Yes!!!… but No…


Welcome back to! Super happy to share with you mutual meetings of happiness, so that together we live in health, wealth and well-being UNDER DEMAND … provoking one’s own happiness…


Just a couple of hours ago, I experienced indecision and its possible crippling effects … if allowed …

What makes us stay in this very dangerous and fine line that causes the intermittent emission of cortisol in our bodies?

How to decide if A or B are more appropriate, or none of the above, but maybe C?

This is, I think, one of the biggest causes of frustration, which then leads to the ira, and then to the autocritical … which leads to the lack of self-esteem, with that inner voice that tells us: “pssstt … you’re a failure … you can never decide correctly… you’re mediocre!! “.

Ohhhh. No… the word M!!

The word that causes a chain reaction within the being, forcing the belly to squeezing itself sending a warped smile to our faces, trying to cancel that thought on a mask that makes us feel even more like a “I’m useless …”

Why do I say this? Because this thought tries to enter into my being …

Even though I am the ambassador of happiness, yes, of course these thoughts try to flourish in my life.

However, being addicted to endorphins (happiness hormone), it doesn’t really go into my system and doesn’t cause any damage … but fertilizes my ability to celebrate.

So much so that, after “going back to the senses” in appreciating what I have, I hear myself say:

“It’s just a test …”

This morning, when I woke up in my friend Karla’s absolutely amazing depa in Cancun, the sunrise woke me up transporting me to paradise.


What an intense feeling of joy! What a sense of gratitude for her kind invitation to share her beautiful space, even in her absence, as she had to go out to Monterrey.

Thank you Karla!

I had only two hours to do different activities before my niece arrived for breakfast at 8 a.m.

“Hummmmm …

… I feel like walking on the beach, even if it’s windy …

… or should I go to the jacuzzi in the pool area?

… or should I do my morning exercise here in this beautiful apartment? …

… o…”

And in the end, taking so many options,  I didn’t do anything mentioned up here…

Somehow, time passed while I was answering my emails.

Seeing it well, they could have waited for him to arrive at the airport, waiting for the Cancun-Querétaro flight that would take me back home. But…

… I should have done it…

..,,I could have done it…

… I didn’t…

…what’s next!!

As a result, here I am, writing about my aborted experience, tempted to criticize me for something that could have been, and that was not

As I gratefully awaited my niece’s arrival at the restaurant, I remembered those days of my childhood/adolescents when doubt used to hunt me down at all times, making me feel so frozen in my inability to dispel anxiety that it used to be my eternal mood.

Ahhhh. What a joy to feel that now I have the tools not to fall into the “poor of my” appreciating what I have: health, wealth, well-being …

Of course, I had slept wonderfully the night before, after a light dinner (a yogurt with a fresh apple), and a day of blessings while feeling Karla’s smile, splattered for the fabulous vitality with which her paintings kept blessing me, causing that feeling of reverence that kept me “glued” to her spacious apartment facing the sea …


Being my body well rested, I had the space to jump into the pond from the “grandiose of me”, smiling at the fact that “whatever I thought I was missing” was just an illusion …


Illusion … isn’t that where we all live?

We all live in the very bubble of our lives, saying yes or no to the situations we face every day, dyeing our bubbles of our own favorite colors, shapes and textures.

So today I write these lines smiling at the  “previous-poor-of-Glory” who would have chosen the “You should have … mediocre your!”.

And so, smiling, feeling like this time I chose “everything is perfect as it is”, allowing the endorphins caused by my sense of well-being to make the  inter-cellular space expand, feeling the light that created us all flow into my body, sending me to a feeling of ahhhh while a big smile on my face exuded thanks…

We all live in the very bubble of our lives, saying yes or no to the situations we face every day, dyeing our bubbles of our own favorite colors, shapes and textures.


Have you ever been afraid of the effect of the word M?


Then this could help you.

  • You can choose to get out of that feeling of weight and get out of the self-criticism prison that will always attack your health mentally and physically.

  • Don’t wait any longer and let the M word be just a test of your ability to be perfection that we all are.

  • Accept that even if you’re so passionate you want to say yes to everything,  sometimes on that platform of “too many yes’s” you may feel overwhelmed because we can only do one thing at a time … it’s okay to say “no” to something good so you can tell if you’re going to be great!

So I relax at the idea that I will no longer be able to swim in the sea, even if I’m wearing my swimsuit under my travel clothes here at the airport.

And let me accept that everything is perfect like this,  weaving a beautiful necklace of smiles with the events I see as pearls … whatever happens!


In summary

How to embrace the M-word and kindly melt it

If you want to avoid being a victim of the M-word:

  • Sleep well
  • Feed your body with food and liquids nutritious and healthy
  • Consciously oxygenate your body
  • Breathe gratefully as you imagine that your lungs, heart and blood vessels conspire together in total harmony and teamwork to keep you alive while miraculously breathing
  • Focus on your muscles that are always holding your bones and organs in place while you exercise your divine vehicle, this body that our Creator granted you to sail in this Feast called  Life
  • Celébrate, share and hug!


And most importantly, embrace yourself!

You choose?



Only the yes?



O both? Yes… but not!

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Yes…. But no!!


If you decide on a single option and helped by your imagination, your mind will rest knowing that you have already made a decision. Give it time for a germ… if you plant an orange seed, and after a week you dig it up and plant a pear seed… to then dig it up and sow another seed… you’ll notice that you’ll run out of fruit.

It’s not bad or good. It’s just a choice. Your choice.

If you imagine that delicious orange juice that you are squeezing with great taste and flavor, you will surely let the seed become a tree and you will give the fruits that you are already savoring.

If you imagine no, better a pear, oh no, better a plum… you won’t have any fruit in the end.

Close your eyes, breathe, and ask what image makes you feel good.

Enjoy it!

And discuss with us your experience down here….

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