as it is

Amen 🙏

Now, more than ever, feel the presence of your ancestors and unborn descendants.

And let the flow flow … as you naturally shine

Mike, your support is felt at all times. Including the magic of your jacket and tie

Thanks for the flowers…Ahhhh…

Thanks to Professor Meis who came from the other side to greet you. Ahhhh …

Thank you Svina, Becks, Angie, Michael, AG, Yousif for coming to celebrate!

Together we happinize better…Alhamdullilah

It all started here in kindergarten,  for you too ,… sweet daughter …

Another beginning is opening…


And you, what do you think?

I would love for you to share your comments or experiences on the subject of graduation, degrees, and diplomas.

Do you think a university degree defines you?

Add your comments below.

Together we celebrate better!

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